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Plumbing Services That Help Keep Water Bills Low | Mansfield, TX

Plumbing Services That Help Keep Water Bills Low | Mansfield, TX

Water bills can strain your finances significantly. For this reason, most homeowners prefer having lower water bills at the end of every month. By knowing the volume of water you’re using and the charges per gallon, you could easily notice any changes in water consumption. Conserving water and caring for your plumbing system is a sure way of reducing the water utility bills. There are several ways that a plumber can help with ensuring that your water bills don’t go overboard. Consulting a plumbing service is essential whenever you see the water bills increase. Mansfield, TX, professionals can diagnose the issue and address it promptly. Below are several ways that you can keep your water utility bills.

Fix Leaky Faucets

Although leaky faucets lose a drop of water at a time, they are among the leading causes of high-water utility bills. Unfortunately, some homeowners might believe that leaky faucets don’t contribute to the increasing water utility bills. If you do not enlist the help of a professional plumbing service to repair or fix the faucets, the drips might add up to several gallons of water monthly.

Based on the number of leaking faucets at your home, you could lose over 1500 gallons of this scarce resource every year. Unfortunately, this results in high water utility bills if left unchecked at the end of every month. Homeowners are advised to give due regard to their plumbing. Otherwise, they might see increased water bills and damage to their walls, among other water-related damages. It is essential to enlist the help of a plumbing service for routine inspection and maintenance of their plumbing system, including faucets, to avert this problem.

Although you may feel that you can repair the issue yourself, a professional is better equipped to handle these plumbing works. They have the experience and tools to complete the job safely. DIY plumbing works can result in unintended consequences for your home.

Install Water-Efficient Toilets

The other way to keep the water bills at a minimum is by installing water-efficient toilets. The EPA estimates that standard toilets use more water compared to low-flow toilets. The low-flow toilets use about 1.3 gallons of water per flush.

However, you can even conserve more water by enlisting the help of plumbing services to install a dual-flush toilet in your home.

Dual Flush Toilets

Unlike conventional or single flush toilets, dual-flush toilets use considerably less water while remaining environmentally friendly. They use about 1.28 gallons of water to flush solid wastes and about 0.8-1 gallon of water to flush liquid wastes. Compared to conventional single flush toilets, dual-flush toilets use approximately 20% less water per annum, with many being WaterSense Certified.

Hence, they save you money in the long run since you spend considerably less on water utility bills. Although some homeowners find them hard to flush, dual flush toilets are fascinating to your home. They use pressure to flush the liquid and solid wastes separately. Because liquid or soluble wastes can easily be flushed, they require less water than solid wastes.

Have a plumbing service to install touchless dual flush toilets at your home for such benefits. Though a bit expensive, they are worth every penny and result in savings in the long run.

Pressure-Assisted Toilets

Are you a more-horsepower-is-better kind of a person? Then you could benefit more from a pressure-assisted toilet. This type of toilet features a sealed inner tank generally made from plastic. The refill water enters the tank and compresses the air, creating a pressure chamber. Water is released into the bowl with a pressurized forceful whoosh! Pressure-assisted toilets are typically found in institutional and commercial buildings. However, you can also enlist a plumbing service to install one at your home.

Better yet, you can find dual-flush and touchless P-A toilets too. They are excellent at removing solid waste. The porcelain water tank of the toilet doesn’t sweat since water is contained in a sealed inner tank.

Vacuum-Assisted Toilets

These toilets are almost similar to the P-A toilets because they also feature an inner tank that averts condensation on the outer side of the porcelain tank. However, unlike the pressure-assisted toilets that flush the wastes from above, vacuum-assisted toilets create a depressurization in the trap way that helps in sucking the wastes away from below. Whenever flushed, the vacuum helps in pulling the wastes off the bowl. Hence, V-A toilets have a much quieter operation compared to P-A toilets.

These toilets are highly efficient since some models might simultaneously use as low as 0.8 gallons of water per full flush and achieve high MAP scores. Because the technology is relatively new, consult a plumbing service before purchasing a unit for your Mansfield, TX residential or commercial property.

Install Faucet Aerators

The other way that a plumbing service can help you reduce water bills at your home is by installing faucet aerators. The aerators ensure that the water flow through your water faucets is limited, ensuring that you use water at a controllable rate. Hence, homeowners can conserve water and reduce water utility bills simultaneously.

However, ensure you contact a professional plumber to install the aerators to avoid post-installation issues. The plumbing expert knows to distinguish the type of faucet installed at your home and the best aerator to install.

Install a Tankless Water Heater

The water heater wait duration is among the leading causes of high water utility bills. Whenever hot water takes a long time to get through your piping, contact a plumbing service immediately to inspect the insulation around your hot water pipes. The other cause could also be improperly installed pipes or your plumbing system’s structure. If the faucet is far from the water heater, then you should expect several seconds for the water to become hot. With such a setup, you might waste several hundred gallons of water.

