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Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX – Water Heaters

Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX – Water Heaters

In this article we will go over hybrid water heaters and point of use water heaters. Recently, hybrid water heaters and POU water heaters have been steadily increasing in popularity for homeowners. Most likely you already know that the two most popular types of water heaters are going to either be gas or electric. Both of these types of water heater systems do a fine job; however, they are not the only options. Point of use and hybrid water heaters should not be ruled out when considering which type of water heater you will choose for your home. Especially if high demand water usage and energy efficiency is of critical importance to you. Both of these types of water heater systems offer multiple options and functions more so than traditional water heaters.

 Hybrid Water Heaters

Hybrid water heaters come in multiple configurations. Such as heat pumps, tanks, tankless, electric, gas and even solar.  With the ever evolving technological changes and innovations in the field, newer designs come to fruition every year that focus on higher efficiencies and higher volumes of water supply. Some of the most popular brands that are available range from Rheem, Rinnai, General Electric, and AO Smith.

Tank-Tankless Hybrids

One of the most common problems with standard tankless water heaters is that they have a hard time being able to supply hot water when multiple fixtures are in use. A traditional storage tank water heater is great with multiple fixtures but not so great for long periods of usage and they aren’t very energy efficient either. A tank-tankless hybrid water heater provides the convenience of large volumes of hot water when you need it but in the process manages to make the process much more energy efficient. The magic happens due to the systems ability to have instant hot water on demand and it is coupled with the hybrid’s ingenuity. It integrates a storage tank that instantly refills with hot water when it is used. For traditional storage tank water heaters it takes one hour for a gas water heater to recover hot water and two hours for an electrical water heater. Tank-tankless hybrid water heaters can recover a full tank in mere minutes.

Installation for tank-tankless hybrid water heaters is not quite so hard. There is minimal pipe work that is needed as the hybrid systems tend to be around the same size as traditional tank water heaters.  The hot and cold water conections are also the same in comparison to standard tank water heaters. However, the initial costs for a tank-tankless system is a bit higher than standard tank water heaters but with the efficiency of instant hot water and convenience you will recoup your costs in no time.

Heat Pump-Tank Hybrid Water Heaters

Heat pump-tank hybrid water heaters are not that much different from storage tank water heaters. The difference lies in the innovation of the design with incorporating heat pump technology. It takes advantage of the air around it to help generate heated water and this translates into added efficiency and efficiency. Heat pump-tank hybrid water heaters are more than fifty percent more energy efficient than conventional electric water heaters. As an added bonus they also heat water quicker than traditional systems.  Most heat pump-tank hybrid water heaters will already be set to full hybrid mode when installed. When it is in this setting it will primarily use the heat pump and only turn on the internal elements when it is needed. Most models also have built-in timers and a control panel where you will be able to select different types of operating modes.

Point of Use Water Heaters

Point of use (POU) water heaters are also very similar in design when compared to tankless units. However, the differences lie in their size, as they are much smaller due to the fact they are designed for single fixtures. POU water heaters are installed near the fixture that will be using the hot water. POU units are great for areas in the home that are too far away from the centralized hot water heater. Some homeowners are opting to have POU water heaters installed at every point rather than going with centralized hot water that can be very inefficient, coupled with if that homeowner lives in a large home then the dissipation of the heat as it travels to one end of the home can end up only having slightly warm water than the desired temperature that you require.

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