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Plumbing Maintenance – Waking up the House for Spring | Plumber in Crowley, TX

Plumbing Maintenance – Waking up the House for Spring | Plumber in Crowley, TX

Winter is about to end and soon, the spring season will take its place. Now, it’s time to create a checklist for Spring Cleaning. There are many things that need your attention so your home can transition smoothly. First up on the list is plumbing in Crowley, TX.

Yes, this dreaded task takes a lot of time but trust us when we say this, the more frequent you are with the maintenance, the better your plumbing system will work. If you weren’t active during the winter season, then you will be shocked to know that most of the pipes located outside have frozen. As the temperature of the soil and air comes back to normal, you will start hearing creaking and clanging noises from your plumbing system. Don’t be afraid because this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to call for a plumber in Crowley, TX. Maybe the drain pipe needs a little cleaning and all will be well.

In spring, the daylight is longer, which gives you plenty of time to inspect the major plumbing areas such as those in the basement, kitchen, and bathroom. The plumbing system is quite complex, which is why If you are unfamiliar with the layout of the pipes, then refrain from tinkering with them. With that said, let’s have a look at some of the maintenance tips that will help you keep your plumbing in Crowley, TX on the up and up.

Check the Gutters

“Life, ah… finds a way.”

The problem with gutters is that gravel and dirt always finds a way to create bedding in the line, which allows seedling to start growing. The combination of other elements such as water, dead insects and dead leaves creates a serious blockage that leads to mold growth and water damage. Leaks passed down from this blockage are quite costly because they pass from the underside of the roof and stain the ceiling. The water damage compromises the insulation, which creates a breeding ground for infestation. This is why it is important to get the downspouts and gutters cleaned by a plumber in Crowley, TX. Professionals recommended that the cleaning should be done twice in a year: once in late spring and the second time in late summer.

Get a Sump Pump Installed

You probably don’t know what this machine is for but one thing we can tell you for sure is that it is quite effective in keeping your basement dry. Basically, one part of the machine is used as a pit and is fitted underground. Any water in the basement drains into the pit and then is carried from the house. A sump pump can be used inside and outside the house to remove moisture, as well as distribute water. In order to find out if your sump pump is working or not, simply pour some water into the pit and turn on the machine. If the water does not drain away, then call a plumber in Crowley, TX.

Check Your Faucets and Bibs

The outside spigot also called the wall hydrant is the hose bib that usually freezes in winter. To unthaw the blockage, simply use a hair dryer and pass it over the visible pipe. Now, turn on the faucet and see if it’s working. If the water pressure is low, then don’t worry because it will take some time for the hose bib to return to its normal temperature.

Next up is the faucet. Here, you need to look for leaks such as drip drops of water and whether the pipe connected to it fits tightly or not. The best hose material is rubber, over the mostly used vinyl. The latter material cracks and breaks in winter.

Check Toilets for Leaks

Plumbers in Crowley, TX advice against doing any plumbing work related to the bathroom. A leak coming from the toilet can be caused by a blockage, in which case, you should call for drain cleaning in Crowley, TX. In the meantime, you can easily identify the source of the toilet leak by a simple dye test. Add a drop dye into the toilet bowl and don’t use or flush the toilet for at least two hours. If the floor gets covered with this dye color, then you will know for sure that the leak is coming from the toilet.

Cover Each Drain with a Strainer

The kitchen sink is blocked due to leftover food pieces.

The bathroom sink is blocked due to soap scum and hair.

The laundry room is blocked due to lint.

Do you see a pattern here? Every drain pipe is blocked because waste accumulated in small amounts and then formed a hard ball. A plumber in Crowley, TX uses a dry/wet vacuum to pull out the clog, a technique which is more effective than pouring drain cleaners down the sink. To prevent this from happening, install a strainer over every drain opening. This will not only prolong your plumbing system’s life but also save you time during maintenance.

Clean the Showerhead with This Simple Trick

Is some areas, the water supplied to houses contains many mineral deposits that buildup inside the showerhead. The good news is: this deposit can be easily cleaned by using vinegar. Simply fill a plastic bag with vinegar, immerse the showerhead in it and tie a string around it. Leave the bag overnight and then run the shower in the morning. You will see and feel a distinct change in the water flow. If you see the showerhead leaking water from the sides, then this probably because of a frayed washer or loose faucet. Call a plumber in Crowley, TX now because such a small leak can quickly turn into a flood.

If you hear clanging noises coming from your plumbing system at night, then call a plumber for water line repair in Crowley, TX the next morning. Known as water hammering, this usually happens when air builds up inside the pipes. Now that you know the things to look out for as spring approaches, you will be able to keep your plumbing system in great working condition. If you are looking for a professional and trustworthy plumber, then visit Benjamin Franklin. The company offers all kinds of plumbing services from leak detection to water heater repair, drain cleaning, line repair installation, sink tub replacement and more. To get in touch with a plumber in Crowley, TX area, call 817-983-7876.