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Prevent Your Drain from Clogging By Avoiding These Mistakes | Plumber in Lake Worth, TX

Prevent Your Drain from Clogging By Avoiding These Mistakes | Plumber in Lake Worth, TX

Do you constantly find your drainage system clogged to the extent that water pipelines in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room don’t drain completely? Don’t take out your tool box and start tinkering with the pipelines yourself, thinking that you, having watched those DIY videos on YouTube, is enough experience. Here’s what we suggest: before calling a plumber in Lake Worth, TX, why not find out what’s causing the problem? This way, you will be able to direct the plumber to the right place.

You see, your drainage system is madeof a delicate structure with numerous nuts and bolts. You pull out one andit will take you an entire week to find the leak. By then, it will be too late andyou might find small puddles of water or God forbid sewage water in certain areas of the house. So, better leave the plumbing in Lake Worth, TX to the professionals.

So, what exactly are you doing wrong? Hint: you might have been throwing things down the toilet that don’t belong there. A few precautions need to be takenin order toavoid the mess that a clog creates. The following are a few tips that will help you prevent your drainage system from clogging up:

Tip #1

STOP Throwing Hard Objects and Viscous Liquids Down the Drain

When it comes to the kitchen sink, large chunks of food that you scrape from the plates and viscous liquids like gravy are the main cause behind blockages. As for the toilet; tissue paper, gums, sanitary napkins and diapers (yes, some people do chuck them in the toilet) are the main cause behind the blockage. Such blockages cost you double on the water line repair in Lake Worth, TX because the entire pipeline needs to be inspected, to figure out where the blockages are.

Your garbage disposal is not an industrial one, so better throw the leftovers in the dustbin or try to figure out a way to use them as compost. Thiswill not only keep the pipeline clear but also prevent its decay from the inside. Use a sieve when draining pots and install a screen on the kitchen sink drain to avoid any accidental blockages. As for the toilet, the tissue paper you use does not disintegrate in water. It dissolves and forms a clog, which is why they belong in the dustbin…and so do the other objects.

Tip #2

Buy a Water Softener System

Does your bathroom and kitchen contain this white residue in every corner and surface where the water constantly touches or flows? Thisis an indication that the water system in your house is supplying hard water. Hard water contains minerals such as magnesium, calcium andsodium, which corrode the pipelines. This state of the art water filtration system in Lake Worth, TX as well as a reverse osmosis system dissolves the sodium content, giving you clean water. Here’s how hard water is measured:

Degree of Water Hardness
Soft Water 0 – 17.1 mg/L of minerals
Slightly Hard Water 16.1 – 60 mg/L of minerals
Moderately Hard Water 61 – 120 mg/L of minerals
Hard Water 121 – 180 mg/L of minerals
Very Hard Water more than 180 mg/L of minerals


Tip #3

Avoid Cleaning with Chemical Based Cleaners

The acidic content in chemical cleansers corrodes the pipelines andthat is how small perforations form in it. Thiscauses the water to leak from numerous places, which floods and blocks the drainage system. Thisis how the blockage transfers from one place to another. The best way to tackle this problem is through baking soda. If you are still experiencing problems, then better call for plumbing in Lake Worth, TX.

Tip #4

Get the Water Pressure Checked

The problem with high water pressure is that it weakens the pipeline by putting pressure on them. Thisis an easy job for a plumber in Lake Worth, TX as it only requires them to check the pressure of the water using a house gauge. If the pressure is more than 80 psi, then get a pressure reducer installed.

Tip #5

Check Out the Drainage System Outlet

So, there are no leaks in the pipelines butyour toilet, sink andbathtub are still backed up. Thisis a problem probably related to the drain pipeline that is in touch with tree roots. When the tree roots go in deep, they pierce the pipe and block the entire plumbing system. Thisis where drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX comes in as the only solution because the plumbers use special equipment to clear the area without compromising the pipeline further.

An auger does the job pretty well buta few solutions are usedto clear the area,so that the roots do not enter the pipelines again. Thisis one of the most common causes of the drainage system getting blocked. It is advised to check out the plumbing of a house before buying it because this water line repair in Lake Worth, TX can cost you thousands of dollars. Luckily, if you know a professional plumber in Lake Worth, TX who has years of experience under his belt, the job will be done faster and at an affordable cost.

These tips will help you save a lot of money and time granted that you call the plumber in Lake Worth, TX instead of taking out the toolbox to fix the problem yourself. Whether you are facedwith a minor or major plumbing problem, stick to the inspection and call a plumber to do the repairs. Benjamin Franklin is a plumbing company that deals with drain clogson regular bases. To know further about their services, call at 817-983-7876.