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Plumbing Tips and Tricks That Every Homeowner Must Know | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

Plumbing Tips and Tricks That Every Homeowner Must Know | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

A plumbing system is an integral system in our house. It is a system we all rely on and use every day. From kitchens to the bathroom, our plumbing system is spread throughout our house. Thus, it is very important to keep this system well maintained. It is important to ensure that our plumbing pipes work efficiently and run smoothly so that we can use our plumbing system without facing any stressful situation as the plumbers in Arlington, TX suggest.

To help you keep your plumbing system up to date and to assist you in keeping it efficient at all times, in this post, we will look at some fundamental plumbing tips and tricks. All of these tips are recommended by the professional plumbers in Arlington, TX.

Let’s have a look:

Always repair the leaky faucets in your house promptly as this could waste gallons of water within a short period of time. For instance, the leak of a single drop of water each second, there could be wastage of 3000 gallons of water every year.

It is important to insulate the hot water electric storage pipes and tanks. But during this, be careful that you don’t cover the thermostat.

Insulate your oil or gas hot water storage pipes and tank but make sure you don’t cover the top of water heater during the process. Plus make sure that your water heater bottom burner compartment and thermostat are not covered. If you think this could be an issue then you must immediately call the professional plumbers in Arlington, TX to inspect the issue.

Always install low-flow and non-aerating shower heads and faucets. This will help you in saving a good amount of money in terms of water bills

The normal useful life of a water heater is around 10 to 15 years if you keep them well maintained and repaired. However the plumbers in Arlington, TX suggest replacing the water heater as soon as it crosses the 7 years of useful life. This will also help in saving a good amount of money in terms of energy bills.

When you need to replace your old water heater or your old water heater has broken down, make sure you research and take professional insight before purchasing another water heater. This will help you in purchasing the water heater that would best meet your family’s hot water requirements.

It is recommended by the plumbers in Arlington, TX to set the thermostat at low temperature as most of the times, the water heaters coming from factories are already set on high-temperature settings

For most users, the water heater temperature of 115F provides sufficient hot water for use.

It is better to remove a quarter of the water from the water heater tank and in every 3 months.  This will help to remove sediment that usually impedes heat transfer and generally lowers the water heater efficiency.

If you live in Arlington, TX in the sunny and warm climate and if you are using electricity for your water heater then it is better to install a solar water heater to save some amount in terms of energy bills.

Never put egg shells in the garbage disposal. Egg shells are great garbage disposal cleaners is the false misconception that many homeowners believe in. these shells damagethe garbage disposal and are not recommended by the plumbers in Arlington, TX to be put into the garbage disposal.

If you want to save some amount in terms of water bills then take more showers and fewer baths. This is because, when you take a bath of hot water, it consumes around 25 gallonsof water. On the other hand, when you take a 10 minute shower it only consumes 10 gallons of water.

To get the best water heater it is important to pay due diligence to the FHR – First Hour Rating. Purchase the water heater that offers an appropriate first-hour rating. You can do it by properly estimating the hot water demand of your family during peak-hours.

Always ascertain the best fuel type to keep your water heater well maintained. If you are using an electric water heater, always check with the local utility company for water heater electricity rates, applicable at off-peak hours.

As per the plumbers in Arlington, TX, propane, natural gas and oil water heaters are cheaper to operate than any other electric model.

For energy efficiency and safety reasons, whenever you by oil fired and gas water heater, always look for the units that come with sealed combustion or even power venting to prevent back-drafting of combustion gas in your house.

Never install your water heater in an unheated basement of your house as the plumbers in Arlington, TX suggest.

To keep your plumbing pipes efficient and well maintained at all times, always keep the length of pipes short especially the ones that run to your kitchen and bathroom

When your drain line becomes clogged, avoid using any kind of chemical-based drain cleaner as this is highly damaging to your plumbing pipes. Always take the assistance of professional plumbers in Arlington, TX to fix the issue by using right tools.

In the bottom line

All of these are highly important plumbing tips and tricks that must be known by homeowners to prevent any plumbing issue. Remember a plumbing system is complex as well as sensitive. It should be handled properly and only by professionals.

Never attempt to fix the plumbing issue as a DIY project as this can damage the plumbing system entirely and make you incur heavy repair and replacement cost eventually. If you are in Arlington, TX and looking for a professional plumber in Arlington, TX then head over to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing right away.

Their team of professionals is well versed in handling complex plumbing issues. They hold years of experience and possess all the right tools to fix the plumbing issues. If you need their assistance then you can dial their 24/7 helpline number available on their website.