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The consequences of hurrying to solve a plumbing problem at your home by signing the job over to the first plumber in Arlington, TX that you find are serious. For a start, they mess more than they fix and you end up sweeping after them. Also, this cost extra money that you were trying to save instead of hiring a known, well reputed and professional plumber whose first priority is your satisfaction.

It would be much easier for you to know that this particular plumber in Arlington, TX, is a rookie and so you can avoid getting further dented by him. But then it is impossible to know he is a rookie before meeting him. Here are a helpful few signs that the one who has just started the job or is making the proposition to you is not a professional.

Quick as a flash to respond

An amateur plumber in Arlington, TX is looking to target hurrying customers who sound in emergency and seek quick fixing to their plumbing problems. They are too prompt to respond to your call. The professional ones have a response time and have a satisfying tone.

Secondly, amateurs will always make a very quick inspection. The professionals take their time. Don’t be surprised. It is fair to question as to why a professional needs times to know what is wrong. The answer is simple. The problems that surface such as a leakage or a clog are the outcome of a bigger and more grievous fault which if ignored or not found can trouble you again and again. The professional plumbers always take their due time and inspect the subject at all levels before giving you the brief of what went wrong in the first place.

An incredibly low estimate

A rookie plumber always tries to impress with how low cost his estimated job is. Watch out for this is a clear sign that he is a rookie. To assert low prices is not the trait of a house job professional but that of a salesman. Simply saying the rookie knows that estimates are “estimates” and variations can be justified (which he shall do falsely in future). The low estimate can be used to trap a customer into signing over a job while later overcharging people when they pull money out of your pocket. The provided estimate may even lack a few key things that are needed for the job to be done durably and he is hiding them for later.

It is a huge misconception to undertake that if a plumber in Arlington, TX is able to do it cheap for you, it is great. It is very important to understand that plumbing is a job that requires a certain degree of replacement and expert handling and so there is always a realistic element of expense associated with this. A professional plumber in Arlington, TX will always give you a reasonable estimate and be able to justify each amount satisfactorily.

No Strap Wrench

The pipe wrench and the nut wrench are basic tools that even home owners have. If you find your plumber using a rag to adjust the teeth of his wrench on a ring or a shower head, cancel the job. This is a huge sign of an amateur because for circular objects, a strap wrench is the right tool that any expert professional plumber in Arlington, TX has. A plumber who promises quality and yet lacks the tool to perform a simple task is someone you are sure to lose a lot of money with.

For test purposes, if you feel suspicious that the plumber pitching you is an amateur, act naïve and ask him if he has a strap wrench and you would really like to see one. If he is a rookie, he shall be unable to produce one. Remember, to him you are just a common customer and have the right to make any questions.

No 3-sided grip with a wrench

A plumber in Arlington, TX who is qualified, licensed and experienced handles tools like a professional. The way they grab the tools is embedded in their minds during training.

An amateur is obviously shaky. When grabbing an old pipe in a wrench notice closely if he is able to cover three sides of the pipe with the wrench. If he squeezes it just from the above and below and does not cover the third side with the stem of the wrench, he is a sure rookie. This is a very important detail because the two-sided pressure on your pipe will squeeze and maybe even bend it.

Hanging Pipes

A professional plumber in Arlington, TX carefully analyzes the pipe work before engaging with it. A pipe that hangs above others and needs fixing is always supported before de assembling.  A rookie being inexperienced will almost always de-assemble first and then look for creating a support. There is your cue. What de assembling before support can do is make it fall down on the other pipes and damage them.

Any rookie plumber in Arlington, TX who promises you a quality service with a salesman like flashy grin will be caught when fixing hanging pipes. Mind it that plumbers are trained to follow standard operating procedures and so only an unprofessional is the one who shall do an unorganized job.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a renowned service brand. Known as the punctual plumber in Arlington, TX, their quality service is guaranteed by both time and costs. Anybody can provide a good service because they get trained. But the difference is made if and when a done job goes bad. The way you treat a customer and own your deed makes the real difference. This approach separates great plumbers from good plumbers and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing stands proudly tall in delivering so. They offer a variety of services ranging from plumbing, leak detection, installation and filtration, each backed with a dependable post service warranty. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.