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Plumbing Checks to Follow While Purchasing a New Home

Plumbing Checks to Follow While Purchasing a New Home

There are a lot of formalities you need to take care of before finalizing a deal for your new home. One of these formalities is to evaluate the condition of the house and various other aspects attached to it. Buyers are very particular about the condition of the paint and electrical equipment, the structural integrity and moss, but fail to properly judge the plumbing in Arlington, TX.

Checking the plumbing of a house before buying it is as important as checking all other factors. To ensure that the deal is a fair one and is free of any irregularities, you should thoroughly check the plumbing in Arlington, TX. Homeowners, who made the dreaded mistake of moving into a house with a flawed plumbing setup, will testify to how annoying and irritating it can be to see your drainage and plumbing ooze out dirty water when they’ve just moved in.

So, to rid you of all such irregularities, we have compiled a list of instructions you should follow while checking the plumbing of a house in Arlington, TX.

Check the Pipes for Lead

Check the pipes within the plumbing system to see whether they are made of lead or not. Pipes made of lead not only signal that the plumbing has not been changed for a long time, but also present a health hazard. Lead pipes have erosions and corrosions more than other pipes made up of brass, copper and galvanized steel.

Eroded particles from the pipes are always at risk of mixing up with water coming to your home, which can bring up a health hazard. A high quantity of lead in the water is harmful for both children and adults alike. To ensure the safety of your family members and the continuity of a good plumbing system, make sure to check the material the pipes are made of.

Is the Water Heater in Good Shape?

The water heater is an important component of the overall plumbing system and should be in a good condition. It will provide warm water for all of your family during the winter seasons. So, the condition and size of the heater both matter equally.

The water heater should also be well placed, accessible to all parts of the home. Generally, garages or store rooms are the best locations for a water heater. Always envision the damage that would be caused if the heater leaks. A water heater positioned near the living room with wooden flooring is not ideally positioned and is certain to wreak havoc when the time comes.

A water heater lasts a good 10 years or more if it is properly maintained. Gauge the condition of your water heater, and if it looks old, there are high chances that it will falter with time. This being the case, you can bargain with the owners to provide you with a new water heater as part of the deal.

Analyze the Water Meter

Look at and analyze the water meter properly, to see if it is in a good working condition. The water meter should have a shut off valve on it. Check if the valve is shutting down correctly, because you might need to shut down the main valve during certain emergencies.

Furthermore, check for other shut off valves in the different areas of the home. There is usually one located underneath the kitchen sink, and every bathroom. Check if they are rusty and need oiling.

Check Where the Sewer Connects?

Do a discreet study on the location of the sewer and where the waste from the home goes to. Finding the exact location of the sewer and carefully checking the drainage and sewage facilities in the close vicinity can be an added plus. Moreover, also have a professional plumber in Arlington, TX check the drainage to locate any clogs or deposits that could form clogs in the future.

Check for Leaks or Water Damage

This is perhaps the most important aspect of the whole checking procedure. You need to be particularly careful while checking for leaks and water damage because hurrying up the process can result in a flawed evaluation. Check all joints of your house in Arlington, TX to gauge its plumbing. Joints are more prone to leaks than any other part of the plumbing system, so carefully check the joints and curves and see if you or your plumber can locate a leak. Plumbers are more apt at this task, so use their experience to your benefit.  

Besides just checking for leaks, you have to carefully check for water damage at all locations. As mentioned, joints and other parts of the plumbing are prone to leaks, so it is pertinent to check the flooring and walls near a joint to see if there has been any damage due to stagnant water gathering from the leaks. This can also assure you of whether the pipes ever witnessed any damages or leaks in the past.

Check Out All the Toilets in the Home

Most importantly, perform a check on all the toilets within the home. Buyers are often deceived by the visual clarity of a toilet and forget to perform a proper check of the plumbing in Arlington, TX. Be sure to show no neglect in this regard, as your toilet is an important part of your home.

Flush all of toilets to see if there is a smooth flow of water. Moreover, also check whether there are any dripping faucets or not. Perform a foolproof and flawless inspection yourself or through a professional plumber to ensure that the house you buy is perfect when it comes to plumbing.

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