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Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX – Slab Leaks

Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX – Slab Leaks

Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX — slab leaks are a terminology used by plumbers when references leaking pipes that is beneath the concrete slab foundation of a house, factor, business or other building for that matter. Slab leaks can occur in water lines, or in the sewer lines that take wastewater away from the house. Slab leaks of either type may become an issue in houses or buildings of all types and ages and can cause significant damage. It is for this reason that slab leaks require speedy repair from professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX in order to minimize the damages that will be caused by the slab leak.

Signs of a Slab Leak

  • If you hear water even though all water is turned off.
  • You may see a spot on the floor and upon touching it may be warm. This may indicate a leak within your hot water line.
  • Cracks within the walls or the floor of the home.
  • Carpet that is full of water or water damaged floors. Discolored wood or linoleum floors or even cracked tiles.
  • Standing water on your floor.
  • Damp baseboards
  • Pools of water and drenched areas around the home or building.
  • Visible water coming out from underneath the water heater.
  • An unusually high water bill.
  • A repugnant moldy odor. If the leak is coming from a sewer line then the odor may very well be raw sewage.
  • Damp Drywall

What Causes Slab Leaks?

Slab leaks can be due to multiple factors, the following are some of the most common reasons for slab leaks resulting in the need for repair by professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX.

  • Electrolysis is a chemical reaction between copper pipes, soil composition, and electrical current which causes the copper to deteriorate and leak.
  • Improper Wrapping of bare pipes can cause pipe wear. Water flowing through the pipes will cause a slight shift in its placement. The expansion and contraction of hot water pipes when not properly wrapped may result in damage to the pipe may also cause leaking.
  • A Nicked or Kinked Line is a pipe that possibly has been damaged during the original installation of that pipe, or it may have been damaged by other workers during the installation of the concrete slab. The damage will create a debilitated area, which will continue to diminish due to temperature changes, corrosion and other factors that will eventually lead to the pipe having leaks.
  • Ground Shifting is due to the settling of the house or building and the mass of its contents over time. This shifting can ultimately cause pipes to break. Areas of the country that have frequent earthquakes of any size can also cause earth movement and settlement that will eventually result in broken pipes.
  • High water pressure can also lead to pipes cracking and leaking.

How Much Water Is Considered Leaking?

Use the meter test to verify a water leak in your plumbing.

Ensure all water is shut off and no water will be used in the home.

  1. Go to your water meter and make note of the current reading.
  2. 30 minutes later go back to your water meter and recheck the reading. If there is no difference in the reading then you do not have a water leak.

Sewer Line Leaks

Sewer line leaks can go undetected until there are signs of foundation damage which typically when this happens the odor will escape and you will detect it.

Accurate Leak Detection

Benjamin Franklin’s professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX use the latest and most current up to date leak detection tools for accurate location and can determine repair of your plumbing for slab leaks. Modern leak detection techniques will save time and therefore that will save you money, while minimizing floor excavation. In some cases, the removal of a single tile may be the only required excavation needed in order to provide the repair of a slab leak. The majority of under-the-slab leaks provide no removal of the floor at all.

Slab leak repair is best left to professional plumbers. A professional will be able to detect the location of the leak and can access it with minimal or no excavation to the floor and foundation.

Early detection and repair is one of the best means of mitigating damage when a slab leak occurs in your home’s plumbing.

Benjamin Franklin provides experienced and professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX with the expertise to locate and repair slab leaks in your plumbing in Fort Worth.

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