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Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX – Garbage Disposals

Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX – Garbage Disposals

Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX – If you are looking for assistance with your garbage disposal system and you are in need of repair services or installation services then consider getting in touch with Ben Franklin Plumbing and we will dispatch one of our friendly and courteous plumbers in Fort Worth, TX to assist you.

What is a Garbage Disposal?

A garbage disposal is an electric appliance that is typically installed under a kitchen sink just between the sink and the drain trap. The garbage disposal will shred food waste into small enough bits and pieces in order for the waste to pass through the drain pipes limiting the possibility for the organic material to cause clogs.

Garbage disposals are a very popular and common appliance that can be found throughout homes in the United States, but they are not quite as widespread throughout the rest of the world.  There are several different types of garbage disposals to choose from, however, the most common type found in most homes are continuous feed types. Higher end models of the continuous feed types will have additional blades. Continuous feed type garbage disposals allow for organic scraps to be added while the system is running.

There are some high-end commercial models that make use of extra blades that allow for organic material to be grounded up into even finder materials and can also grind up fibrous materials that in lower-end models will not be capable of grinding.  Examples of fibrous materials lower-end garbage disposals will not be able to effectively grind are celery and artichoke leaves. Another option that can be found in higher-end versions is a reversible motor which will allow for the system to help clear up jams that may occur in the unit, that would otherwise most likely require you needing the services of plumbers in Fort Worth, TX to help clear up.

Homes that have septic tanks will require consideration when installing a garbage disposal system. There are some garbage disposal systems that will have a cartridge on the side of the system that injects natural microorganisms into the organic waste in order to assist in the breakdown of the material and this type of garbage disposal system is available specifically for homes that have septic tank systems.  These cartridges will run a little over $15 and can last for up to 6 months. Additionally, the cartridges will act as a deodorizer.

Common Garbage Disposal Problems

One of the most common problems with disposals is when they fail to start. If the system is not making a humming noise then the problem most likely will be an electrical one. But, first make sure that the system is plugged in, if so then have a look at the bottom of the garbage disposal and locate the reset button. If the reset button is popped out, then push it back in to see if this resolves the problem. If not, then inspect the circuit breaker to make sure that it hasn’t tripped. If none of these correct the issue then there may be a faulty switch or the disposal itself might be at fault and you will need assistance from professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX.

Some food waste is best placed in the trash can rather than in the garbage disposal. Unless you have a higher-end garbage disposal model that can handle fibrous materials then organic waste such as celery, artichoke leaves, banana skins, potato skins, carrot skins, cornhusk silks, cherry pits or any other pit and bones should never be placed in the system. Additionally, you should never pour fat or grease down the disposal or any drain for that matter.  Fats and grease will cool, and when it does, it will solidify sticking to the walls of the plumbing pipes and will eventually cause a severe clog that could be rather expensive to fix.  Grease, oils and fats should be disposed of in plastic containers and tossed in the trash.

Tips for Disposal Care

  • Remember, when running the disposal run plenty of COLD water to flush away food waste. Use a medium to strong stream and turn it on before starting the disposal. Allow it to continue running for 15-20 seconds after you shut the disposal off to ensure waste is flushed away. Hot water down the drain is fine any other time but use only COLD water when the disposal is actually in use.
  • Garbage disposal cleaners of various brands are available to prevent odors. Check with your disposals manufacturer to make sure the product is approved for use.
  • Have your kitchen drain line snaked every two years by a licensed professional. This is good advice with or without a disposal and will help to prevent a clogged drain from occurring.
  • Keep acceptable peels and vegetable material separate while cutting and then feed it slowly into the disposal while running cold water. Don’t fill it up with material and then turn it on.
  • Occasionally grind up peels from lemons and oranges for a fresh scent when garbage disposal odor is a problem. It helps to remove unsightly and odor causing buildup as well!
  • Never use harsh drain cleaning products as they are potentially hazardous to you, and can damage the disposal gaskets and plumbing. If you have used strong drain cleaners and have called plumbers in Fort Worth, TX be sure to inform the plumber so he can protect himself as well as your property.

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