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Plumbing Tips | Plumbing Fort Worth

Plumbing Tips | Plumbing Fort Worth

Owning your own home is the American dream, although it comes with responsibilities that renters may not have. For example, property tax, maintenance costs, homeowners insurance, and lawn care are the responsibility of the homeowner. Renters do have the responsibility of maintaining the property in good condition while living there, and are likely to be responsible for damages. For example, if you trip and fall punching a hole through drywall, or drop the lid on a toilet and break it, it’s generally your responsibility to pay for the cost of repair.  The following plumbing tips can help to ensure your rental home’s plumbing in Fort Worth is in optimal condition for the term of your lease.

Before Signing a Lease

As a renter, you have rights regarding the rental home, and the landlord is required to maintain the property in a safe and habitable condition,  a property with hot and cold water,  an efficient sewer, to ensure the roof doesn’t leak, electrical and heating systems and to maintain functional plumbing in Fort Worth.

Before you sign a lease, ensure you understand the terms and have a copy of the lease. The lease should verify who is responsible for repairs of the home’s structure, electrical, and HVAC system, appliances and its plumbing in Fort Worth. If you ‘re responsible for the smaller problems, ensure it’s clarified in writing exactly what you’re responsible for. Furthermore, clarify whether any problems the landlord takes care of will be deducted from your security deposit, or if he/she covers the cost of repair. Make a checklist of questions, and follow up to ensure agreements and statements by the landlord are included in the lease.


Inspect the property before accepting it to prevent disagreements in the future.  Identifying the problems present before signing a lease, and insisting on a property inventory and inspection check sheet signed by both you and the property owner, can prevent  your being blamed for issues and damages present prior to your taking possession of the property. During the inspection,  ask where the main water shutoff valve is located. The shut off valve can be used to stop the flow of water in the event of a leak. In addition, check for shut off valves at toilets and sinks, and ensure they operate.

Ask Questions

Prior to signing a lease, ask if there are any problems with the property. For example, ask if there are drainage problems, frequent leaks, or water heater issues. If you are going to be responsible for the  repair of the home’s plumbing in Fort Worth, it’s especially essential to identify issues before you move in.

Advice for Renters

The use a strainer in sinks, showers, and tubs will help to  prevent clogs from hair, food, or other debris. Furthermore, never pour fat, grease, or oil down the drain, not even if the home has a garbage disposal. In addition, only human waste and bath tissue should be flushed down the toilet, and keep a toilet plunger handy for the occasional clog. These simple tips can prevent numerous problems with the rentals plumbing in Fort Worth.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

If an outdoor water faucet is present, you will need to insulate it before winter to prevent a frozen pipe. Ask the landlord if any pipes are vulnerable to freezing, especially on exterior walls. During extreme cold, leave the cabinet doors open under sinks allowing heat to circulate around the pipes, and potentially preventing frozen pipes, and damage to the plumbing in Fort Worth.

Lower Utility Bills

Check the set temperature on the water heater, and set to the recommended 120°F. Adjusting the temperature is a task you can do yourself., and will save you money on energy when the setting is high.

With these plumbing tips, you are more likely to have a problem free lease experience. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for the repairs of your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth. Our plumbers in Fort Worth can provide the  plumbing repair, drain cleaning, and other plumbing services you need with the industry expertise you can rely on. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides professional quality service for Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas, and is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.