To conserve the water and save some money on monthly utility bills, get a plumbing service to have a tankless water heater installed at your home. These water heaters heat your water on demand, meaning that you can save on water and energy utility bills. Tankless water heaters do not heat water constantly, meaning they do not use much energy. However, they instantly heat the water whenever needed. This implies that you get low energy utility bills at the end of every month.

Conventional or tank-based water heaters require you to flush them every year, meaning that you still waste some water at your home. Regardless, this is necessary to clear any sediment buildup in the system. You’ll have regular hot water issues if you don’t do this. To ensure that you have more savings and less maintenance, enlist the help of a professional plumbing service in Mansfield, TX, today to have a tankless water heating unit installed at your commercial or residential property.

Fix Toilet Issues

Do you have a leaky toilet at your Mansfield, TX home? a leaking toilet could waste many gallons of water per month. However, some homeowners either neglect this or don’t know they have a leaky toilet. Some assume that the problem will go away, but that isn’t the case. Unless a professional addresses a plumbing issue, it cannot go away. At worse, it might even become more protracted and result in severe issues in the future while increasing the monthly water utility bills. Hence, have a plumbing service come and inspect the toilet to detect where the leakage is coming from and promptly resolve whatever the problem there is.

Toilet leaks can damage the slab and the tile of your toilet, making you incur expenses that could be avoidable. The other toilet issue that might result in high water bills is an overflowing toilet tank. This can result in a flooded toilet, something that might prove a plumbing nightmare. Fortunately, this is easily visible, meaning that you can call a plumber to fix it in earnest. So, what might make your toilet leak?


Before assuming a leakage in your toilet, check whether the water you see isn’t simply condensation. After and during the shower, the bathrooms might get highly humid, causing the condensed water to begin dripping.

A Crack On The Bowl Or Tank

Toiles are usually built to last for long. However, cracks sometimes might develop. In most cases, this begins as a hairline crack and develops into a more severe crack. It is the main reason you should enlist the help of a plumbing service for routine toilet inspection and maintenance.

Rusted Pipes

The pipes leading to your toilet might begin rusting over time. Eventually, this might create cracks that allow the water to seep out around your toilet.

Worn Out or Loose Sealing

Are there water pools around the base of the toilet? Then there is a high chance that the leakage emanates from the worn-out or loose sealing (the part binding the floor and the toilet).

Worn Out or Loose Tank-to-Bowl Connection

In two-piece toilets, the bowl and tank are bound by a collection of nuts, bolts, and gaskets. If either of these parts is loose or worn out, leakages could develop around that toilet area. A professional plumbing service can help detect and fix this issue to ensure no water loss at your Mansfield, TX home.

Misadjusted Flush Valves

The other reason why water might leak in the interior of the toilet is in case the flush valve assembly is misadjusted. The main sign of this is a constantly running toilet or a dripping noise. In most cases, this causes the water to enter into the overflow valve and fill up your tank continuously.

Limit Your Showers

According to EPA, your showers account for about 17% of the water used at your Mansfield, TX home. Although it is good to enjoy your shower, this might prove not good for your water bills. Whenever possible, ensure that you limit your showers or even ensure to turn them off whenever shampooing or using soap.

Install a flow regulator on your shower head to limit the water flowing through your shower and save on water utility bills. They are designed to ensure that water flow is limited though reducing the output through your showerhead.

If the water at your home runs at high pressure, you’ll be using more water than needed for every shower. Unfortunately, this means more water is wasted down through your drains. A plumbing service can install a flow regulator to ensure that you use only the required amount of water at your home, meaning lower water bills.

While here, why not invest in water-efficient plumbing fixtures to reduce water consumption? You can do this by calling a plumbing service to have low-flow showerheads installed at your home. They use considerably less water, meaning you’ll have low water bills every month. According to HGTV, any average home in the US could save 2900 gallons of water per year if they add just a low-flow showerhead to their bathroom. By multiplying this number by the number of bathrooms in your home, you could save a lot of water. Hence, a low-flow showerhead is a vital plumbing fixture to install at your home during a bathroom renovation.

Maintain Your Plumbing

Plumbing maintenance is among the main things you could do to prevent water leaks that result in high water bills. A professional plumbing service can diagnose the cracks and hairlines that might result in water leaks. The team also is equipped with leakage detection tools and equipment to ensure that they promptly detect the leaks and address them. Have the team regularly inspect the plumbing system to ensure that your water bills remain at manageable levels.

Are you experiencing high water bills at your home? Various problems might be the culprits, including showerheads, toilets, and leakages. However, enlisting reliable plumbing services like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth can help avert this issue. Our plumbers are adequately equipped with state-of-the-art tools to detect any plumbing issues that might result in water loss and promptly address them. Call us for any plumbing service in your Mansfield, TX home today.

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