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Plumbers in Fort Worth, Texas – Plumbing Problems

Plumbers in Fort Worth, Texas – Plumbing Problems

Plumbers in Fort Worth, Texas – Even when your plumbing receives proper maintenance from a plumber, your plumbing system and the various fixtures that make it up will become worn out over time and require repair and / or replacement.  However, the number of calls made to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Houston, TX and other Houston based plumbing companies are significantly increased due to some relatively simple mistakes that some homeowners make on a routine basis.  Throughout this article we will go over and highlight a few of these plumbing mistakes to help you prevent unnecessary damage to your plumbing at home that require the professional services of plumbers in Fort Worth, Texas to assist you with.  The following problems are all things that our professional plumbers witness on a weekly basis.

Garden Hoses – Leaving your garden hose connected throughout the winter months is number one.  You typically will not need to use your garden hose during the winter and by leaving it out, you risk serious damage to the hose, and most importantly, to the outdoor faucet itself.  The water in the hose will not drain and during cold days and nights in the winter it will freeze and then expand, potentially cracking the hose itself.  You should remove the hose before temperatures begin to drop and make sure to empty out the water or store it in a dry location, such as your garage if you have one. You should also cover the outdoor faucets with insulation to help protect them during the winter preventing you from needing to contact plumbers in Fort Worth, Texas.

Drain Cleaning Products – Sometimes drain cleaning products may be what you need to clear up a clogged drain but in some cases it is not. Many homeowners will misguidedly believe that they can tackle the issue themselves and save money by buying drain cleaner and performing the task themselves.   However, when purchasing drain cleaning products you need to be very careful with selecting a drain cleaning product.  Purchasing the wrong type or using excessive amounts can seriously damage the pipes in your plumbing system, or at the very least, it could potentially make the blockage even worse. Both of these scenarios drive up the cost when you are eventually forced to call in the help from professional plumbers in Fort Worth, Texas to take care of it for you.

Modifications – Many of the plumbing pipes in your home’s plumbing system may actually be hidden out of view behind the walls in your home.  This can become a problem when a homeowner does a little Do-it Yourself work and puts some nails, screws, or actually cuts into a wall for whatever reason, and accidentally catches a plumbing pipe or multiple pipes.  The next thing you know you could have a small leak or have water gushing out of the wall in waves causing considerable amounts of water damage while you are scurrying to find a plumbers in Fort Worth, Texas.

You can help prevent this by purchasing an item called a Metaliscanner which will seek out metallic pipes behind the walls. Not only plumbing pipes but metal electrical conduits as well. Of course this item will only work if you know for a fact that your home has metal electrical conduits and metal plumbing pipes. If your home does not, then this device will not work.

For plastic pipes like PVC you would need something different such as ground penetrating radar detection equipment or a thermography camera, both of which are not cheap or easy to come by and are typically only bought by professional plumbers in Fort Worth, Texas.  If you are not sure of what you are doing or where your plumbing and for a matter of fact electrical runs in your home you should hire a professional for not only your safety but your loved ones’ as well.

Dumping Oil – After you finish frying up some meat, do you simply dump what’s left in the pan into the kitchen sink?  Oil, grease and fat solids are some of the biggest reasons for clogged kitchen drains.  Once they have drained out of the sink, they will stick to the sides of the plumbing, and form a thick layer over time as it cools and solidifies, making the drain narrower and narrower over time.  Until, eventually there can be a clog in your pipes that runs for many, many feet.  Clogged drains from grease that run for six feet or more are not unheard of by plumbers in Fort Worth, Texas.  Rule of thumb, never dump your oil, grease or fat solids down your kitchen sink.

Toilets – Toilets are intended simply for bodily waste, they are not designed to dispose of every other type of waste product in ones’ home. Virtually everyone is aware of this, but many people still dump other things down the toilet anyway. Once the toilet is flushed, that waste does not simply just vanish, it will have to navigate its way through the plumbing system before making its way into the public sewage system or septic tank if you have one.  If you do use your toilet to dispose of many items that should not be placed down the toilet, at some point in the future it is very likely that you will have a blockage form in one of the plumbing pipes, and it will not be possible to remove any waste from your home when this happens, until it is resolved professionally by plumbers in Fort Worth, Texas.

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