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Plumbing Leaks – The Most Important Things That Everyone Should Know | Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

Plumbing Leaks – The Most Important Things That Everyone Should Know | Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

Rusting faucets, corroding pipes and spalled walls are some of the most common problems that people have to experience when it comes to plumbing problems. Such leaks and issues are not only damaging for the plumbing structure and fixtures of a house, but are also some of the major reasons of water wastage.

Wondering how small plumbing leaks could cause large amounts of water wastage?

According to research, more than $6 billion worth of property damage and about 3 trillion gallons of water wastage is caused by these apparently small and insignificant plumbing leaks.

Unbelievable, right?

What makes it even more astonishing is the fact that these are per year figures of the United States alone. Imagine how much water wastage and property damage the plumbing leaks must be causing all over the world. These figures alone are enough to make anyone realize how drastic and damaging the consequences of ignoring plumbing leaks could be.

As opposed to this, the cost of repairing a plumbing leak, before it gets worse, is fairly low. On average, finding and fixing a leak in household plumbing in Fort Worth, TX costs somewhere between $200 and $300.

What makes the small leak repairing tasks even more affordable is the fact that at least a part of the cost is covered by the insurance of the homeowner.

Plumbing Leaks – What You Need to Know?

Plumbing systems all over the world are often difficult to understand for a layperson, and plumbing in Fort Worth, TX is not an exception either. Due to the lack of understanding and the nature of leaks, they can be really tricky to locate until they cause a huge problem. A lot of people happen to overlook the small signs that hint towards a leak in plumbing in Fort Worth, TX until one day they wake up and find a huge puddle around the water heater or a flood in the house because a pipe broke the night before, when they were fast asleep.

Has this ever happened to you?

If you have ever faced such a situation, you would know how difficult it is to deal with the mess leaks in plumbing in Fort Worth, TX create. Such situations are called plumbing emergencies and dealing with them the right way requires you to take help of a professional and experienced plumber.

If you are looking for an expert for plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, look no further than Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Not only are they experts in dealing with all kinds of plumbing issues, they truly understand a plumbing emergency and hence they are always at your service. Whenever you have an emergency of plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, dial 817 – 983 – 7876.

Early Signs of Plumbing Leaks

Lookout for these signs that are often caused by a plumbing leak that most people usually end up ignoring:

  • Rust on and around faucets, pipes and other fixtures
  • Mold under the pipe, tank, or shower
  • Accumulated water under the sink, water tank, or heater for no apparent reason

Important Things about Plumbing Leaks

To help you better understand plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, and to avoid bigger plumbing issues, here, we will discuss some important tips. Take a look at them and say goodbye to your problems of plumbing in Fort Worth, TX that keep recurring after short intervals.

1.      Cover Your Pipes in winters

Like you cover up your body to protect it from the chilly weather, you need to wrap up your water pipes for plumbing in Fort Worth, TX too (the ones that are installed outside your house), when you are going for winter holidays.

While the cold does not really affect water as long as it is continuously running through the pipes of plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, the water will freeze if it is not moving. So, if you are planning a trip in Christmas holidays, make sure to wrap all the exterior pipes of your house used for plumbing in Fort Worth, TX with heat tapes since they work as great insulators.

2.      Know the Lifespan of your Faucets

There are people who think faucets, once installed, will last forever. The reality, however, is that faucets, too, have a limited life. Since they are mechanical equipment and are also one of the highly used things in every household, they are prone to wear and tear and damage. Leaks are the most common problem that we face when it comes to faucets.

So, replace your old, corroding faucets with new ones as it is likely to cost you less than fixing the old one. This is important to prevent plumbing emergencies and to conserve water as well.

3.      Replace What’s Actually Defective

A lot of people think that a leakage in plumbing in Fort Worth, TX means they need to replace the entire apparatus or system. Since these cost a pretty penny—or more– many people keep on ignoring the minor leaks until they create havoc.

Fortunately, this is not required in every case. Often, you only need to replace the part of the system or the fixture that is defective. For example, a dripping faucet does not always mean you need a new fixture; it may be fixed just by replacing the old O-ring or washer with a new one. Similarly, a defective seat or washer is often the culprit for a leaky shower.

This is why, it is recommended to always get your house plumbing in Fort Worth, TX inspected and fixed by a reputable professional. Professional plumbers know what to look for and what exactly needs to be done to fix the plumbing leaks. As opposed to the wide held belief, taking help of a plumber often costs you less than you would ultimately end up spending by trying various DIY measures and tricks.

Bonus Tip: Plumbing leaks can sometimes be really hard to detect and they often remain unnoticed for a long time, until they get worse. However, this can be prevented. An increase in the water bill for no apparent reason is often the result of water being wasted, more often than not due to a leak in the fixture or a pipe.