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Plumbing Problems Are Never Fun! A Plumber in Arlington, TX Can Help You

Plumbing Problems Are Never Fun! A Plumber in Arlington, TX Can Help You

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Did you know that water-related damage causes millions of dollars’ worth of losses for homeowners in Texas alone each year? Research shows that last year alone, 63% of American homeowners spent $1.7 billion dollars dealing with water-related issues in their homes. That’s why it is important to keep an eye out for potential plumbing issues and get them fixed right away, before serious damage occurs.

We realize the plumbing problems are a major headache, but there is no denying the importance of being proactive, to keep your home safe. There is absolutely nothing worse than having a clogged drain absolutely destroy a good day, especially when you have guests over. Similarly, it can be downright stressful when the water heater floods the basements in your Texas home. It’s time to call in a qualified plumber in Arlington, TX straight to your home.

That’s not all though. A reliable plumber can help your home remain healthy and functioning properly in many ways. They have an extensive set of skills, which can help in many ways. Whether you are building a brand new home or simply replacing a faucet, it’s a good idea to call in a plumber in Arlington, TX for all your plumbing problems.

You can count on our professional, qualified, insured and trained plumbers in Arlington, TX to help you fix the following:

•  Water Heater

If you believe that your water heater is acting up, or it is on its last leg, call in professional help. Remember, your dishwasher, shower and coffee maker are all dependent on a fully functional water heater. So if it breaks down, that’s the best of your bathroom and kitchen disabled.

This means that the water heater is the heartbeat of the home, and it as a huge role to play in keeping your family fed, happy and sane. A plumber in Arlington, TX can help you ensure that it’s in good health ensuring a constant supply of hot water. Call them up at the start of summers for water heater maintenance and rely on their expertise for water heater repair and replacement if the need be. Make sure your plumber is an expert at your kind of water heater, whether it is electric, gas, tank or tankless.

•  Toilet Repair

We only come to appreciate the importance of a functioning toilet when it’s not working any more. If the toilet in your home is refusing to handle any more of your nasty business, and backing up into the bathroom…. Stop! Call in your local plumber in Arlington, TX for quality plumbing services. They can fix phantom flushes, leaking bowls, clogged toilets, bubbling or sluggish toilets etc.

•  Clogged Drains

You can easily deal with 99% of all clogged toilets with a toilet plunger tool. But that 1%… when it happens can stop life as usual. And you know what, it’s bound to happen sooner or later because so much waste and water is processed in your home’s plumbing system on the daily. So it is actually quite common for things to get stuck in a drain and clog it up. Your neighborhood plumber in Arlington, TX will not only fix these issues, but you can have them over at least every six months for preventative maintenance that can save you from extensive repairs and drain downtime later on. Timely inspection of all drains can help you avoid backups and the flooding of your home.

•  Leak Detection

Your home’s plumbing system has hundreds of feet of pip running underneath your house, through the walls and even under the yard. Since all this plumbing is concealed, it can a major issue to detect where the leak is happening. Of course, a reliable plumber in Arlington, TX uses the latest technologies to find the leaking pipes no matter how deep under the foundation they may be. They have several techniques up their sleeves to repair these pipes and stop the leak, without destroying the walls within the home, or the yard.

•  Slab Leak

The real trouble arise when the leakage occurs in the foundation of a home. This is quite different and a lot more urgent than other types of plumbing leaks, and it should be treated as an emergency. A plumber in Arlington, TX must be called in stat, to carry out a thorough investigation of the situation, and suggest ways to fix it with minimal damage and costs. Only an expert plumber can repair a slab leak without causing destruction to your flooring, foundation or fixtures.

•  Faucets, Showers & Other Fixtures

For most homeowners, the fixtures and fittings are the most familiar part of their home’s entire plumbing system. This includes water flow faucets, showers, bathtubs, toilets, sinks and the water hose connections outside. These can also befall plumbing issues, or break down after excessive usage. As you’d expect, you can count on your friendly neighborhood plumber to repair and install these plumbing fixtures for you.

•  Garbage Disposal

Eating a hearty meal at home with your family is a blessing. But cleaning up afterwards is a major headache. But you try anyway and rinse each plate, placing it in the dishwasher. Then it’s time deal with the food scraps left in the sink… and BOOM!

It refuses to work. Call in the artillery, aka a reliable plumber in Arlington, TX. They can repair all types of garbage disposal, and even install your first one for you. Garbage disposals are perfect for large families that love to eat and cook together. These machine can break down the organic waste in the sink, make it easier for it to pass through the drain without causing any kind of blockage.

Call In the Plumbers with the Best Professional Record

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth, we take your home’s safety and plumbing quite seriously. We employ only qualified plumbers who are insured to the max to keep you liability at a minimum. This is the right place to get a plumber in Arlington, TX. Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you get out of any plumbing problem…. That’s a Benjamin Franklin promise!