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Plumber Tips About SMART Washers And Dryers | Granbury, TX

Plumber Tips About SMART Washers And Dryers | Granbury, TX

Doing laundry is a must. Else, you may be forced to skip work because you don’t have clean clothing. It boosts your image when you head out to work in a presentable, clean manner. This means clean clothing, shoes, and even the body! Although you could learn the clothes manually, other ways are effortless and automated. You can have a plumber install a smart dryer or washer to reduce the hassle of taking your clothing to a laundromat. Though the two might cost you energy and water, they are way cheaper than taking your fabrics to a laundromat, not to mention the convenience they come with.

To learn more about the smart washers & dryers, continue reading. If you have doubts or questions regarding this plumbing appliance, contact your reliable plumbers in Granbury, TX.

What’s a Smart Washer & Dryer?

These are intelligent laundry appliances that may be connected to an application on your smartphone or smart home hub to allow easy access. They are fully automated and provide comfort and convenience in your laundry.

Features Of a Smart Washer

A smart washing machine has the following common features:

Track Cycle Progress

Since you’ve got remote access to the smart washing and drying machine, you can be able to set it up to know when it is running or when the cycle finishes. This is a critical feature, especially if you are a forgetful folk. You will not have to worry that you might forget to place your wet clothing in the smart drier. To avoid these issues, ensure you know how a smart washing machine is used. To avoid poor installation issues, make sure that you enlist the assistance of an experienced and licensed plumber.

Connect Via Wi-Fi

One of the biggest advantages of a smart washing machine is that you can operate it using your smartphone as long as it is connected to a companion application or your smart home hub. Hence, you can turn the machine off even when you’re not home. Do you need to run somewhere for several minutes and do not have the time to wait for the laundry to finish? You can leave the smart washing machine running and turn it off remotely. As long as you have WI-FI, you will not have any issue connecting with the smart washing machine. To install it, ensure that you enlist the services of a certified plumber.

Remote Diagnostics

It could be frustrating to keep on calling a professional whenever you need a maintenance or repair service. Fortunately, you don’t need to do this with a smart washing and drying machine. With its remote diagnostics feature, the washing machine repair service can get an alert when the unit requires repair or maintenance. The company will send a technician to your home for inspection, maintenance, or repair.

Are you thinking about installing a smart washing machine? Begin by consulting a reliable plumbing company for advice. These machines vary in size and operating modes. Then, hire a licensed plumber in Granbury, TX, for installation. After the unit is installed, read the user’s manual properly to understand how to use the machine properly.

Some washing machine manufacturers require that homeowners hire professionals for any installation, repair, or maintenance service for the warranty to remain intact. Hiring a DIYer or an unlicensed professional means that you could void the warranty. Licensed plumbers possess a wealth of experience after working on similar tasks. Hence, besides ensuring the warranty is intact, they also will install the washing machine properly to ensure that no issues arise soon.

Maintaining Your Washer

Routine maintenance is necessary to ensure your smart washer remains efficient. It’s among the ways of extending the service life of your smart washer. Below are some maintenance tips that could help keep the smart washer in great shape.

Inspecting the Smart Washing Machine Hoses

Water leakages can quickly turn costly to hundreds and thousands of dollars in replacement and repairs. However, regularly checking your smart washer’s hoses for wear and tear can help you avoid these costly expenses. Check for any bulges and cracks, then enlist the assistance of a plumbing professional in Granbury, TX. Whenever possible, invest in stainless steel braided washer hoses because they have higher durability and are less susceptible to repeated wear and tear.

Using the Right Detergent

Do you have an energy-efficient smart washer installed at your home? Then ensure you also use a detergent meant for the energy-efficient smart washer. Remember, this appliance is designed for minimal water use. Hence, whenever you use regular detergents in a smart washer, you might have to run another cycle to remove the suds completely.

Additionally, you also need to use the correct/right amount of detergents so that the washer will not have to put in the extra effort.

Hence, read the washer’s manual first before using the smart washer for the first time. If you have any questions, reach out to a manufacturer or plumber in case of any questions.

Do Not Overload The Washer

Overloading the washer puts a strain on its motor, which might ultimately damage it. Therefore, ensure not to overload the smart washer. Before you purchase a smart washer, ensure that you find out its capacity and stick to it. To save money and energy, ensure that you run the washer on full load only. If the washer has other issues, do not hesitate to contact a certified plumbing expert in Granbury, TX.

Wiping the Gasket, Door, and Drum Once Every Month

Ensure that there aren’t any unpleasant smells from the smart washer; ensure that you have a plumber clean the gasket, door, or drum during the routine inspection and maintenance visit. This is essential to ensure that the washer remains perfect and operates optimally.

Features of a Smart Dryer

Like your smart laundry machine, you could also connect the smart dryer to your smartphone application or the smart home hub via Wi-Fi. A smart drier has the following features:

Eliminates Under-Drying And Over-Drying

When drying your clothing using conventional dryers, you’ll have to choose a temperature and time. There is a higher efficiency when you use a smart dryer because you’ll have to choose the dryness level. After your clothes have completely dried, the sensor will automatically shut the dryer off. Say goodbye to the soggy towels and blankets with these features. Hire a licensed plumbing company for the installation of the unit and for it to function properly.

