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Plumber Tips: Choosing The Right Plumbing Fixtures And Appliances For Your Home | Arlington, TX

Plumber Tips: Choosing The Right Plumbing Fixtures And Appliances For Your Home | Arlington, TX

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It can be a little overwhelming and stressful to choose the right appliances and plumbing fixtures for your home. In this article, we’ll give you tips on how to choose the best garbage disposal, dishwasher, faucets, water heater, leak detection device, and toilet. Work only with a licensed plumber in Arlington, TX, in the installation of these devices.

Garbage Disposal

  1. Find out the right motor size for your home. If you live alone or just with a partner, then one-half horsepower may be enough for you. For large families, get at least 1 horsepower. Also, keep in mind that your garbage disposal isn’t designed for grinding large food particles. For a smoother and more efficient operation, break down large food particles first before putting them in your garbage disposal.

If you can’t decide what garbage disposal to get for your home, contact a plumber for assistance.

  1. Apart from the motor, it’s also imperative to identify which material and size you want for the grinding chamber. If you have a powerful garbage disposal, a larger grinding chamber would be suitable. If possible, opt for a grinding chamber made with stainless steel as they are easier to clean and lasts longer.

Again, speak with a plumber in Arlington, TX, if you don’t know which grinding chamber to get for your garbage disposal.

  1. If you need extra features for your garbage disposal, speak with a plumbing company so they can recommend the best models that are best for your needs. An expensive garbage disposal may have many features, but it may not be what you’re looking for. Some models will have better-grinding chambers, while others may not be that noisy. If you’re not familiar with the garbage disposal, get help from a professional so you can make an informed decision.
  2. Check for the warranty. Keep in mind that garbage disposals may not be covered in your homeowners’ insurance, so ensure that what you get includes a home warranty.
  3. Find out whether you need continuous feed garbage disposal or batch feed garbage disposal. Both are designed for grinding food, but the continuous disposal is more user-friendly.


  1. When it comes to buying a dishwasher, cleaning performance should be the priority. Durability and stylish designs are just secondary. You may consider looking for the extra added features that can boost cleaning power. Some will have a concentrated sprayer for bottles and glasses. Other features also aren’t useful. You may speak with a plumber in Arlington, TX if you need help looking for a dishwasher with the best cleaning performance. Bottom line: choose a dishwasher that can effectively clean all the dishes in your home.
  2. The next feature to look for is how effective the dishwasher is when drying the dishes. Be careful with dishwashers that can heat up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit as they may melt plastic pieces that you accidentally put inside. Look for an energy-efficient drying feature that won’t melt plastic and helps to remove moisture. Speak with a plumber if you need help in buying the best dishwasher for your home.
  3. You can choose from either a built-in dishwasher or a free-standing dishwasher. Built-in dishwashers can be installed on the countertop or another piece of furniture. However, you’ll need help from a licensed plumber to help you properly install the dishwasher.

A free-standing dishwasher is available in different models but goes with a dishwasher made with stainless steel material as it’s easy to clean.

  1. Choose the right size of your dishwasher. This would depend on your needs or how many people are in your household. Definitely get a bigger one if you live with a partner and children. Otherwise, go with a smaller one. When choosing a dishwasher, check for the different racks inside to make cleaning more efficient. You’ll get the best cleaning results if it has enough accessories or baskets inside.
  2. When it comes to dishwasher features, look for safety functions. Some dishwashers can block the water to avoid leaks and flooding in your homes. Look for this feature, especially when there are smaller children in your home. If you need help with the installation of your dishwasher, contact a plumber.
  3. To save water and money, choose an energy-efficient dishwasher. Features to look for includes the half-load function. This feature uses 50% less water compared to regular dishwashers. Make sure that the energy level is A as that improves your carbon footprint. You may also look for the easy washing programs feature, so you only have to push one button. Speak with a plumber if you still need more help in choosing the best dishwasher for your home.


