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Plumbing in Arlington, TX – Hydro Jetting or Snaking

Plumbing in Arlington, TX – Hydro Jetting or Snaking

Plumbing in Arlington, TX – Clogged drains are a problem that eventually every homeowner will at one point or another have to deal with. Grease, food particles, soap scum and other particulates will get stuck in drains and buildup until it results in slow drainage or a complete stopped up drain. Oftentimes plungers can get the job done temporarily but the particulates will eventually buildup over time to where a plunger will not be able to take care of it. When this happens you will need to find a company that specializes in plumbing in Arlington, TX, such as, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.  To deal with stubborn clogs professional plumbers will often employ tools such as plumbing augers and / or high-pressured hydro jetting to take care of stubborn clogs.

Plumbing Augers / Plumbing Snakes

Plumbing augers more commonly referred to as plumbing snakes are made up of a long metal tube at one end that has a cable inside with a corkscrew auger or blades attached, and a hand crank on the other end. The professional plumber will stick the auger with the cable end first into a drain and then twist the end with the crank will help fish the cable down the drain. Once the auger reaches resistance in the plumbing then it will most likely be where the clog is, at which point by applying firm pressure and continually cranking the auger, hopefully it can dislodge and break up the clog. There are two main variations when it comes to augers handling clogs. Straight tube plumbing augers are used for sink drains whereas J-shaped augers are tools that are utilized to break up clogs found within toilets.

High-Pressured Hydro Jetting

High-pressured hydro jetting is utilized by a high-pressure hose that has a specialized nozzle connected to a machine that pressurizes water.  This in turn produces a very powerful stream of water that clears out drains. Hydro jetting is typically done through an opening referred to as a clean out that helps plumbers clear out clogs.  The highly pressurized water is forced down the drain, where it ejects grease, mineral build-up, hair, soap scum and other debris through the drain.  With a powerful enough hydro jet even tree roots can be dislodged and broken up.  However, typically before a hydro jet is utilized a plumber will inspect the plumbing in Arlington, TX with a miniaturized camera to determine if the pipe is damaged.

The Advantages and Disadvantages

A plumbing auger is typically ideal to take advantage of minor clogs or when an object such as a toy gets stuck within the plumbing in Arlington, TX.  Augers are typically useful for removing most clogs however, if the auger cannot remove a clog it could be something even more serious, such as the infiltration of tree roots in your lines.

A hydro jet breaks up clogs thoroughly but they are also great at clearing out your plumbing lines of materials that build up on the pipe walls, such as minerals and grease.  Plumbing snake’s do not thoroughly clean plumbing in Arlington, TX, so they are just a temporary solution to many different types of clogs.  Hydro jetting is not a do-it-yourself type task and requires the experience of a professional plumber who knows what they are doing.  In the event that your plumbing in Arlington, TX are damaged or weakened, a hydro jet can cause even more permanent damage that will significantly increase the costs for repairs.  Hydro jetting is a process that should only be done by professional, certified plumbers with experience.

The best choice in clearing up clogged sink drains or stopped up toilets depends on the cause of the problem. Hydro jetting is the best solution when clogs simply cannot be removed with the use of a plumbing auger. This typically is due to grease that has built up over the course of time.  Hydro jetting is also the best choice when tree roots have invaded your plumbing lines as an auger will have not work whatsoever at clearing up tree roots.  Plumbing augers are the ideal solution when you have slow-draining lines or in instances to remove occasional blockages. If you have a stopped up drain that you have tried everything to unclog and can’t get it to do so and you need professional help then consider getting in touch with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Arlington, Texas and one of our professional plumbers will be more than happy to assist you.

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