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Plumber in Arlington Explains Drain Clogs

Plumber in Arlington Explains Drain Clogs

Drain Clogs | Plumber in Arlington

Drains are going to develop clogs, there is just simply no way around it. Most clogs give advance warning with slow drain times. Minor sink clogs can often be cleared with a plunger. When a plunger fails to restore drainage it is a good idea to call Benjamin Franklin for the services of a professional plumber in Arlington or the Fort Worth region.

plumber in arlington clogged drain cleaning

Drains allow wastewater to be disposed of by gravity and when a clog occurs, drains become slow and eventually may not drain at all. Even worse, a clog can cause wastewater to back up into your home and overflow. If you are experiencing drain issues that plunging won’t resolve, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for the services of a licensed plumber in Arlington or the Fort Worth region. Drain clogs can lead to drains that leak or burst, and addressing drain problems early on can prevent this as well as the resulting additional expense.

Before you call a plumber try using a plunger to clear the clog. Repeated plunging will often clear even the most stubborn clogs. Use the following plunging technique for plunging sinks.

If the clog is on a double sink plug one drain. Next, catch water in your slow draining sink (without the plug) and then plunge vigorously with a sink plunger straight up and down 6 or 7 times and pull the plunger off the drain. If you are plunging a bathroom sink plug the overflow opening with a cloth. Repeat if necessary.

If plunging doesn’t clear the clog on a sink, place a bucket under the trap to catch water, then use a pipe wrench to remove the drain trap. If your drain is PVC you can generally unscrew the trap with your hand as it should have threads. Once removed, dump the trap contents into the bucket. Check the trap for a clog. If the trap was free of a clog the problem will be further into the drain and will require the services of a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington.

In the kitchen sink, grease and food build up in the drain causing clogs. In the shower and bathtub hair and soap scum develop into a clogged drain. Having a professional plumber in Arlington to routinely inspect the drains and clean if needed is the best means of keeping your drains free flowing.

Sometime the main drain outside the home becomes clogged due to tree roots invading a cracked drain or sewer line making repair necessary. Your Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington will provide a video inspection with a small camera to determine the cause of slow or stopped up drains and provide the necessary intervention to clean or repair your drain as necessary.

Utilizing high pressured water is one of the means of safely cleaning drains without the use of harsh chemicals that can end up in the environment. Once the drains are clear, they are again inspected to ensure they are completely clean and clear. When the problem occurs in a main drain line from a busted pipe or tree roots, we have the equipment to power right through the tree roots and repair pipe with a minimum of ground disturbance, if any is required.

An additional warning sign that may indicate a clog is forming is gurgling sounds coming from a drain. A problem with the plumbing ventilation system can also cause gurgle, but most often it is more likely to mean a clog is present in the drain lines.

Whether it is a plumbing ventilation system problem or a drain clog it needs to be addressed by a plumber in Arlington. The plumbing ventilation allows toxic sewer gas to vent to the outside of your home. If there is a potential problem with plumbing ventilation it needs to be inspected to ensure your family’s safety, as well as comfort. Signs of a plumbing ventilation issue is the odor of sewage in your home.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth provides full service plumbing, including thorough and professional drain cleaning. Our plumbers have the expertise and the latest equipment to provide prompt repairs and keep your plumbing, as well as your drains functioning efficiently. Give us a call for a plumber in Arlington or the Fort Worth region, we will be happy to help you. We are a member of the BBB and we stand behind our 100% satisfaction guarantee.