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Plumbing And Drainage: Understanding The Basics Of Drain Cleaning Service | Mansfield, TX

Plumbing And Drainage: Understanding The Basics Of Drain Cleaning Service | Mansfield, TX

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Are you having a problem with your plumbing system in Mansfield, TX? For most homeowners, everything that flows water to and from one destination is a plumbing fixture. However, it is easy to confuse what is and what is not, especially regarding drainage and plumbing.

These two are often used interchangeably. While the confusion is understandable, we here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing like to be thorough in helping homeowners understand what makes up plumbing and what makes up the drainage system. This way, you can briefly explain your issues like a pro before calling our drain cleaning service experts in Mansfield, Fort Worth, TX.

Below is a guide on plumbing, drainage, and every related topic relevant to you as a homeowner with common plumbing problems and concerns in Fort Worth, TX.

What Is the Difference Between Plumbing and Drainage?

In simple terms, a plumbing system is that which carries and flows water into your property. On the other hand, a drainage system is that which drains water away from your home. Generally, drainage systems can be classified under plumbing.

A plumbing system includes pipes, fittings, and tanks necessary for water supply. Water flowing via your plumbing pipes is clean; often originating from an underground pipe network from the property’s main water supply. Plumbing pipe leaks are inconvenient but fixable with minimal damage. Read further to understand the possible signs of plumbing problems and schedule immediate plumbing repairs.

On the other hand, drainage involves removing wastewater (used water) away from your property. Generally, drainage pipes angle downwards, utilizing gravity to drain the wastewater to a septic tank or sewage treatment facility. Unfortunately, drainage problems can be a tad more dramatic and require immediate expert assistance.

A flawed drainage system can lead to mold or mildew growth and possibly structural damage in stagnant/pooling wastewater. A drainage pipe leak creates an uncomfortable and unhealthy atmosphere.

The good news is that whether you have a plumbing or drainage problem, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Forth Worth is always here to help. We provide expert drain cleaning services in Mansfield, TX, and other drainage services to keep your systems fully functional. Call us at any time, and we can be with you shortly to resolve any issue, big or small.

Signs That You Have a Drainage Problem

Not all drainage problems are so obvious. Below are some of the more subtle signs of checking for bad drainage. Solving these as early as now potentially saves you big bucks in future costly repairs.

1. Gushing Gutters

An overflowing gutter means dead leaves and debris are blocking the flow. Other problems to look out for include vertical dirt streaks outside your gutters, paint peeling offer your walls in vertical stripes, and mud splattering on the siding.

Overflowing gutters may be caused by clogged downspouts or improperly/undersized gutters. Failure to take early actions leads to overflowing gutters to ruin your paint job, rot your siding, and cause structural damage.

2. Water Stains in Your Basement

Depending on where the stain shows up, you can tell if an issue is caused by surface water or water traveling underground. If caused by surface water, the problem is easy to deal with, but if caused by water running underground, then it poses severe damage. If the stain extends in a line around your basement, the issue could be a high watermark caused by fluctuating water tables. It could also be that your basement floor is below the municipal storm drain level, which tends to back up during heavy rain.

3. Deposits and Flakings on Walls

Check for areas of a gray or white crust on your basement walls. These are typically mineral deposits remaining from evaporating water (efflorescence). The wall could also be flaking in large patches, often referred to as spalling.

The best-case scenario is the efflorescence pointing to a point where moisture is condensing. This doesn’t cause structural issues, but you may want to hire an expert to check your downspouts, gutters, and the soil grading around your foundation.

The worst-case scenario is the spalling is due to water seeping inside your masonry. On the one hand, it can be superficial. However, the deeper it is (more than ½”), it could point to improper drainage threatening your foundation’s integrity.

4. Mildew in Your Attic

Agreeably, the attic is the last place you would want to look for a drainage problem. However, if you notice mildew in this part of your house, this could be a sign of serious trouble at the basement or ground level.

This could be because the crawl space or basement moisture rises via the house and condenses on the roof’s underside. Contact an expert to identify and stop the source of the dampness under your house.

5. Migrating Mulch

Improperly drained soil leads the rain to run off in sheets, carve gulleys in your yard, dump silt on walkways, and carry mulch or wood chip piles where they don’t belong.

What About Plumbing Problems (Signs You Have Plumbing Issues)

Below are ways to tell if you need to call drain cleaning service experts for your plumbing fixtures:

  • Low water pressure. Low water possibly indicates something is blocking your pipes. If you notice a sudden dip in your water pressure, call a Mansfield expert drain cleaning service to get it checked and sorted


  • Slow drainage. Slow drainage is often caused by built-up debris like soap scum or hair. However, when all pipes throughout your home become slow to drainage, you could be facing a major clog in your drain system


  • Brown spots on the ceiling. This is more than slightly. Brown spots may be a sign that water is leaking directly above. An expert plumber will locate the source of the leak and fix it first before advising on ceiling repair


  • Rattling pipes. Besides the rushing water sound, your pipes should be relatively quiet. However, if you hear any rattling sounds from the pipes, especially after shutting off the valve, you could be experiencing a “water hammer”. Such a condition happens when the water flow stops abruptly or changes flow direction. This creates a shock wave leading to banging noises and rattling loose pipes


  • Foul smells from your drain. A persistent foul smell is a sign of a break or block in your sewer line and demands immediate attention


  • High water bills. Are you being charged more than what you are used to? Unless you can account for extra water usage, an increasing water bill is a clear sign of a major leaking problem in your plumbing system


  • Peeling paint or wallpapers. This could be evidence of a leak in your plumbing fixture


  • Gurgling toilet. Potential causes include a blocked vent stack or blocked sewer line


  • Mold growth. Mold grows in wet environments. However, if you notice excessive growth, that is cause for concern, and you should consult an expert drain cleaning service immediately.

