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Plumbing Myths Debunked | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

Plumbing Myths Debunked | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

We’re sorry to burst your bubble folks, but you need to stop spreading and believing these plumbing myths that continue to stick around! We’re sure you already believed in a few of these – if not all. So without further ado, here are the most common plumbing myths as compiled by plumbers in Arlington, TX.

1.  Toilets Tend To Flush in the Other Direction in Australia

We’d like to start off by enlightening you that this theory was brought forward by Bart Simpson. It is common for people to be of the opinion, according to plumbers in Arlington, TX, that flushes begin spinning in opposite directions across the equator.

Other than the cartoon character, this idea was first brought forward by the idea that was known as the Coriolis Effect – which explains how cyclones rotate. The theory suggests that cyclones will rotate in different directions in the Southern and Northern hemisphere.

Even though the theory is true, plumbers in Arlington, TX will tell you that there isn’t enough water in your toilet to produce the hypothesis. The direction the water in the toilet rotates is solely determined by how the jets have been manufactured in the fixture.

2.  Ice Cubes Can Sharpen the Blades in Garbage Disposals

This perception is kind of a running joke amongst plumbers in Arlington, TX and they have no clue how the idea came to being. The simplest explanation may be that some people may have misinterpreted garbage disposal cleaning as sharpening its blades.

What’s even more fascinating is that garbage disposals don’t even have blades. They have, what can only be described as 2 teeth which work in a manner to grind solids into liquids.

3.  Placing a Brick in the Toilet Tank Will Save You on Utility Bills

Yes, we’ve all heard this one and most of us still believe that this is a toilet hack. Well, extensive research and the expertise of plumbers in Arlington, TX combined have only brought forward one answer. Placing a brick in the toilet tank will hinder the toilet from flushing correctly. So what’s the point of saving on your utility bills when you aren’t even getting the most out of your toilet fixture?

4.  Water Melts Grease to Prevent Clogs

We agree that hot water can melt grease to wash it down the drain – but what happens next is of significance here. Once the melted and liquefied grease hits the pipes in the drain, it solidifies again. Quite in a similar manner as it formed clogs in the first place, massive buildups in your pipes will also eventually form a clog – one that is much more difficult to remove.

The professional plumbers in Arlington, TX, describe grease like a magnet for hair, lint and food bits. So once it is lodged somewhere in your pipes, a clog is inevitable. Once the liquefied grease has been washed down further into the drain, even the best drain snakes won’t be able to solve your problem.

Quite contrary to the myth, cold water is the solution here. Cold water will solidify the grease so that it can easily float and bounce away into the sewer. What’s more? Cold water will also help your disposer motor last longer as opposed to damaging it with hot water.

5.  Flushable Wipes

‘Flushable’ is a quite common marketing slogan for baby wipes and so many other cosmetic products out there. Well, plumbers in Arlington, TX will tell you that these marketing slogans are completely bogus and that they are one of the main culprits when it comes to clogged pipes. Baby wipes will never break down as effectively as toilet papers in your drainage system.

6.  Drain Cleaners Are Safe for Your Drainage

Thankfully enough, most homeowners know better than using all those dangerous chemical drain cleaners in the market. There are, however, still some people who continue to use these products according to plumbers in Arlington, TX. These people probably do so out of sheer impatience and they should understand that chemical drain cleaners eat away the very pipes that you wish to be cured.

If you don’t want massive repair costs in the near future, your drain has better chances with a plunger – or even organic drain cleaners.

7.  Water Heaters Are About To Explode If You Hear Rumbling

We’ll all believed that something bad was about to happen when out water heaters made one of the nasty groans. Plumbers in Arlington, TX, however, will tell you otherwise. The gurgling or rumbling sound you hear from these fixtures is usually because of the steam bubbles rising out of the sediment. The only problem your water heater may be facing could be a premature failure.

So if you hear sounds from your water heater, don’t be afraid. Address the issue by calling in the experts for repairs!

8.  Where You’ll Find Your Ring in the Drain

Don’t lose your marbles if your ring falls down the drain! There is a simple retrieval option and it is most probably nothing like what you’ve seen in the movies. All you need to do is set a bucket under your P-trap and remove the pipe from the bend.

You might actually not like what you find beside your ring, so we would really like to advise the emergency services of plumbers in Arlington, TX perhaps.

9.  Flushing All the Toilets of a Skyscraper Will Destroy It

It would be something of a discovery if this was true, but sadly engineers caught wind of this myth. They went ahead and actually considered the possibility of this theory. Before they could even consider the plausibility of this theory, they found that there isn’t just one plumbing system in skyscrapers.

This means that even if the theory was true, building designers had already reduced the probability of failure. We’re sure they didn’t intend to remove the building’s self-destruct button from your toilet.

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