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Plumbing Basics | Plumber in Arlington, TX

Plumbing Basics | Plumber in Arlington, TX

How well do you know the plumbing system of your house? Let’s take a look at the basics of some important components. Knowing these details can help you take better care of the system.

The Main Water Supply Valve

It is crucial to know where the main shutoff valve is located, so that you can take necessary steps in an emergency situation and prevent potential water damage. Figure out the direction in which the valve can be turned off, and also find out where other shutoff valves are located. Share the details with other family members as well, ensuring they all know the location of the main valve at least.

Generally, the shut off valve is located next to the water meter right where the main supply line enters your home. Often, the valve with a handle, but if your home is old, the handle may be jammed in place, and you may require a wrench to turn it. Oiling the valve handles two or three times a year can prevent it from jamming.

If required, you should label the valve, and highlight its exact position, which should be easily accessible.  This is particularly important if a number of valves are located together. In such a case, you should also mention the function of each valve on the tag. Talk to any reputed plumber in Arlington, TX and they’ll help you find and tag all important valves.

For houses with several bathrooms, your chosen plumber in Arlington, TX may recommend a valve chart which is more elaborated than labels. The plumber in Arlington, TX will draw a map of your house and the plumbing system, numbering all valves. These numbers are then placed next to the valve, allowing you to use the diagram for reference whenever needed. Painting pipes a distinct color is another way to identify valves, but this is more tedious than the other methods mentioned.

Your plumber in Arlington, TX will turn off the main water supply whenever any maintenance work is required.


Fittings are the most common parts of a plumbing system. The best fittings are made from chrome, coated with brass, offering the maximum degree of durability. According to a reputed plumber in Arlington, TX, copper pipes and fixtures are another popular choice for the main supply line. These also offer durability and the ability to handle high pressures while being easy to work with. But copper pipes are an expensive option, costing three times more than a plastic pipe. Copper pipes can be divided into several types including K-Green, M-Red and L-Blue.

Brass fixtures work well, but even then, you should keep a few precautions in mind. Brass can easily scratch, which would deteriorate the surface. Talk to a plumber in Arlington, TX and see if they can coat brass with any protective substance.

For people who live in houses with chromium fixtures, please note that the metal can easily be dissolved in sulfuric and hydrochloric acid. So avoid using these acids in the bathroom. If you want to perform any kind of maintenance work, call a plumber in Arlington, TX.


Faucets can broadly be divided into two types: washerless and compression, and equipped with either a single or two handles. A compression type faucet prevents more water from flowing by tightening the rubber, which blocks the flow. A washerless type faucet works using a rotating mechanism, similar to a valve, which is used for opening or shutting off the water flow.  This type of faucet can be further divided on the basis of their mechanism: ball, cartridge and disc.

According to a plumber in Arlington, TX, compression faucets come with a threaded stem made of brass which opens and closes firmly. A compression washer with two handles comes with O-rings and replaceable washers. The design is traditional: the faucet is attached to a stern. If the faucet leaks, any plumber in Arlington, TX will just replace the washer.

Washerless faucets, on the other hand, feature plastic, holed valves that are easier to operate. Though these types offaucets are also prone to leakages, they more durable than the other type because of their design, which minimizes wear and tear. Also the parts have a longer life.

Even if your faucet is only leaking 60 drops of water per minute, it means nearly 2,300 gallons of water is being wasted during the entire year claims an expert plumber in Arlington, TX. Not to forget the rise in water bills. So call a plumber in Arlington, TX and get leaky faucets replaced immediately. Before doing any maintenance work, your plumber in Arlington, TX will turn off the water supply through the shut-off valve, located beneath the sink.

Kitchen Sinks

The bowl of your kitchen sink can be made from a variety of materials. According to an expert plumber in Arlington, TX, enameled cast iron is a great choice because of its attractiveness and durability. Stainless steel is another popular material because it offers a resistance to stains and can last a number of years.

Minor scratches that appear on the surface can be removed through sanding. If you want to prolong the life of your iron sink, always clean well right after use. Don’t use any abrasive cleaners.

Bathroom Sinks

The sinks in your bathroom are usually made from a different material than the kitchen sink. Like kitchen sinks, these should also be cleaned regularly, either with soap and water, or a non-abrasive cleaner.

Water Heaters

A water heater is an essential part of any plumbing system, especially in the cold regions. Always maintain the temperature dial at an efficient level, as recommended in the manual. If the water heater fails to function or encounters a leak, you should contact a plumber in Arlington, TX.


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