Drain Water Vent Systems

House plumbing typically consists of a water supply system (also known as a plumbing system) and a drain water vent system (drainage system). These two systems don’t overlap and for a great reason. Regardless, there are bridges (typically known as fixtures) where these two systems meet.

To a homeowner, these fixtures are better known by their examples, including washing machines, faucets, among others. Clean water enters a fixture and wastewater leaves. As previously mentioned, a drainage system relies heavily on gravity to eliminate wastewater. The drain water vent system has three components:

  • Drain pipes
  • Drain traps
  • Drain vents

Drain Pipes

Drain pipes are downward angled pipes relying on gravity to eliminate water from the fixtures to the sewer line. They are more complex than the water supply system. These pipes should be engineered and installed in a manner allowing them to play gravity to their advantage.

Their larger sizes allow them to transport wastewater without blocking. However, as with any plumbing fixtures, regular cleaning is dire. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth provides professional drain cleaning services in Mansfield to reduce the chances of heavy blockages.

Drain Traps

Also known as P-traps, drain traps are U-shaped pipes preventing backflow in a plumbing system. Thanks to their curvature, drain traps also hold water consistently. But why should it hold water?

Drain water vent systems connect houses to sewer lines. Without this drain trap, sewer gases create a terrible odor in your house. Therefore, the traps allow debris to sediment, which is then removed via cleanout plugs.

The lack of drain traps results in the debris moving down the pipe and causing clogging. To ensure constantly functional drain traps, schedule an expert drain cleaning service.

Drain Vent

Water flow is typically hectic when flowing through a closed system. This is where drain vents come in. A drain vent system runs from your roof and into the drain pipe. The system releases air into the plumbing to guarantee smooth drainage.

Any damage occurring to any of these three systems is reflected in the general efficiency of the drain water vent systems. Your drainage’s efficiency is also affected by sub-standard products.

How to Deal with Drainage Problems

Besides the typical preventative measures experts advise you to avoid common drainage problems, it is important to consider regular drainage inspection and maintenance.

Just as with any housing fixture, regular maintenance keeps things functional and reduces the chances of costly repairs. Call a plumbing expert in Mansfield, TX, to assess your plumbing and drainage systems and recommend appropriate actions. Regular drain cleaning service helps to keep things flowing smoothly and reduces odor as well as potential leaks. You can schedule professional maintenance and cleaning with our drain cleaning service Mansfield, TX experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

Why Is Drain Cleaning Service Important?

Different types of debris get washed down the drains every time you wash something on the fixtures. For instance, when taking a shower, dirt, soap, and hair find their way via your home’s plumbing system.

Failure to clean out your sink and shower drains regularly causes all the debris buildup to result in major damage to your property’s sewage pipes and lines. Plumbing experts advise scheduling routine drain cleaning service to reduce potential issues and damage to your home.

Benefits of Drain Cleaning Service

  • Get rid of odors. Drain cleaning service eliminates debris and food particles trapped in your drains. Unfortunately, the longer debris stays trapped, the more they develop terrible odors, leading to an uncomfortable situation


  • Improve your drain’s lifespan. Regular maintenance and cleaning extends your drainage system’s lifespan by alleviating the damage that accumulates gradually


  • Faster drainage and reducing clogs. Unfortunately, drains are exposed to obstructions over time, leading to severe clogs. Therefore, regular cleaning of your drains clears your clogs. As a result, you notice faster drainage


  • Avoid costly repairs and replacements. Taking preventative measures is directly proportional to fewer repairs and costly replacements. Our expert drain cleaning service can help identify minor issues before they escalate into severe, costly damages by scheduling regular drain maintenance.

How Often Should You Clean Your Drains?

Ensuring clean drains is a vital aspect of home maintenance. Deciding how often you should clean your drains depends on several factors, such as your home’s size, how much you use the drains, among others. Smaller homes can get away with cleaning only on an “as required” basis.

However, bigger homes need to schedule professional drain cleaning service and maintenance more often. Generally, the required frequency is at least twice a year. Consult Benjamin Franklin drain cleaning service Mansfield, TX experts for cleaning and maintenance services.

Expert Drain Cleaning Service in Mansfield, Fort Worth, TX

Are you having any plumbing or drainage problems in your Mansfield home? Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth is an expert plumbing company providing emergency plumbing repairs and related services. Our drain cleaning service professionals have years of experience in the plumbing industry and expertise in diagnosing and fixing plumbing/drainage challenges.

We provide plumbing repairs, maintenance, and expert drain cleaning services in Mansfield, TX. Call us today to schedule plumbing and drainage system inspection, repair, cleaning, and maintenance services in Mansfield, TX.