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Plumbers in Arlington, TX – Toilets

Plumbers in Arlington, TX – Toilets

If you are having problems with your toilet constantly clogging, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can help by sending one of our plumbers in Arlington, TX to take care of it for you. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we utilize the latest in plumbing technology to take care of all residential plumbing needs. Whether you are in need of toilet repair or even replacement, Ben Franklin Plumbing can provide expert plumbers in Arlington, TX to take care of your plumbing needs.

Toilet Installation — new toilets are usually installed whenever a bathroom goes through a remodel. However, homeowner’s do often install new toilets, if they are experiencing ongoing issues with their current one. A toilet that has become cracked and its integrity is in question calls for the immediate replacement to prevent any possible waste water leaking into the home or even the possibility of it breaking while someone is on it and causing serious harm. Additionally, homeowners may replace their toilets for the sake of increasing their home’s water efficiency.  Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s expert plumbers in Arlington, TX can provide the professional toilet installation services that you need.

Water Efficiency – Toilets that are older than ten years may not be quite as water-efficient as newer models available in the marketplace, and even if they are low-flow toilets, toilets of today will be quite a bit more effective than low-flow toilets of yesteryears.  Ben Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, TX can provide the information you need to enable you to make an informed decision.

Toilet Repair — if your toilet constantly needs repairs due to constant clogging or has become difficult to clean due to clogged jets and hard water stains, then it may be time to consider seeking professional help. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s expert plumbers in Arlington, TX can replace the parts, and remove the mineral deposits and stains from the toilet. However, when you consider the money you can save with a water-efficient toilet, replacement may be the best alternative.

Clogging – If your toilet is constantly becoming clogged, it may be due to a problem within the toilet, or it could possibly be a sewer pipe problem. If you find yourself plunging a toilet once a week or more often, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and we will send professional plumbers in Arlington, TX to assess the problem and provide a resolution.

Multiple Flushes – Older, inefficient toilets will sometimes require more than one good flush. Whenever you need to flush the toilet more than once, it possibly could be due to the typical wear and tear of the components.

Equipment – Every home needs a reliable plunger in each bathroom. However, make sure that you have the correct one in your bathrooms. Flange plungers are the plungers of choice that are specifically designed to be used with toilets.

Stubborn Clogs – Repeatedly flushing a toilet that is severely clogged most likely will do more harm than good. Specifically, it will cause the toilet to overflow. If you are not able to break apart a stubborn clog in your toilet, then give us a call and our professional plumbers in Arlington, TX will do the rest.

Plunging, How To – There of course is a right way and a wrong way at plunging. No, you will not need extensive training in learning this technique. It is rather straight forward. Place the plunger into the toilet bowl and slowly push downwards but with a firm and steady hand.  This will ensure that there is a good seal at the bottom of the bowl. Do not push too fast or it will not do any good. You will want to slowly and firmly keep pushing down, ensuring that the plunger and the bottom of the bowl maintain solid contact with each other. Continue doing this until the clog breaks apart, if it doesn’t you will need professional help from our plumbers in Arlington, TX.

Top 5 Reasons Why Toilets will Clog

  1. The excessive use of toilet paper is one sure way to ensure that a toilet will become clogged.
  2. In order for a toilet to effectively flush away solid waste it will need to have sufficient amounts of water in the tank. Whenever the tank does not fill properly, the toilet can clog.  
  3. Sewer line problems can be due to multiple things, such as the line itself has collapsed, clogging, bellied pipe, or even tree roots infiltrating the pipe and causing blockage. Issues like this will need professional assistance. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s expert and licensed plumbers in Arlington, TX can take care of this for you.
  4. If you have children in the household then there is a good chance that whatever is stopping up your toilet may very well be a toy.
  5. Children are not the only ones who oftentimes flush inappropriate items down the toilet. Unfortunately, adults are just as guilty at times. Toilet paper and human waste are the only things that should ever be flushed down the toilet.

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