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Plumber Tips On Common Problems With Plumbing Appliances And How To Resolve Them | Granbury, TX

Plumber Tips On Common Problems With Plumbing Appliances And How To Resolve Them | Granbury, TX

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Homeowners encounter issues with their plumbing appliances or fixtures at some point. You must know what to do when the problems occur and ensure that you have the contact number of a reliable plumber in Granbury, TX, for assistance. This article will talk about the most common problems homeowners encounter with their plumbing appliances and how to go about resolving them.

Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals can help you manage food waste but it can be stressful when they suddenly malfunction. Below are some of the common issues you may face with your garbage disposal:


Garbage disposals do make noises, but they’re not supposed to be extremely loud or strange noises. If your unit makes a lot of noises, listen closely to help you determine what could be making that noise. When you hear a metal-like noise coming from your garbage disposal, there could be some utensils trapped inside. You need to turn off your unit to check if something is obstructing the blades. You may also call a licensed plumber for assistance. A professional can inspect your system to check if it needs repair or replacements.

Inefficient Unit

How long have you been using your garbage disposal? Over time, your unit will become less efficient. However, you may be able to extend its lifespan when you properly care for your unit. Regular maintenance always helps, and it can also prevent costly repairs down the road. If the unit is no longer that efficient and your garbage disposal is more than ten years old, we suggest you contact a plumbing professional in Granbury, TX, for an inspection. Professionals can check your garbage disposal and help you make an informed decision if it’s time to get a new one.

No Power

When the garbage disposal doesn’t run after turning it on, check the electrical connections first. If it still doesn’t run after checking the electrical connections, the problem could be the unit itself. Perhaps there is something wrong with the garbage disposal’s motor. To remedy the issue, please contact a plumber for assistance. They can help you determine if your unit needs repair or replacement.

You can avoid malfunctions with regular maintenance of your garbage disposal. One of the things you can do is follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for properly maintaining the unit. It’s also important never to overload the garbage disposal, which can eventually damage the unit’s motor. Also, it’s essential never to ignore any issues that may come up. A minor garbage disposal problem could turn into a major plumbing emergency when you fail to address it promptly. Get help from a professional right away to help you alleviate the problem.

Frequent Resets

When the garbage disposal suddenly malfunctions due to clogs or large loads, you can resolve that by resetting the unit. However, there is a problem when you keep having to reset your garbage disposal. There is likely an issue with your unit — ensure that you call a professional right away for help. After inspection, we can advise you on what to do, whether you should get it repaired or buy a replacement.

Another problem that may come up with your garbage disposal is water leaks. When you have these issues, please make sure to contact a plumber in Granbury, TX, immediately. Don’t wait until your kitchen floods — otherwise, you’ll end up paying for costly repairs and restorations.

Plumbing Pipes

It’s essential to have healthy plumbing pipes as that’s where your drinking water comes from. Contact a professional when you notice the problems below:


Sediment in water, improperly installed pipes, high flow rates and incorrect electrical grounding are some of the causes why your pipes corrode. If you moved into a very old home, chances are you may still have galvanized pipes installed, and they are highly likely to corrode. We can advise you to contact a plumber for an inspection. A licensed professional can inspect your pipes and tell you if it’s time to get them replaced.

Frozen Pipes

When the temperatures start dropping, homeowners must take extra precautions with their plumbing. One of the things you can do is ensure that your pipes are protected so that the water inside them doesn’t freeze. When the water freezes, your pipes can expand and burst. If you want to avoid flooding or costly repairs, then protect your pipes at all costs. If you need assistance, please contact a plumber in your area.

Besides insulating the pipes, you may also slightly turn on the faucet so that warm water can circulate through the pipes and prevent freezing. Also, ensure that you open the cabinet doors for warm air to circulate underneath them, where the pipes are located.

Cracks and Leaks

Never ignore leaks in your plumbing, as it will be a very costly mistake. Failure to address cracks or leaks in your pipes can lead to plumbing emergencies that may be very difficult to reverse. And it’s going to cost you a lot of money. Some leaks are obvious as you may see puddles of water in the yard, or you hear dripping sounds. However, there are hidden leaks too, and it’s essential that you carefully watch out for the signs that there might be hidden leaks in your plumbing. Look for water spots in the walls or check the water meter. You may also call a plumber for professional leak detection. A plumber will have tools and equipment to help them determine if there’s a leak in your plumbing. We can also help you resolve them promptly.

