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Plumbing in Fort Worth | Kitchen Sinks

Plumbing in Fort Worth | Kitchen Sinks

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Kitchen Faucets

The kitchen faucet receives a lot of use every day. With cooking, cleaning, washing dishes and cleaning up after painting or the kids arts and crafts projects. The kitchen is the most likely room to receive a special faucet as it should be, after all we spend a lot of our time there, and guests often hang out there while we cook. A kitchen faucet you love doesn’t have to be only for appearances, now you have the option of a great looking faucet that does more than just provide water from a spigot. Your plumbing in Fort Worth never looked so good! If you are considering a new kitchen faucet the following innovations may interest you.

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  • If you have ever found yourself reluctant to touch the kitchen faucet after handling raw meat, greasy foods or after hand mixing up a batch of gooey mac and cheese with ricotta, a hands-free faucet will be a welcome addition to the kitchen. Activating a stream of water is as simple as a swipe of your hand (or the back of a hand or an elbow). This means less germs, less mess to clean up and you can select a model that turns off automatically saving on water use. These faucets are available in plug in models or battery operated.
  • There is also a cat-proof version for those of you with curious or smart cats. It provides pure convenience, no disinfecting the faucet when you’re through, and fashionable beauty with numerous selections. It can’t get much better for your plumbing in Fort Worth.

  • Pull-down and pullout kitchen faucets provide convenient use, and are easy to retract and secure back in place. If you are like many people, filling and washing large pots and pitchers in a sink with nothing more than your average sprayer and fixed faucet is long overdue for an easier, less messy means of doing so. Well, now you can have it, these faucets make big pan and container tasks easier. It makes you wonder why it took so long for faucet design to recognize the need.
  • Faucet design has also recognized the need for new finishes to suit more styles. Traditional stainless, Mediterranean bronze, chrome, brushed chrome, oil-rubbed bronze and even matte black are now added to the selection of available faucet finishes. Style just became a whole lot easier for your kitchen plumbing in Fort Worth.

With a wider selection of styles, finishes and innovative conveniences to cut your time in the kitchen, your kitchen can now have a more custom appearance suited to your kitchen style. Select from a modern vibe, provide the extra element of a vintage inspired design, or choose something more traditional. Regardless of your choice, your kitchen duty can be more enjoyable with the added convenience of features that make any task easier thanks to modern innovations for your kitchen plumbing in Dallas.

Bathroom Faucets

Bathroom faucets have benefited from a new innovation that is in my opinion, the best faucet invention yet for your plumbing in Dallas needs, or anywhere for that matter.

The Moen M•PACT common valve system makes exchanging a faucet easy with a simple Allen wrench and a screwdriver. The M•PACT compatible fixture lets you upgrade your bath or shower faucets in minutes and never have to touch the plumbing. All faucet changes can be made above the deck or in front of the wall. Once the system is installed, even those without any plumbing skills can provide a quick faucet change.

This is exciting because it provides an extra feature to utilize in those who provide frequent master bath upgrades. Now you can provide more than just rugs, accessories and wall color for minor bathroom facelifts. It also has a big potential benefit in promoting home sales. Potential buyers will be able to select their own style in a compatible faucet for a quick exchange.

Hopefully, Moen will eventually provide this system for the kitchen as well, but at the present time it is unfortunately not available.

Plumbing designers have recognized American’s love for versatile and progressive products that enrich our lives and make it easier. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth for all of your plumbing in Dallas and Arlington needs. We are the prompt plumbers, and provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed.