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Plumbers in Arlington, Texas – Low Water Pressure

Plumbers in Arlington, Texas – Low Water Pressure

Plumbers in Arlington, Texas – The amount of water pressure that can enter your home can vary sometimes either being too much or not enough. The usable range in homes is usually around 50 pounds to 80 pounds of pressure per square inch. Determining the problem with the low water pressure in your home can require a little bit of effort on your part unless you want to just hire a company that such as Ben Franklin Plumbing and have our professional plumbers in Arlington, Texas do the detective work for you.

However, for the sake of the article, let’s assume you will do the initial inspection yourself. A great place to start the investigation is at the water meter. Some water meters will have two cut off valves one that is located before and one that is located after the water meter. All water meters will have at least one shut off valve. The valves may be outside the meter but most will be found inside the meter. You may possibly have an old water meter that will require a cut off tool rather than a handle.  Newer models will usually have a colored handle that you can move up or down by hand to shut the water on or off.  When inspecting the water meter make sure that the valve is all the way on, if not pull it wide open and then inspect the water pressure in the home to see if this resolves the problem.

If not, and the low water pressure seems to be coming from a single outlet in the home then make sure that the shut off valve for that outlet is open all the way. If so, move on to the next step which will be to remove the aerator from the tip of the faucet. Aerators are usually threaded and it will not require much effort to unscrew it by hand. If you are unable to do so by hand then you will need to use pliers in order to do, but be extremely careful to not damage the finish on the faucet. If you are uncomfortable in handling this then you can always reach out to professional plumbers in Arlington, Texas to take care of this for you.

Once you have removed the aerator, there will be a small screen or a plastic with that has tiny holes in it. You will need to wash off this screen with water in order to remove any visible debris and sediment. You might need to soak it in a vinegar solution overnight if you notice hard water deposits that are stopping it up. If the aerator is damaged or you are having a hard time removing the hard water buildup then you can just purchase a new replacement at a local building supply location or hardware store.

If the problem is in a shower head rather than in a faucet then the process is pretty much the same as with a faucet and you can take the same steps. If you notice small pieces of white plastic in the aerator then that could possibly indicate that the circulating tube inside the water heater may be breaking apart and it will need to be repaired by professional plumbers in Arlington, Texas.

If the water heater in your home is more than ten years old or older, you may consider having it replaced for a newer, more energy efficient system or opt to go with a tankless water heater if it is more convenient for you.  In order to ascertain just how much water pressure is coming into your home you can purchase a water pressure gauge at virtually any home improvement center and then attach it to an outside faucet around the home. Once attached, turn on the faucet to get a reading on just how much water pressure is coming through your plumbing.

If the incoming water pressure is low and you can find no problems anywhere else, then you will want to first contact your water utility provider and check with them to see if any equipment is problematic. Water supply lines like any other plumbing fixtures can corrode over time and leak water into the ground which can cause low water pressure from entering a home.  Licensed and professional plumbers in Arlington, Texas might need to be contacted in order to determine if the problem is a result from bad plumbing in your home or if the utility company is at fault.

When water supply has pressure to high instead of too low, it can wrought damage on a home’s plumbing if the homeowner does not install a regulator to help lower the amount of pressure allowed through the pipes. Over time these too will corrode and can even rust. Your water can become restricted or it can allow too much water pressure into the plumbing system, possibly damaging the plumbing and appliances in your home.

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