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Plumbers in Arlington, TX – Hydro Jet & Plumbers Snake

Plumbers in Arlington, TX – Hydro Jet & Plumbers Snake

A clogged drain or toilet are things that virtually every homeowner will have to face at some point or the other.  As we use our sinks, materials will be washed down the drains, such as, grease, soap, human hair, small pieces of paper, and many other items that will eventually come together into a mushy mess within the plumbing and bring about slow drainage until it reaches the point of becoming a very stubborn clog entirely.

Sometimes plungers and other hoe remedies will do the trick to get the job done, however, this is not always case and when this happens you will usually need to call in for professional assistance and have Plumbers in Arlington, TX handle the problem for you. Professional plumbers will often utilize state of the art tools such as plumbing augers, otherwise known as a plumber’s snake, and / or a high-pressured hydro jet in order to remove stubborn clogs. Each of these tools is designed to handle different types of clogs.


Plumbing Augers

Plumbing augers, also more commonly known as plumber’s snakes is a rather narrow device that is made up of a long metal tube that has a corkscrew auger or blades attached at the end of the tube. The metal tubes are connected to a hand crank that will either be manual or automatic on the other end. The auger, metal tube first, is slid down the drain until it reaches resistance.  Once at the point of resistance, the plumber will crank the auger to spin the tubing. The goal is to rip the clog loose or in the case of a massive clog of human hair then the corkscrew or blades will become wrapped up with the hair and it can be pulled out, clearing the clog.


There are two very distinct types of plumbing augers. One is specifically used for sinks; this is the straight tube plumbing augers, whereas, the other is the J-shaped plumbing auger and this is used for toilets.


Hydro Jetting


Hydro jetting is a method that can remove even the most toughed of clogs such as years of build-up of grease and oil. Hydro jetting uses highly pressurized water in order to accomplish this. It is a hose that will have a special nozzle that is connected to a machine that will pressure the water and then eject it out through the nozzle to clear out clogs. Unlike augers, hydro jetting will also thoroughly clean the inner walls of the plumbing. It works much the same way as when a homeowner has the vinyl siding on their home washed with a pressurized washer.


Hydro jetting is usually done through an opening in the plumbing that is called a cleanout. The tubing for the hydro jet will be forced down the drain and when turned on, highly pressurized water will be ejected from the nozzle at all angles thoroughly cleaning the pipes and breaking loose the clog. With a power enough hydro jet, the force of the water can even break apart tree roots that may have infiltrated drain lines or sewer lines. However, before hydro jetting is considered, Plumbers in Arlington, TX must inspect the plumbing with a small video in order to determine if the pipes will be able to handle the force of the water without also damaging them.


The Advantages and Disadvantages


Plumbing augers are usually the ideal tool to use when the clog is minor. Augers are great with removing most clogs. However, if an auger is not able to remove the clog then hydro jetting may be an option that can be used in order to clear the clog.


Hydro jetting will break through virtually any clog and it is also great at cleaning out the inner walls of the plumbing. Augers cannot accomplish this so they are temporary measures to breaking apart a clog, this is especially true if the clog is due to grease, fats and oils.  Hydro jetting is not a do-it-yourself option and will require a professional company such as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Professional Plumbers in Arlington, TX with experience in handling hydro jetting will take care of the task. In the event that the plumbing may be damaged, too old, or has weakened integrity, hydro jetting may cause more permanent damage, so it is not always the ideal solution. Hydro jetting is a process that should always be handled by a professional and certified company with experience.


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