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Plumbing Service Tips: How Long Will Your Plumbing System Last? | Haslet, TX

Plumbing Service Tips: How Long Will Your Plumbing System Last? | Haslet, TX

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How long will your plumbing system last? Well, that depends on several different factors. Your plumbing system has two main functions. Those functions are to provide the household or property with hot and cold water. The other function is to remove waste products and waste-water from the home. If your plumbing system is doing these things efficiently, without fault, your plumbing system is in good shape. However, if your plumbing system is not efficiently supplying you with hot and cold water or isn’t draining properly, something may be seriously wrong with the components in your plumbing system. Contact a professional plumbing service provider to help you get your plumbing system back on track.

Your plumbing system may seem simple, however, there are many components and parts that go into configuring the plumbing system. Plumbing systems last an average of 17 to 100 years. The difference of years is directly related to the materials used to configure it, and how well you take care of it. Plumbing systems deal with high velocities of water on a regular basis. Water is a powerful force that can be hard to contain at times. Proper care and maintenance are important for these plumbing systems because these systems have a big job to do. The better it is maintained, the longer it will last. If you live in or around the Haslet, TX, area, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth for all of your plumbing service needs.

How Does Your Plumbing System Work?

There are many different types of plumbing systems. There are also many materials that can be used to configure your plumbing system. When plumbing systems were first created in the U.S, wooden logs were used as pipes in the public streets, in order to help firefighters, fight fire with fresh, available water. Plumbing systems have evolved a lot since then. Cast iron pipes used to be the norm when configuring plumbing systems, however, their tendency to rust has changed all of this. Cast iron is no longer used in water supply systems. Cast iron pipes may still be used as the material for drainage and sewage pipes in much older homes. Pipes like copper and PVC are a lot more popular and common these days. The good thing about some of these materials is that some of them can be replaced with better and sturdier pipe materials. Regardless of what material your pipe system is made out of, proper care and maintenance from a professional plumbing service provider will help increase the longevity of your system.

There are few different types of plumbing systems used in modern construction. Those plumbing systems include the single stack system, the partially vented single stack system, the one-pipe system, and the two-pipe system.

The Single Stack System

The single stack plumbing system is one of the simplest forms of plumbing. The single stack plumbing system is designed to carry waste-water away from bathrooms and kitchens. It all is then connected to one single pipe.

The Partially Vented Single Stack System

The partially vented single stack system is the same thing as a single stack system. The only difference between the two is the partial ventilation this system provides to the traps for the water closet and toilet drain line. Instead of one single pipe for the connected drain line, there is a separate one, solely for the water closet.

The One Pipe Plumbing System

The One Pipe Plumbing system is similar to the single stack plumbing system. The only exception is that this system provides ventilation for all of the drain lines, including the ones in the bathroom and kitchen areas. Similar to a single stack plumbing system, the one pipe plumbing system is only having one pipe, however, that pipe is ventilated.

The Two Pipe Plumbing System

The two-pipe plumbing system operates in the same way a partially vented single stack system does; it has 2 separate pipelines. The only exception is that both pipelines ventilate the traps, instead of one.

Each and every one of these plumbing systems require regular maintenance to remain healthy and efficient. Taking a proactive approach to your plumbing system care is important. Preventive plumbing maintenance provides a number of benefits to the property owner and dwellers. These benefits include money saved, less need for repairs, and healthier pipelines. Hiring a local and reliable plumbing service provider to maintain and care for your plumbing system will be more beneficial to you in the long run. Plumbing systems are fundamentally the same, however, each unique home. Giving a plumbing service provider the chance to get to know your unique plumbing system will help them understand all of the special kinks and bends it may exhibit from time to time. Familiarity will make repairs and maintenance easier and easier with time. If you live in or around the Haslet, TX, area, contact Benjamin Franklin, Plumbing of Fort Worth, for all of your plumbing service needs.


One of the most important aspects of your plumbing system is the material it is made from. The material your pipe system is made out of will affect how long it lasts and the value of your home. Pipe material like copper is considered to be a valuable and study material and lasts a long time. Some materials are interchangeable and are great for quick fixes and repairs. Maintaining your pipes with professional drain cleaning, inspection, and period maintenance will help keep your pipelines healthy and efficient. It’s important to find licensed and professional plumbing service providers to help you maintain your plumbing system’s delicate ecosystem of pipes and appliances. If you own a property in Haslet, TX, you should contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth, for all of your professional plumbing service maintenance needs.


