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Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX – Water Pipe Leaks

Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX – Water Pipe Leaks

Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX – Every year homeowners take out costly insurance for their homes, vehicles, health, and warranties on expensive electronics and appliances. Yet many do not bat an eye when it comes to taking the initiative and taking precautionary measures with their homes plumbing. When was the last time you had your homes plumbing in Fort Worth, TX inspected?

Every day we do service calls for plumbing problems that could have been mostly avoided. Of course some plumbing problems will be unavoidable and all homeowners will have to deal with an issue with their plumbing at some point. However, with a yearly inspection, a lot of these problems could most likely be avoided.  How old is your home? If you live in a much older home, has the plumbing ever been upgraded or is it still the original plumbing? As our homes plumbing in Fort Worth, TX ages, stopped up drains, water leaks and water breaks become much more common. Many homeowners however are not too familiar with exactly what the most common reasons behind water issues outside and inside their homes are.

Homeowners are typically responsible for the plumbing pipes that travel through their homes’ property.   Did you know that most homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover the repair costs? This leaves your biggest investment unprotected. Below are water-related questions that every Fort Worth & Arlington homeowner should be made aware of in order to assist in protecting themselves from in-home plumbing in Fort Worth, TX problems.

  1. How old are your homes pipes?

The United States Chamber of Commerce states that nearly half of all pipes in the country are in poor shape. Whereas the Environmental Protection Agency states that the average age for a broken water main in the country is 47 years.  Knowing the age of your Fort Worth or Arlington homes’ plumbing pipes will help you in assessing the need for replacement.

  1. Are there trees near your water service lines?

Tree roots will often follow wherever the water is and in such can and will disrupt water lines. When the roots of trees get into your pipes it can cause serious clogs and blocks that will also lead to major problems.

  1. Do you have poor soil?

Poor soil conditions such as low soil resistivity and high levels of chloride can cause pipes to corrode from the outside leading to leaks as well as contamination. Sandy soils are among the leas corrosive and clay soils are among the most corrosive. Corrosive soil will start affecting your pipes almost immediately.

  1. Have you ignored the warning signs?

It is the small things sometimes that Fort Worth & Arlington homeowners overlook that may be a much larger issue than you think.  Grease and scum build up in your kitchen pipes, a stammering faucet can be an indication that a water pipe is leaking and a stopped up toilet or sink can be a sign that your sewer line is clogged.  Taking precautions on some of these problems can save you big later down the road if you are proactive and handle it sooner than later.

  1. Extreme temperature changes in your area?

Almost all Arlington and Fort Worth homeowners have experienced extreme temperature swings at some point.  Water lines are susceptible to breaks during these times.  A 10 degree difference in temperature can and will cause an increase in stress on your water and service lines.   Pipes can become brittle when the water temperatures get below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. 

  1. Do you know what your pipes are made from?

If your pipes are more than 50 years old there’s a pretty good chance they were made from clay, steel or tile material which are prone to deterioration.  Corrosion is ranked the second-highest reason for water main pipe failures.  If your Fort Worth or Arlington home was built before the 1980s, then it is most likely that your pipes will need repair or replacement.

How to stay worry free?

Arlington and Fort Worth homeowners should take the necessary measures to protect themselves and their homes from water damage and potentially costly repairs if the problems are ignored.  You should be aware of what’s going on in and under your property at all times. You should check your plumbing in Fort Worth, TX on a regular basis and heed the warning signs, no matter how small.   If you are not sure, or just do not have the time then consider getting in touch with a professional plumbing company in the Arlington and Fort Worth area to do a check-up routinely for you.

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