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Plumber in Arlington Toilet Repair

Plumber in Arlington Toilet Repair

Overflowing Toilet | Plumber Arlington

One of the most dreaded plumbing problems is an overflowing toilet. Besides being annoying and embarrassing, an overflowing toilet can cause extensive water damage and poses a biological risk when raw sewage ends up in the floor. In the following we will look at the causes of an overflowing toilet and how to avoid this dreaded plumbing emergency. For plumbing emergencies call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for the services of a professional plumber in Arlington.

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The toilet uses gravity to deliver water into the toilet bowl and to drain the bowl contents away. When a drain pipe-or the toilet itself is clogged water from the tank is being added to the bowl contents where it can’t escape through a clog. This results in the bowl contents overflowing.

Toilet Emergency Tip

If you note the toilet isn’t properly flushing, to prevent the bowl from overflowing remove the tank cover and carefully set it down. In the bottom of the tank is the flap where water escapes the tank and enters the bowl when flushed. During flushing the flap is lifted allowing the water to escape. Push this flap down to prevent the entire contents of the tank from entering the bowl. If you aren’t comfortable doing this, cut off the water at the toilets shut-off valve or at the water meter and call for help from a plumber in Arlington.

Next, use a flanged toilet plunger to remove the blockage. Ensure a good fit between the plunger and toilet bowl bottom for the best results. If the bowl is nearly full try plunging carefully at first, this may drain enough water to prevent it from sloshing over the sides. Easing the plunger into a bowl nearly full bowl will prevent water from overflowing the sides. Alternately, a plumbing snake may break up a clog. If you are unable to remove the blockage contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for the professional services of a plumber in Arlington.

Foreign Objects

One of the most common causes of a clogged toilet is the flushing of items that don’t belong in a toilet. Common examples are toys, feminine hygiene products, food and trash such as cotton balls and swabs, baby wipes, dental floss, diapers, cat litter, medications to name a few. Too much toilet paper can also cause a toilet to clog, if this is the case more frequent flushing will prevent a clogged toilet and overflowing. Typically the lodging of items such as these require the services of plumber in Arlington to safely remove.

Overflowing Toilet Due to Sewer Problems

Some homeowners experience an overflowing toilet even when the toilet hasn’t been flushed. This is typically due to a problem with the main drain pipe or sewer line and will require the services of a plumber in Arlington. Signs that a drain or sewer line is the problem will be when water is used at a different source, for example, when you take a shower and water begins to overflow from the toilet. When you stop using water at a fixture the toilet stops overflowing.

If you have a private septic tank system it may be that the septic tank is full and causing the main drain to back up into your home. Septic tanks require routine pumping. The amount of use and size of the septic tank will determine how often pumping is required, but for a properly sized tank based on your household every two years is typically recommended.

If you are on a metropolitan sewer system the blockage may be in the city sewer with sewage from your home, or a neighbor’s home backing up into your home at a low lying area such as a basement or first floor toilet.

If your toilet is overflowing Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth can correct the problem. We offer 24-hour emergency plumbing repair. Give us a call to schedule your plumbing repair service. We will be happy to provide the prompt services of a plumber in Arlington.