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Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX – Running Toilets

Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX – Running Toilets

Whenever you have a toilet at home that seems to be continuously running then usually it is something as simple as the flapper valve needing to be replaced. Plumbers all across the United States get calls on a daily basis when it comes to running toilets. If a running toilet is not repaired immediately, then the problem will only progressively become worse month after month after you receive your water bill.

Another reason for a continuously running toilet could be also due to the ballcock not properly working as intended in order to shut off the flush cycle. If this is not taken care of then expect an unnaturally high water bill in the following month that will only progressively become worse and worse each month. Replacing the components inside of the toilet tank is a pretty straight forward and relatively simple task. However, if you do not have the experience then it is best left to the professionals and you should get in touch with a professional plumbing service company such as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and our professional and courteous plumbers in Fort Worth, TX to take care of it for you.

Diagnosing the Problem

Remove the lid from the top of the toilet tank and you will see that there will be a round vertical cylinder that will usually be located near the center or on the left hand side of the tank. This is what is called the overflow tube and when water raises above this it falls inside of this tube in order to prevent water from spilling all over the bathroom floor. As you watch the water rise steadily and see the water pouring over the overflow tube then the most likely culprit will be the water supply valve, more commonly known as the ballcock. The ballcock will need to be adjusted so that it will properly shut off before the water rises above the overflow tube.

However, it is rather unusual for a ballcock to simply become misadjusted on its own. It is likely that the ballcock itself has worn out and will need to be replaced. It is a rather straight forward repair, however if you are not sure what you are doing then get in touch with a company that specializes in plumbing, such as Ben Franklin Plumbing and our Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX will handle this for you.

The Flapper Chain

If water is not rising above the overflow tube but the toilet is still continuously running then the problem most likely lies in the flapper or the chain to the flapper. The flapper chain will be located at the bottom of the tank of the toilet. The flapper itself will rest over a hole where water flows into the bowl of the toilet. There will be a chain connected from the flapper to the handle of the toilet. When the handle on the toilet is pressed, this causes the chain to react and forces the flapper open, allowing for all of the water inside of the tank to rush into the bowl and flush the toilet.

Typically there will be no problem with the chain itself unless it is not stainless steel, has rusted, and broken. Over time the flapper will become rigid and brittle and it will not be able to properly seal itself over the valve and when this happens and the seal isn’t strong enough, water will leak through it into the bowl continuously. As time progresses the amount of water that flows under the flapper will become worse and worse.

Whichever the case, it also is a pretty straightforward and simple repair in order to replace it. However, if not done properly, then you will continue to loose water. Avoid this by hiring a professional company such as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and allow our professional Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX to handle this for you. If you need assistance with a continuously running toilet then do not hesitate to get in touch with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing today and we will be more than happy to setup an appointment for you and have one of our professional plumbers go on site and address your plumbing

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