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Plumbers in Arlington, TX – Carbon Filtration

Plumbers in Arlington, TX – Carbon Filtration

Carbon filtration systems work by taking advantage of activated carbon in order to dispose of contaminants and impurities in the water supply. It uses chemical adsorption in order to accomplish. Chemical adsorption is the adhesion of molecules to the surfaces of the carbon product used. At a molecular level, carbon attracts specific chemicals, similar to how a magnet will attract certain metals. If you are thinking about installing a whole house water filtration system then the following information in this article will help you understand one of the two most popular options for carbon filtration products. Give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing a call for additional information and to schedule an installation.

Carbon filtration is the most effective filtration method at removing chlorine, volatile organic compounds; otherwise known as VOCs, unpleasant taste and other odors from water. Carbon filtration is able to accomplish this by the use of a particle that ranges in size from 0.5 to 50 micrometers. The particle size will differ from filter to filter, however, the smaller the size of the particle, the more effective the carbon filter will be.  Water flow will also affect how efficient the carbon filter will be. Whenever water flows through the filter at a slower rate, more contaminants will be removed. However, carbon filtration is not effective in removing certain contaminants such as minerals, salts and other dissolved inorganic compounds.  For assistance, contact Benjamin Franklin’s Plumbers in Arlington, TX.

The Two Types of Carbon Filters

Block filters and granular activated filters are the two main types of carbon filters that are available in the market and are used for carbon water filtration systems. Generally, block filters are the most effective at removing a larger number of contaminants from the water. Both types of the filters are also used in the pre-treatment for treating chlorinated water in reverse osmosis systems. This is due to the fact that chlorine will destroy the membranes in reverse osmosis system and the carbon filters are required to capture the chlorine before it enters the reverse osmosis system which will further purify the water of contaminants and impurities. .


Volatile Organic Compounds

The EPA lists 32 volatile organic compoundsof VOCs for short, that are dangerous in water. The number is much higher as the EPA does not break down all organic compounds individually in their list. For example, one of the 32 chemicals is listed as total trihalomethanes. This is a category that contains an unknown number of chemicals.

What are Trihalomethanes?

Trihalomethanes are formed whenever water containing organic matter is treated with chlorine. Trihalomethanes are suspected to cause cancer and are present in virtually all tap water that has been treated with chlorine.  Luckily, activated carbon water filtration systems will get rid of these nasty contaminants.  Carbon filters are also recommended for the treatment of pesticides that may be found in tap water.

Cysts, Coliform Bacteria, Mercury & Other Contaminants

There are specific carbon filters that are extremely dense that can remove some cysts and bacteria from the water. However, the EPA does not recommend carbon filtration systems for the removal of cyst and coliform bacteria.  Their recommendation for these two VOCs is reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis systems are also recommended by the EPA for the removal of mercury in water.

Fluoride, nitrates and sodium are also contaminants that carbon filtration systems are not able to effectively filter from the water. If these contaminants are in your water, treatment will require a reverse osmosis system. The combination of both activated carbon filtration systems and reverse osmosis systems provide the best solution.  If you need assistance and would like a combination of both systems installed in your home; give Ben Franklin’s Plumbers in Arlington, TX a call today.

When carbon filtration and reverse osmosis are combined, you will receive the best of both methods for water that is as pure as it can get. While there are many reverse osmosis systems available in the market that also include carbon, you will achieve greater performance by combining two separate systems together. Give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing a call today so that our professional and friendly plumbers an assist you with your water purification needs.

In summary, carbon filtration systems offer great and effective methods to treating water. It is the first choice for the treatment of organic chemicals, VOCs, pesticides, herbicides, and chlorine. It is highly effective at the removal of unpleasant tastes and odors also. For assistance in the installation or repair of filtration systems for your home, contact Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Fort Worth, Texas.


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