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Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX – Home Water Filtration Systems

Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX – Home Water Filtration Systems

Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX – Home water filtration systems have become quite popular in recent years within a home’s plumbing in Fort Worth, TX. They are the most convenient, economical and logical solution for high quality water. Water filtration systems provide many benefits over tap water or even boiled or bottled water.  Home water filters are required to document the purity of the water they filter. These regulations allow you to accurately compare a water filter’s performance and value. Bottle water is not stringently regulated by the FDA. Bottled water only requires it to be as good as tap water, not better.

If you are drinking water directly from the tap then you might be surprised to learn that there are over 300 chemicals and pollutants in it. Some of the contaminants that you will find in tap water are:

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals – These are chemicals that might mimic or interfere with your hormones in your body. These chemicals are being found in increasing amounts in the water supply.

Fluoride – One of the most controversial of the contaminants found in tap water it is purposefully added to the water and there is aplenty of debate about the benefits and harm that it can cause.

Heavy Metals – Metals like lead and mercury are also found in some tap water sources and these two in particular have been linked to health problems.

VOCs or Volatile Organic Chemicals – VOCs such as pesticides, herbicides and other similar chemicals are found in most municipal water sources and can even be found in well water and other sources due to agricultural run-off.

There are three different types of home water filtration systems that are widely used and those are distillation, reverse osmosis and carbon filter systems.

The Benefits of Carbon Filters

One of the most absorbent substances, carbon has a high capacity for trapping impurities.  Carbon with an added electro-positive charge otherwise known as activated carbon draws chemicals and other contaminants away from it. This frees your water from any harmful chemicals and substances. There are two different types of carbon filters. Those are powdered carbon block filters and granular activated carbon filters.

These filters are greatly effective at removing many contaminants found in your water, including chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, radon and VOCs. Both types of carbon filters have substantial filtering capacities; however, block filters have a tendency to be a bit more effective.

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The Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Filters

It was originally developed by the United States Navy to extract salt from seawater. Reverse Osmosis works by utilizing pressure to extract water through a membrane and filters the impurities from it as it flows through the membrane.

These filters are exponentially effective for extracting contaminants from the water supply. They draw out more pollutants and chemicals than any other water filtration system. The membranes that are used in reverse osmosis filters will leave water nearly 100% free of impurities.

The Benefits of Distillation Filters

Distillation water filtration systems utilize heat to filter out impurities from the water supply, thus creating pure water vapor. This water vapor is then concentrated back into its liquid state.

Distilled water is impeccably pure, with only trace materials gathered from contact with the air or from within the system itself. Water that has been distilled has no minerals in it. Distillation filters effectively remove heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury and lead from the water supply.  They are also effective at removing dangerous pathogens and bacteria, which is why they are routinely used in developing areas.

Home water filtration systems are an important element in anyone’s home that is looking to have optimal water that is clean of impurities.  The only way to achieve a valid source of pure water today is by utilizing a home water filtration system. If you need assistance then get in touch with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX today.

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