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Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX – Expansion Tanks

Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX – Expansion Tanks

Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX – An expansion tank handles an expanded water heater.  When water is heated its density will decrease and the volume will expand.  Since you cannot compress water then the volume that is expanding must go somewhere.  As you can imagine in a closed system such as your plumbing then as this volume increases then the pressure can put considerable strain on your plumbing pipes.  This in turn could cause pipes to burst or small cracks in the system to bring about leaks requiring the professional assistance from plumbers in Fort Worth, TX.

An expansion tank will let this expanded hot water inside of it thus reducing the pressure on your pipes.  If you are considering having one installed in your Arlington home then you will want to consult plumbers in Fort Worth, TX to see if he or she advices having an expansion tank installed to your hot water system. If needed the plumber will calculate the size that is needed based upon the size of your home’s water heater and the amount of water pressure that is entering into your Arlington home.

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In the past federal regulation did not require backflow preventers to be installed.  However, due to concerns for public health regulation now requires that backflow preventers are installed. Another thing every Arlington homeowner should think about is your warranty requirements for new water heaters. Not all manufacturers require you to have an expansion tank in order for the warranty of the water heater to be valid; but some do and it will be in the homeowner’s advantage to thoroughly read the warranty beforehand.

City water pressure may be as much as 150 to 200 psi in some areas.  Homeowners with water pressure over 80 psi are usually recommended to have a pressure-reducing valve installed.  If the water pressure is too high it can cause damage to your appliances, pipes and eventually your faucets.   If you are unsure of your water pressure then you can pick up a tester at a local hardware store for anywhere between $10 to $20.  This tester will screw onto any faucet with a thread such as a garden hose faucet. Once you’ve placed it on, simply just turn on the water and observe the reading from the tester.

If your water pressure is over 80 psi then a pressure-reducing vale will need to be fitted into your plumbing system. Once you have this installed then you have what is considered a closed system and you will need to have an expansion tank installed as well.

You can count on Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Fort Worth, TX for professional installation and / or repair of your home’s expansion tank.  Our experienced, licensed plumbers in Fort Worth, TX provide a wide array of professional plumbing services including hot water heater installation and repair in the Fort Worth and many more services.  Benjamin Franklin Plumbing services the greater Fort Worth & Arlington area and has done so for many, many years.  We are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and maintain a consistent A+ rating.

If you are unsure of your water system and / or are in need of expansion tank repair or installation then do not hesitate to give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth & Arlington a call today. Our professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX will be more than happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have. We will schedule an appointment to visit your home at your most convenient time at any time of the day or evening, seven days a week.

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