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Plumbing in Fort Worth, Texas – No Hot Water

Plumbing in Fort Worth, Texas – No Hot Water

Waking up on a cold morning and stepping into the shower only to find there is no hot water just may very well wake you up quicker than a nice hot cup of coffee. However, you most likely are not going to like it very well. Whenever you have no hot water it can be due to multiple reasons. It could be due to a component wearing out or breaking down in your hot water heater. If the hot water heater is powered by gas it could be simply that the pilot light went out or worse there may be a broken gas pipe and gas it not able to reach the hot water heater.

Whatever the cause, if you need assistance in your home due to no hot water, then get in touch with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Fort Worth, Texas so that one of our professional and courteous plumbers can assist you.

Next, we will go over a few of the reasons why an electric-powered hot water heater may be having issues with generating hot water. We do not recommend homeowners working on electric hot water heaters and if you are not qualified with working electricity then you should not fiddle around with your electric hot water heater. Instead, get in touch with a professional company such as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Fort Worth, Texas to handle this for you.


Reasons Why an Electric Hot Water Heater may not Provide Hot Water

Grounded Element– A heating element that has been ground out will fail to produce hot water.

Grounded Thermostat– A thermostat failure may be the culprit. If the thermostat has shorted out it will need to be replaced.

Accidental Grounding– If there are any objects that should not be located on the water heater that has shorted across the wiring connections then this may be the problem.

Tripped Reset Button– If the reset button trips continuously then this is a sign of a failed reset button and it will need to be replaced.

Wire Short– Frayed, scratched, corroded wiring could lead to a direct short. Replacement of all the defective wiring should be done as soon as possible.

Water Leak– If the hot water heater is leaking water then the elements can oftentimes be tightened to resolve this. However, if tightening does not work then the hot water heater may need to be replaced.

Undersized Fuse or Breaker– Inspect the fuse and breaker for the hot water heater and make sure it is receiving the correct amount of amperage.

Weak Breaker– Like all things, circuit breakers will eventually fail and need to be replaced.


Gas Hot Water Heater


The problems that can cause a gas-powered hot water heater to not generate hot water will be different than the problems that can lead to it with its electric counterpart. Below we will go over quite a few of the reasons why a gas powered hot water heater may not be able to generate hot water. We also do not recommend that homeowners work with gas hot water heaters as working with gas can be just as dangerous if not more so than electricity. If you suspect that you have a problem with your hot water heater and you need assistance then get in touch with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Fort Worth, Texas.


No Gas – Water heaters do not prevent gas from reaching the pilot light and burner.  In the event that there is no gas then inspect the water heater to ensure that the gas is on and the gas valve itself is not closed. If not, contact your gas supplier to see if there is an outage or a possible gas leak that will need gas line repair. You could also contact your local plumbing company for hot water heater repair and a plumber will come and assess the situation.


Pilot Light – Inspect the pilot light to see if it is lit. In the event it is not and you do have gas flow then you will need to check the following components:


Thermocouple – You should be able to see the edge of the thermocouple where the flame of the pilot light should be. The thermocouple should be tightly connected to the gas line. If you see no problems here, then inspect for bends or kinks in the thermocouple.


Air in Line –  If there is gas flow, then try relighting the pilot light a few times to try and force air out of the line.


Clogged Pilot Orifice – It is possible that the pilot orifice has become clogged with debris. This can be removed and cleaned.


Clogged, Bent or Defective Supply Line –   If the gas supply line is clogged, bent or damaged this can cause problems with heating water and it should be replaced.


Defective Gas Control Valve – In the event everything else has checked out then the gas control valve may have become defective. There is no solution to fixing this. However, gas control valves are inexpensive and can be readily replaced.


Dirty or Clogged Burner – Debris can build up on the main burner and this will prevent adequate heating or it can very well block the ignition of the burner itself. The burner can be removed and cleaned as necessary.


Ventilation – The flue can oftentimes be blocked by debris or even pests. This can be a pretty dirty job to clean out.


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