Copper pipes have been a popular choice of metal for plumbing due to their rigid, yet flexible nature. Copper is a precious metal that lasts for a long time before it begins to degrade. Copper metal is used for a variety of household things, however, it’s very valuable when used as piping. Copper was actually used in ancient Egyptian plumbing systems. Evidence of this has been found by excavators. This find is astonishing and goes to show just how valuable copper really is. If remnants of an ancient Egyptian plumbing system have lasted this long due to copper material piping, imagine how long it would last in your home.

Copper pipes are dull and copper-colored. There are different thickness levels available with copper piping, as well as different levels of softness and rigidness. Copper metal is easy to cut and bend, making it an ideal metal for plumbing work. Copper isn’t used as much as other materials due to its rising cost. Copper is also prone o breakage and damage because it is so pliable. If you do have copper piping, professional care is of the utmost importance, and understanding how to delicately work with copper piping is a necessity. Only allow professional plumbing service providers to work on your copper piping.

Copper piping is usually used for the water supply system because it can handle high velocities of water. A professional plumbing service provider will need to inspect your copper piping every once in a while, to ensure it is still intact and no leaks are present. Inspecting your pipeline will help prevent leaks and other pipe malfunctions from occurring.

Chromed copper

Chromed copper has all of the same attributes that copper does. Chromed copper is not as dull as regular copper is. Chromed copper is bright and shiny. This material is usually only used where the piping is exposed in order to give it a more appealing finish. If you are interested in chroming your exposed pipes, contact your local plumbing service provider. If you are in search of a reliable and efficient plumbing company in the Haslet, TX, area, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth for all of your plumbing service needs.

Cast Iron

Cast iron is not used as much in modern construction due to its tendency to rust, however, there are certain designs and structures that call for this heavy-duty material. Cast iron is a very heavy metal. It is dull and black in color. The texture of cast iron is ruff and sometimes marked with spots.

Cast iron pipe materials are usually used in the sewage portion of a plumbing system. The heavy quality of the metal is perfect for whisked loads of waste-water away. Cast iron metal has not been used for the water supply system for quite some time. Once it was discovered that cast iron rust fairly easily, it no longer was the norm for iron to be used anywhere near your freshwater supply systems. Some properties still have cast iron in the water supply systems which can lead to a whole host of issues.

When moving into a new home, make sure there is no iron in your water supply system. If this is the case, have your professional plumbing service provider replace it right away. This will ensure rust does not enter your water supply system and your water supply remains healthy for cleaning, bathing, and cooking.

PVC or Poly-Vinyl Chloride

PVC is quickly becoming the most popular plumbing material for use in homes in the U.S. PVC pipe is extremely inexpensive and efficient. It’s easy to cut and shape to fit corners and bends in the plumbing system. PVC pipe is also completely interchangeable. You can replace sections of your copper or brass pips with PVC if necessary. This is because PVC pipes fit together like Leggo blocks. There is a special type of adhesive that holds them together. PVC pipes are especially easy to configure and work with.

PVC pipes are rigid and white. PVC pipes are a type of plastic material. Plastic doesn’t degrade or break down making PVC pipes one of the longest-lasting materials available. PVC pipes are not indestructible, however. The adhesive that keeps your PVC pipes intact can become weathered and cause leaks to occur. If this does happen, contact a professional plumbing service provider right away.

Benefits of Preventive Plumbing Maintenance

There are many other types of piping materials available. Cast iron, copper, and PVC pipes are among some of the most commonly used materials to date. Caring for your pipe system with preventive plumbing maintenance can help make these materials last longer. Your plumbing system is an investment and should be treated as such. When replacing and maintaining your pipe system, you should talk to your plumbing service provider about what materials and methods they plan on using and what would best suit your household and lifestyle. If you live around the Haslet, TX, area, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth, for all of your plumbing service needs.

No Leaks

Leaks are common occurrences. Plumbing systems deal with tons and tons of water constantly. Water can easily cause erosion of metals, such as copper and iron. Water can also erode the adhesive used to hold your PVC pipes together. To avoid the consequences of erosion, constant upkeep and inspections are required. A professional plumbing service provider will be able to identify trouble areas and repair them before they become full-blown leaks. If a leak does occur, your preventive maintenance plumbing service provider will be able to repair the issue urgently and correctly in order to prevent more damage from occurring.

Clean Drains and Plumbing Appliance

Part of preventive plumbing maintenance includes the cleaning of drains and appliances, such as the water heater. Periodically and professionally cleaning your drains will prevent the presence of mold and bacteria and reduce the number of clogs you experience. Other appliances, such as the water heater needs periodic flushing in order to remove minerals that build up over time.

Preventive maintenance and urgent plumbing repairs, will not only increase the lifespan of your plumbing system and cultivate a clean and comfortable environment to live or work in. If you are interested in effective preventive maintenance plumbing service and live in the Haslet, TX, area, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth to schedule a consultation or repair service today.