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Plumbing Remodeling Fort Worth

Tips For A Kitchen Remodel | Plumbing Fort Worth

A kitchen remodel is a stressful time for the whole family. The noise, dust, and strangers in and out of your home are frustrating and difficult to deal with. However, the end product of all the stress is a kitchen that you love. Kitchen remodels are one of the best investments for increasing the value of your home as well as improving its sale when the time comes. Call Benjamin Franklin for all of your plumbing in Fort Worth needs.

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Having a good plan can reduce the stress of a kitchen remodel. The following tips will assist in making the process of the remodel tolerable.

  • First, determine how much you are willing and able to spend. While cost’s can vary depending upon the region you live in, you will probably spend from $5,000 for a minimal upgrade to $100,000 for an average luxury remodel.
  • Next, determine how much you want to change. Keep in mind removing walls, adding additions, moving electrical, plumbing or gas will substantially increase your costs. We will be glad to provide you with a quote for plumbing in Fort Worth services.
  • Set aside extra cash for unexpected problems. Finding a wall damaged by termites or wiring not up to code will eat into your budget.
  • If the budget is constrained, consider what is most important and where you can cut costs. Perhaps your cabinetry can be refinished or painted. You may be able to reuse the cabinets, but purchase new cabinet doors. You can choose a $150 faucet that is almost identical to the $300 faucet you first selected. Don’t forget to ask your plumbing contractor if he carries fixtures for plumbing in Fort Worth, he may carry the faucet you desire. Professional grade plumbing fixtures are typically far better quality than any you can buy retail and may be equal or less than retail price.
  • Look through magazines, and cut out pages with designs or elements that you like. Visit home supply stores and suppliers such as lighting distributors. Be sure to identify the brand, style etc… This way, when you’re planning your kitchen design, you will have a file of ideas to refer to.
  • Try to estimate the approximate cost. Look for calculators on line or in store.
  • When taking bids, give each contractor a detailed materials list. Write down the name and the brand of the granite you have chosen for example. If you have chosen paint, include the brand and color.
  • Ask for proof of license and insurance coverage-liability, property damage and workman’s compensation with each bid.
  • Have a contract and set up a payment schedule. Most contracts have project points, a payment is made when the electrician completes his work or the cabinets are installed for example.
  • If there are known problems with your kitchen, discuss it in advance with your contractor. For example, if the home is old with original plumbing, it is likely it will require replacement. Request a separate price for replacement of plumbing in Fort Worth. If necessary
  • Permits will cost money, consider this in your budget.

Remember that the kitchen will be unusable for the duration of your remodel. If you have an alternate location for your refrigerator, a microwave and coffeepot, this will save you the money of eating out at every meal.

Plan for pet and child safety for the duration of the remodel. Ask a friend or relative to pet sit during the remodel. Ensure children know the kitchen is off limits for the duration of the project for their own safety. Use child security gates if you have young children.

With a plan in hand, you can reduce the stress and inconvenience of a kitchen remodel. By using a reputable contractor your beautiful new kitchen will provide a source of pride and enjoyment for years to come.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides professional grade plumbing in Fort Worth services for the Fort Worth and Arlington regions. We are a member of the BBB and back all of our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, or we redo it for free. Give us a call for professional plumbing in Fort Worth that you can rely upon.