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Preventing Drain Blockage | Drain Cleaning in Lake Worth, TX

Preventing Drain Blockage | Drain Cleaning in Lake Worth, TX

It’s that time of the year again. Winter is round the bend and you’ve finally decided to clean the house for winter. The task is nothing short of tedious. With the attic, the rooms and even the basement, your work is cutout for you. You can always get help and that’s a relief!

But there are some cleanings where you can’t rely on any DIYs. For instance drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX. Even your usual helper might be not be able to resolve this issue and it’s better that they don’t. Amateurs are likely to elevate the problem instead of fixing it.

So what do you do when there’s a drain that’s clogged? You might be tempted to get down and clean it yourself. You better stop! In times like these, it’s advised that you avail the services of plumbing services that specialize in drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX.

There are times when you can easily detect drain clogs. You might notice that the water in the toilet or sink is backing up. This is a clear indication that something is not right in the drain. That one was easy but what if there’s no water backing out?

Most people don’t realize they have a clog until it’s too late. Detecting clogs early on can help you save money on your drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX. The best way to detect is to use your sense of smell. If there’s a bad odor coming from a sink, toilet or tub, there are chances that a clog has developed in the drain. It isn’t big enough to cause problems yet but leave it be and pretty soon you’d have to avail the services of drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX.

If you’ve had enough of these clogs and want clean drains, there are a few steps you’d have to follow.

• Install Strainers

The main cause of clogged drains in showers and bathtubs is hair. The best way to deal with this situation is to either stop hair fall or install strainers. Well, no matter how much you try, hair fall is a natural phenomenon and it’s hard to stop that entirely. So the strainers it is! Even with strainers, you’d have to regularly clean them.

This should go without saying but make sure you don’t throw any food in the kitchen sink. The food is likely to clog the drain and cause a bad odor too. Installing strainers ensures that no foreign object goes in the drain and causes clogs.

• Don’t Throw Grease or Oil in Drains

Oil and grease, even when in the liquid form, can stick to the pipes. This makes the ideal place for other stuff to stick to. And before you know it, you have a clogged drain and a flooded home. Even if the things don’t get so bad, you’d eventually have to avail services of drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX.

Doing this will cause one of the most stubborn drain clogs you’ve ever dealt with. The only solution to such a drain clog is to get help from professionals who specialize in drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX. So save your time and money by ensuring that no grease or oil goes down the pipes.

• Be Vigilant

At times, the easiest way to get rid of something is to throw it in the drain. You might feel the urge to do that when you wash dishes. Those food scrapes are so small. What harm can they possibly do? And anyway, the trashcan has already been put out. Let’s go for the easier option and just put everything in the drain. Be vigilant and never do that!

Paint, wax and glue are also some adhesive substances that are better kept out of the pipelines. You wouldn’t want the drains to become a trap for everything that goes down. If that ever happens, make sure you go for a reliable plumbing service provider that specializes in drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX.

• Toilet – Not a Trash Can

We’re all guilty of doing this at least once in our lives; flushing sanitary items down the toilet. It’s understandable. You’re at a friend’s place and don’t feel comfortable disposing it off in the trash can. Unlike toilet paper, which can easily dissolve in water, sanitary items can clog drains. Even facial tissues are made of a much sturdier material than ordinary toilet paper and are a clog threat.

So, beware and if any problems arise, make sure you call for the right people; a plumbing service that specializes in drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX.

• Use Disposal the Right Way

Most people use the disposal and still get clogged drains. That’s because they don’t use it the right way. Whenever you use disposal and turn it off, make it a habit to run cold water for at least 15 seconds afterwards. This simple technique will help you escape the inconvenience of dealing with clogged drains.

Most people have a habit of being amateur plumbers and resolving any issues that arise in the plumbing. With clogged drains, it’s better not to try your hands at fixing the clogs.

Finding a reliable service for drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX is quite troublesome for most people but there’s no need to panic! You can simply contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and trust them to handle all of your home’s plumbing requirements.

From maintenance to quick fixes and making sure everything is running in good condition, this company excels in providing high class service in a vast range of plumbing areas. Amongst them are bathroom, kitchen, filters, leaks, etc., and the list simply keeps on going! You can contact them at 817-478-4119 and avail the most affordable prices on drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX.