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Preventative Measures and Maintenance Tips to Reduce Plumbing Emergencies | Plumbing in Arlington, TX

Preventative Measures and Maintenance Tips to Reduce Plumbing Emergencies | Plumbing in Arlington, TX

Emergencies of plumbing in Arlington, TX tend to be the most inconvenient and expensive way to find out your home’s plumbing needs, repairs, or preventative maintenance requirements. These emergencies tend to be expensive because the price may include losses of personal possessions, structural damages to your home, and greats deals of disruption to the comfort of your daily routines. Shouldn’t there be a better way to deal with your plumbing in Arlington, TX? Well, there is.

Preventative measures and maintenance tips can help you take out the elements of surprise with respect to your drain pipes, supply lines, and plumbing in Arlington, TX. In order to avoid emergencies, homeowners will have to recognize the symptoms and signs that point to the fact that some necessary steps need to be implemented. Once the water damage incident occurs though, there will only be one thing you can do – call a service for plumbing in Arlington, TX.

Used Water or Fresh Water?

Damages that are caused by emergencies usually differ according to different sources of water. Most of these emergencies tend to originate from either drain systems or supply systems.

Supply Water

This is the water that involves the supply from municipal water pipes. These supply lines work with immense levels of pressure, and it is quite possible that a great deal of flooding can occur quite quickly in the event these fittings giving away or if these supply lines rupture.

These events can be taken care of beforehand because plumbers can recognize warning signs in their routine inspections. These signs may also not be obvious to most homeowners. That being said, let’s have a look at some of the red flags that signify problems in your supply system:

  1. The monthly water bills can be seen suddenly climbing without any clear explanation. If you see such increases, you need to call in services for professional plumbing in Arlington, TX.
  2. Whenever you open or close your faucets, you may even hear some mysterious sounds. These frequent sounds are signs that your pipe supports are deteriorated and these unsecure pipes may burst at any time.
  3. Sometimes, you may notice that your water is rusty or far from clear. This is because something along the lines of corrosion is taking place inside your pipes. This is another precursor of a potential rupture in your pipes.
  4. Sometimes, you may even notice the concrete slabs of your home to exhibit some damp spots or even ‘weep’ moisture. These forms of slow leaks are also a sign that the supply lines of your home are at a potential fault. This is where you will need a professional service for plumbing in Arlington, TX in order to prevent these turning into ‘faster’ forms of leaks.

Waste Water

This category of water comes from sewer backups or clogged drains and doesn’t have the intense level of pressure like in the case of supply water. Even though this is the case, spills from drain systems can bring about a whole new level of chaos. Imagine the damages to your personal possessions and home or even the potential toxic health hazards.

If any of this scares you, then you should look into the following factors that put you at risk of waste water emergencies.

  1. Was you home built before the 80’s? If this is the case, then this home’s sewage piping may be more likely to form obstructions or even cause backups of raw terror into your beautiful home.
  2. Is your home at the bottom of an incline or a hill? If so, then your home is at a bigger risk of facing sewage backflows. If this is the case, then your service for plumbing in Arlington, TX can explain to you why you need a prevention device for backflows.
  3. If you have no clue where the sewage pipe is buried across your yard, then you should ask your service for plumbing in Arlington, TX to show you. This is because you should avoid planting tree or any invasive plants over sewage pipes. Roots tend to be a major reason why sewage lines get blocked and form blockages.
  4. Do you pour animal fats or grease down your drains? If so, you need to stop right away. It is common for such elements to cause blockages in drains over a period of time. Instead, you should pour them in sealable containers and then dispose of these in the local recycling center or into the trash can.

Specific Plumbing Fixtures

Other than the above mentioned categories, various other plumbing fixtures in your home have their respective maintenance requirements; like so:


One of the largest water consumers in your home tends to be your toilet. Consequently, these areas are also one of the most common sources for water damages. Let’s have a look at what can be done to reduce the odds of water-related issues in your toilet:

  1. Stay close to toilet fixtures until they have refilled and have properly shut down.
  2. Learn how to turn the toilet valve off, as this needs to be done if the tank overflows.
  3. Routine maintenance for toilets involves calling the providers of professional plumbing in Arlington, TX once a year to check upon proper levels of operation.
  4. Toilets that tend to run continually or turn on or off on their own definitely need an inspection.

Washing Machines

These fixtures receive fresh forms of water through their flexible hoses from supply lines in the walls of your home. Over a period of time, these hoses tend to get deteriorated and pose threats like blowouts and major flooding in your home. So the precautions you can take involve:

  1. Having your washer plumbing in Arlington, TX integrated with lever-style valves. This helps in shutting off the supply when the fixture isn’t being used.
  2. Don’t leave your washing machine running whenever you leave home.
  3. Make sure your drain and supply hoses aren’t kinked.
  4. Check the hoses for pinhole leaks twice every year.

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