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Plumber in Fort Worth Drain Cleaning

Plumber in Fort Worth Drain Cleaning

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It’s under the kitchen sink, a strange U-shape in the drain. You may have even wondered why it is shaped like that. When your drains are clogged, call the professionals of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for a plumber in Fort Worth.

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The funny looking bend in the drain is called a p-trap. The p-trap holds water in the bend of the drain pipe. The water prevents the odor (and the danger) of sewer gases from entering your home. All sinks have the p-trap, tubs and showers as well, and for the same reason. If you notice sewage smell in your home it may be due to the evaporation of the water in a p-trap from a seldom used sink, shower or tub. Running water into the offending drain should take care of the problem.

P-traps are also useful for catching items you drop down the drain, like a wedding ring. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s experienced plumbers in Fort Worth can assist in retrieving your lost jewelry. Don’t run water in the drain though, as it may flush the ring away.

In the kitchen sink food particulates are often washed down the drain and create a clog. The worst problem with kitchen drains comes from grease, fat and oil which should never be put down the sink. Over time, they develop into waxy solids that build up in drains, slowing the rate of drainage, and eventually drainage will stop completely. It is a good idea to have the occasional full drain cleaning services provided which will clean all the drains. Our experienced plumbers in Fort Worth will provide the professional cleaning that your drains need.

Try a kitchen plunger on the stopped up sink, but if a plunger won’t take care of it, you will need to call the reliable plumbers in Fort Worth. Ensure you are using the correct plunger. A bell shaped plunger is for the sink, whereas a plunger with a flange on it is for the toilet. The kitchen plunger needs to fit on the sink bottom, and the flange type plunger needs to fit into the hole on the bottom of the toilet.

Pouring one cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by one cup of vinegar routinely will help to keep the sink free flowing and odor free. Eventually though, a sink drain may need a plumbers services.

Drains are an important part of the plumbing system. They drain wastewater from tubs, showers and sinks into a drain line that drains either into a municipal sewer system, or a septic tank. Drains require routine cleaning and occasional repairs. A little caution can prevent clogs by using drain screens in tubs, sinks and showers. Emptying them isn’t a pleasant task, but neither is a clogged drain very pleasant to deal with.

Only licensed plumbers should be trusted with the task of installing a new drain. First of all, your local city codes may require a licensed plumber. Secondly, the improper installation of a drain can affect the wastewater flow from the rest of the plumbing.

If none of the sinks in your home are draining, you may have a problem in the main drain line that empties into the municipal sewer system or the septic tank. This task will require the services of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s expert plumbers in Fort Worth.

Tree root damage is a common cause of septic line failure. A septic drain is not a repair that you want to delay as it can result in raw sewage backing up into the home and potential damage to your home.

Trust the dedicated licensed professionals of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth to take care of your plumbing problems. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all plumbing repair and prompt service you can’t go wrong. Don’t wait until plumbing woes become worse. For drain troubles give the professional plumbers in Fort Worth a call. We will have your drains clean and flowing promptly.