Track Cycle Progress

While out and about, you can monitor your smart dryer’s cycle progress. This makes the machine highly convenient, though you will have to ensure the appliance is correctly installed to avert issues in the future. Thus, only work with a certified plumber for the installation, inspection, maintenance, or repair.


The sensors in a smart dryer make sure that all your clothing is dry with just enough/right amount of energy. You do not have to worry about forgetting to turn the dryer off or even over-drying your clothing when you have these sensors. You only have to ensure that it is installed properly for all its components to work optimally. Hence, work with a licensed plumber for all installation services.

Remote Diagnostics

Like your smart washing machine, your smart drier also features a remote diagnostics feature. This means that your reliable plumbing expert can easily keep track of the dryer and quickly/promptly respond whenever the appliance develops some issues. However, it is recommended that you only enlist licensed professionals and avoid working with a DIYer on an inexperienced professional.

Maintaining Your Dryer

Do you want your smart dryer to serve your Granbury, TX home for a longer period? The secret is having it maintained by a professional plumber. Besides this, the following are some of the practices that you can follow to ensure that the washer reaches its scheduled service life:

Cleaning the Exhaust Vent

Cleaning the dryer’s exhaust vent must be done after every two years. Enlist a professional to remove the vent from the appliance and clean any lint that might have built up. Never ignore or neglect this simple practice if you want your dryer to remain efficient. Call your reliable plumbing company in Granbury, TX, whenever you need assistance. Additionally, have the plumber check if there isn’t any buildup of snow, debris, or dirt within the vent cap. Have the dryer regularly cleaned for smooth and free airflow.

Do Not Overload It

Like any other electrical appliance, never overload your dryer. Overloading it means that your clothing might not dry properly or completely. Additionally, you could end up with musty-smelling clothing. Overloading the dryer puts strain on it, damaging some of its components.

Clean the Drum

You can use rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth to wipe the interior part of the drum and leave it to dry thoroughly. This ensures that your clothing doesn’t get dirty from the accumulated dust.

Clean The Lint Trap And Screen

The other practice you can undertake is deep cleaning the dryer’s lint screen every 3 months using some form of a detergent and then rinse it thoroughly. For the dryer lint trap, the plumber will remove the lint screen, and using a brush, they’ll clean the interior of the lint trap. It must be cleaned because lint might build up there.

Replacing Plastic Exhaust With Metallic one

Did you know that a plastic exhaust vent could catch fire? If you can, have a plumber replace it with a metallic exhaust vent. Besides not catching fire, metallic exhaust vents also last longer and are resistant to wear and tear due to their stiffness.

Reasons To Fully Automate Your Home’s Smart Dryer And Washer

Although it is up to you as a homeowner to determine whether to automate the dryer or washer, there are benefits of having a plumber install one at your home. Hence, it is highly advised that you automate these appliances because of the following benefits:

Saving Energy and Water

With a smart washer and dryer, you can save on energy and water because of its inbuilt sensors. Because you’ll be getting the laundry updates, such as the energy and water used by the machine on your smartphone, you will use only the required water and energy. Additionally, you get to become more acquainted with the dryer and washer.

Customized Drying And Washing Cycles

You don’t need to guess the amount of time needed to clean or dry the clothing. The sensor does all the calculations of temperatures and time needed to dry your clothing fully.

Get Instant Alerts In Case Of An Issue With The Dryer Or Washer

As explained above, these smart appliances can also monitor their wellbeing. Whenever there is an issue, the smart dryer or washer sends a notification to your smartphone, provided it’s connected to the appliance via a companion app or Wi-Fi. With remote diagnostics, you don’t have to call the plumber; they are alerted by the smart system directly.

Should You Install A Smart Dryer And Washing Machine?

Is a smart washing machine or dryer a worthy investment? Whether to purchase a smart dryer or washing machine or not depends on the importance of the benefits to you. Do you value convenience above all? Then you should consider purchasing a smart dryer or washer. However, you will also have to consider the cost of installation, energy consumption, and maintenance. Hence, consult a licensed plumber for the necessary assistance and help make an informed decision regarding the model to buy for your home.

The other thing that you should consider on whether to invest in a smart dryer and smart washing machine is if you want to increase your home’s resale value. Whenever you think about reselling your residential property in the future, you should invest in the two. They make the home attract more bids, meaning that you could sell at a profit. However, you shouldn’t install them yourself. Rather, enlist a certified professional plumber.

Your Reliable Plumbing Services

Smart appliances not only enhance the convenience and comfort of your home. They also can increase the resale value whenever you plan to resell your home. Some of the smart appliances include dryers and washers. Do you need to install a smart washer or dryer at your Granbury, TX home? Call our professional plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth.

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