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Plumbing Upgrades for Improving Your Bathrooms | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

Plumbing Upgrades for Improving Your Bathrooms | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

Summer is here and it is about time you get those plumbing fixes taken care of. The residents of Fort Worth, TX are big on home keeping and décor. Their keen sense of interior décor keeps them on a constant lookout for upgrades that will improve the looks of their home. However, not a lot of attention is paid to the bathroom. Plumbers in Arlington, TX make the lives of the residents a lot easier. When there is a clog, we call the plumber. Something wrong with the drain? We call the plumber. Don’t know what exactly is wrong with the plumbing? That’s right. We can call the plumbers in Arlington, TX. Not many people know this but plumbing upgrades can do wonders for the aesthetics of your bathroom. Plumbing should not be restrained to fixes and services. It can be used to enhance the beauty of your home as well. Having an upscale bathroom can make the rest of the home feel very nice too.

The Rain Shower Head

Showers are a necessary task in our regular routines. We start our day with a relaxing shower. A rain shower head can improve your bathing experience so you can start your day while feeling rejuvenated. With a large coverage, a rain shower head allows your entire body to enjoy the heat from the hot water. Having a big shower head is one of the most efficient ways of making your bathroom feel more luxurious; not only in terms of looks but utility as well. It is without a doubt an effective upgrade that is worth the cost. Consult your local plumber in Arlington, TX about the shower head options that are right for the water pressure in your bathroom. This will ensure that you get the most bang for your buck.

The Importance of Decorative Faucets

Your average, mundane looking facets are single handle lavatory faucets in chrome. While they may be cheap and highly functional, they are of no help to the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. When selecting a faucet for yourself, think outside the box and go for more unorthodox choices. It will give your bathroom space a distinct flair. Go for polished brass, brushed nickel or stainless steel to name a few. Selecting a faucet with a fine finish is always a stylish addition. You may also want to go for the mini widespread or widespread faucets that have separate handles for hot and cold water. There are endless styles and finishes available in the market but make sure that whatever you choose has sold brass, physical vapor deposition finish with a lifetime guarantee to last you the long haul. Don’t try to install the faucet yourself though. Have a plumber in Arlington, TX do it for you the right way.

The Bathroom Sinks

There is not much thought that goes into buying a bathroom sink even though it plays an integral role in one of the most used rooms of your house. It holds the soap, toothpaste, mouthwash and all your other personal care products. If you don’t select the right sink, the water pooling near its drain will result in rust stains or leaks. Lucky for you, almost all of the manufacturers have standardized the size of the bathroom sinks so you have an endless variety to choose from. If you are living with your partner, a double sink might be a better choice. Double sinks might just be the answer if you are running over problems like, who gets to brush their teeth first because both of you are running late. Not only do double sinks give your bathroom a fashionable flair of luxury but they also make things convenient for you and your partner.  You can’t really go wrong with a modern double sink. Just make sure you talk through the installation specifications with your local plumber in Arlington, TX.

Consider Upgrading Your Toilet

Your average standard toilet is round, white and capable of using 1.6 gallons per flush. The compact minimalistic design of the standard toilet is one of the main reasons people go for it but if you are over 185 pounds, the toilet seat area might just be too restricting for you. On top of that, standard toilets are too low, making it difficult for the elderly or anyone who is sore from a straining leg day to ease into them. If you have had the plain, old standard toilet for a while now, you might want to change it up to an elongated bowl. This will allow you a few extra inches for better comfort. Make sure you don’t get a toilet that is too large for your bathroom space though. A “comfort” bowl is a step up from the elongated bowl, measuring 17 inches from the floor to the rim. This will make it a whole lot easier on your knees as you descend onto the toilet seat. High efficiency toilets or dual flush toilets also contain one of the flashy high-tech features that a toilet can house nowadays.

Get Jetted Tubs

If you are more of a bath person than a shower person, don’t miss out on the deeply relaxing jetted tub. With these tubs, you get to experience jets of hot water gushing out, massaging you as you lie back feeling weightless and unraveled. Jetted tubs are a great way to make your personal hot tub bathing experience in the home more enjoyable. It is almost certain that you are going to want to take hot baths a lot more frequently when you have a jetted tub installed. It is hard to resist the temptation of a jetted tub, especially after a long, hard day. Jetted tubs are not all that expensive either. There are lots of affordable options available too.

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