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Plumbing Problems You May Face in Your Aging Home | Plumbing in Arlington

Plumbing Problems You May Face in Your Aging Home | Plumbing in Arlington

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Homeowners encountering plumbing problems, big or small, is a very common thing that happens everywhere around the world. Every now and then it’s either a leaking faucet or a clogged drain that has you worried. If you live in an older house, problems related to plumbing in Arlington become even more frequent.

The biggest challenge when it comes to plumbing in Arlington is the fact that the problems are difficult to identify. Yes, you can notice a dripping tap or your bathtub taking longer than usual to get drained, but these signs aren’t as noticeable as a noise-creating air conditioning unit or a broken furnace.

Pipes used for plumbing in Arlington have a limited life and they’re bound to show problems with time. If the plumbing system is as old as your home, you may have several problems building behind the walls. We have gathered the top common problems that older homes have related to plumbing in Arlington.

Let’s see what these problems are and what you should do to identify and address them.

1.   Iron and Zinc Pipe

Plumbing in Arlington entailed iron pipes with a layer of zinc until the 1960s. If your home was built before this time and you haven’t revamped the plumbing system till date, it means your pipes are at the brink of falling apart at any time.

Iron and zinc can erode over time and ultimately instigate problems if you don’t resolve the issue timely. The water pressure and water quality can be hugely affected by the ongoing corrosion. If your home has old and outdated pipes, the first thing you should do is to have professional service of plumbing in Arlington on board and have your system inspected.

The professional plumber will give you a detailed report about how to proceed. Also, if you see the color of the water coming from your taps is slightly orange, this is a significant sign indicating the corrosion of pipes.

2.   Buckled Pipes

Older homes with outdated plumbing in Arlington can have bowed or buckled pipes. This is because of the prolonged usage of pipes and the environmental effects endured over the period of time. They can form pipe bellies which impact the efficiency of the pipe to transfer the direct water to the sewer line.

As a result, you can have poor drainage and clog in the plumbing system. Pipe channeling is also a similar occurring as pipe bellies. In this case, the hard water carves a channel of its own in the bottom of the sewer pipe and weakens it to the point that it eventually breaks.

3.   Polybutylene Piping

Right after the trend of iron and zinc pipes, polybutylene piping picked up. They became popular for their easy installation process and lower cost. If your home was constructed between the 1970s and 1990s, it’s likely that you have polybutylene piping.

The drawback of this type of plumbing in Arlington is that it cannot sustain the exposure to water long and breaks off. So, if you haven’t yet encountered this problem, make sure to have your plumbing system inspected immediately and have the polybutylene piping replaced immediately to avoid any bigger financial and property loss as the leakage can damage your furniture, furnishings, and flooring among other things.

4.   Sewer Lines Problems

Living in older homes and facing sewer line problems are rather common when it comes to plumbing in Arlington. Sewer lines carry wastewater from your home to the main drain and then eventually to the municipal treatment plant. As simple as the transfer may sound, these lines are prone to attract the surrounding tree roots because of their moisture.

Over the period of time, the roots take over these iron cast pipes and eventually compel them to crack. This can create a major clogging problem for your aging home’s plumbing system. To address this problem of plumbing in Arlington, the only way is to get the professional plumber’s service. They can identify the pipe bellies and channels and address the problem.

5.   Original Fixtures’ Problems

Plumbing in Arlington has advanced with time. There are new and better fixtures that ensure greater efficiency and lesser frequency of problems. If you have upgraded the plumbing fixtures in your home for a long time, they are bound to create problems for you.

Your faucets, valves, and washers may be of higher quality and efficiently functioning, but just like pipes, they also have a lifespan. They can wear out with time and start degrading. This can result in leaks and breaking of handles and stems.

Also, in older fixtures, it is hard to detect smaller leaks that can lead you towards higher water bills. Getting an inspection done by a professional of plumbing in Arlington can help you identify how your plumbing fixtures are working and whether or not you need an upgrade.

6.   Excessive Usage

Older homes likely have more than one owner. This ultimately means that the home went through increased consumption and the plumbing system might have undergone several attempts of previous owners to fix the problems on their own. This can make a lot of repair work questionable at the time of purchase.

So, if you’re planning to buy an old home or have recently shifted into one, make sure that you have a professional plumbing team inspect the entire system thoroughly and make all the necessary adjustments and repairs. You don’t want any washer coming in your hand while using, or a faucet falling apart only because it was fixed by an amateur.

The plumbing system is an integral part of your home. You need to give it adequate attention to prevent recurring problems. Older homes are more vulnerable to plumbing problems because of increased use and outdated fixtures. Getting your pipes and other plumbing elements timely fixed can save you from bigger problems and losses. Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing today at 817-983-7876 and the best services of plumbing in Arlington.