  1. When it comes to buying faucets for your home, remember that appearance isn’t everything. While it may be important for some homeowners to have faucets that are pleasing to the eyes or complement the decor, it’s still best to prioritize efficiency and functionality.
  2. Choose whether you want to have hands-free faucets, faucets with a single handle, or wall-mounted faucets. If you prioritize cleanliness, consider installing hands-free faucets for your home. This type of faucet activates via motion sensors. They are easy to clean and highly convenient. To those homeowners who want a practical faucet that doesn’t take up a lot of space — go with a faucet that has a single handle. Wall-mounted is becoming increasingly popular, too, especially in the bathrooms. Remember to always work with a licensed plumber in the installation of these faucets.
  3. Select a faucet finish that matches with your towel bars or cabinet hardware. It will make your entire space cluttered if they don’t match. Get help from a professional plumber in your area if you need help in choosing a faucet finish.
  4. If you want to avoid dripping water, consider getting ceramics faucets as they are incredibly reliable. They may be priced slightly higher than the regular faucet, but you get more value for your money with the benefit you get from ceramic faucets. During installation, only work with a professional.
  5. Go with a disc faucet if you want to avoid leaks. This type of faucet comes with a pressure balance cartridge that can give you hot and cold water. A disc faucet is more efficient than regular faucets and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

Water Heaters

  1. If you want to save more energy, consider getting a tankless water heater for your home. They are more pricey than conventional heaters, but you get to save more money in the long run as no energy is wasted since you only use hot water on demand.
  2. Should you decide to go with a conventional water heater, make sure that you buy the correct size for the tank. The size depends on how many people are in your household. Get help from a professional plumber if you don’t know which size of the tank you need to purchase for your home.
  3. Water heaters run by gas, electricity or solar. Each comes with different pros and cons. If you live in a sunny climate, consider getting a solar-powered water heater. Electricity is common among homeowners as it’s versatile. Propane is ideal for tankless water heaters. To find out which is suitable for your home, consider speaking with a licensed plumber in your area.
  4. If you don’t have a lot of space in your home, consider getting a tankless water heater. They’re not only energy-efficient, but this type of heater also takes up little space. Since you won’t need a tank, you can mount the tankless water heater in your bathroom wall.
  5. If you’re not sure what water heater is best for your home, speak with a professional plumber in Arlington, TX. Licensed plumbers are extremely familiar with water heaters. They can discuss the different pros and cons of each water heater to help you make an informed decision.

Leak Detection Devices

  1. Choose a leak detection device that is easy to set up and features smart sensors and wifi. Most importantly, pick one that has a loud alarm and includes an automatic shut-off. They may be a little pricey, but you get more benefits with this type of leak detection device. During installation, make sure that you only work with a professional in your area.
  2. Consider added features such as having different sensors or ultra-sensitive sensors. A powerful alarm can also help. Always speak with a professional if you don’t know how leak detection device you should get for your home.
  3. Consider buying multiple leak detection devices for your home and place them in your water heater, dishwasher, and under your sinks. Only work with a licensed plumber in the installation of these devices.
  4. Some features you need to look for when buying leak detectors include freeze monitoring sensors, extended battery life, smart home integrations, and plug-in sensors. If you live in an area where your pipes are prone to freezing, you definitely need to get a leak detection device with sensors and automatic shut-offs.
  5. There are different types of leak detection devices for your home. Smart leak detectors can detect moisture and will alert a homeowner at the sign of a leak. Smart Water Monitors can alert you of water leaks by tracking the water flow throughout your home. Freeze sensors are designed to detect freezing pipes, while Water Shut-off Valves can help you prevent water damage by shutting off the main water supply when there’s a leak. Speak with a plumber to know which type of leak detection device you should get for your home.


  1. Because you’ll be living with the same toilet for several years, make sure that you get one with a good flushing performance. Please make a list of different toilet models from the different manufacturers and compare them. You’ll be able to find toilet reviews online. You can also speak with family members or friends for recommendations or speak with a plumber directly to help you make an informed decision.
  2. High-efficiency models don’t only let you save water, but you also will get a rebate when you get a toilet with a WaterSense label. A water-efficient toilet lets you save about 4000 gallons of water per person per year. This can add up to significant savings, and you are also helping the environment at the same time.
  3. Choose a smart toilet if you want more features or when you want a luxurious toilet for your home. Smart toilets have an air dryer, foot warmer, remote control, self-cleaning features, and heated seating. Speak with a professional if you want to find out which toilet model has the best features.
  4. Consider getting a toilet with a pressure-assist as they are more water-efficient. This type of toilet usually comes with a separate tank and holds the water under pressure. It’s more efficient but a little pricey.
  5. If you want a toilet that you can easily clean, get a wall-hung toilet. The only downside to this type of toilet is the price. Do you have a family member with a disability? Buy a taller toilet for your home. A higher bowl makes it comfortable for them to use the toilet. During installation, make sure that you only work with a licensed plumber in Arlington, TX.

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