Discolored Water

When the pipes have corroded, you’ll know it as the color in your water changes. Call a professional in your area if you notice a different color in the water. Plumbers can do a water test to help them determine the root cause of the problem. We suggest that you don’t use the water unless you get help from a professional.

Sump Pump

Do you have a basement? Then you most likely have a sump pump installed to prevent flooding. Below are some of the most common problems you may encounter with your unit. Call a professional if you need further help.

Strange Noises

Loud or strange noises from the sump pump could indicate a problem. It could be due to the impeller being jammed. You can avoid problems with the sump pump when you properly maintain the system. It would also help to get a backup pump in case the primary pump suddenly breaks down. Call a plumber if you can’t seem to get rid of the noises coming from your unit.

Doesn’t Stop Running

Before a storm hits, ensure that you have successfully tested your sump pump. Did it work just fine? If it doesn’t stop running, the issue could either be the float arm or the switch. It’s usually due to a problem with the pump inside the unit’s basin. Another cause could be the power source. You need to contact a licensed professional in your area so they can inspect your unit and advise you what to do next.

Not Running Efficiently

A sump pump can prevent flooding in your basement, but when it cycles on and off during heavy rains, there could be a problem with the unit’s switch. Another issue is faulty wiring. Before checking the unit’s switch, ensure that there are no problems with the electrical connections. Call a plumber in Granbury, TX, if you’re still having issues with your unit.

Completely Stopped Working

When the sump pump doesn’t work, and there are no damages to the unit, the problem could be poor installation. Homeowners must always hire licensed plumbers for the sump pump installation to ensure that the unit is correctly installed. Poor installation can lead to several problems, including costly repairs and malfunctions. To avoid these issues, please reach out to us at your earliest convenience to help install your new sump pump.

Damaged Sump Pump

You can prevent damages in your unit if you religiously maintain it. Check the manufacturer’s instructions on properly maintaining your sump pump, or call a plumber if you need assistance. If your sump pump is more than seven years old, it may be time to get a replacement. Consider calling a professional so they can thoroughly inspect your unit and recommend the best possible solutions.


Dishwashers can save you time, which is why you need to ensure they’re running efficiently. Call us right away if you encounter the issues below:

Water Leaks

When it comes to major plumbing installations, please only work with a licensed plumber in Granbury, TX, to avoid issues down the road. For example, when water comes out of your dishwasher while it’s still running, it could be due to incorrect installation of your unit. Always go with a licensed professional to install, so you don’t lose your unit’s warranty. You can also avoid other issues down the road when you call licensed plumbers in your area.


Rust inside the dishwasher also indicates that there might be a leak in the unit. Consider running a cycle to see if that will resolve the problem. Otherwise, call a professional right away so they can help you remedy the problem. If you have an old unit, then it may be time to get it replaced. To save water and energy, we suggest that you buy an energy-efficient dishwasher because they use less energy and water compared to regular dishwashers.

Dirty Dishes After Running a Cycle

Before using the dishwasher, ensure that you know how to load the dishes properly. Check the manufacturer’s manual or read tips on our blog because we have written extensively about dishwashers. If you have a smart dishwasher installed, it’s important that you only use the recommended detergent. Otherwise, you’ll still end up with dirty dishes.

Water Heater

Imagine how uncomfortable it would be when your water heaters suddenly stopped working. Call us if you notice the problems below:

Inefficient Water Heater

All appliances in your home, including the water heater, need to be properly maintained to stay efficient throughout its useful life. For the water heater, homeowners must flush the sediment buildup in the tank at least once a year. Otherwise, your water heater will only work harder, and that will consume more energy. Your unit may also have problems with its efficiency. To avoid repairs and costly bills, please flush the sediment build-up in your water heater.

Fluctuating Water Temperatures

If you’re not consistently getting hot water, there could be an issue with your unit. Consider calling a plumber immediately so they can inspect it and provide you with the best solutions. It may be time to get a replacement, especially when your water heater is more than ten years old.

Should you decide to replace your old unit, consider getting an energy-efficient water heater to save money. Tankless water heaters last twice as long as too, and you can easily mount them on your bathroom wall. And so long as you have the correct flow rate, you’ll never run out of hot water with the tankless water heaters.

Strange Smells

The smell coming from the water heater tank could be the sediment build-up. You can remedy that by flushing your water heater tank. However, if the problem persists, contact a plumber in Granbury, TX, for assistance.

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