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Preventive Maintenance: Experts’ Tips to Help Your Plumbing System | Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX

Preventive Maintenance: Experts’ Tips to Help Your Plumbing System | Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX

Do you know how efficient is your plumbing system? When was the last time you make efforts to save the dripping water? Well, if you don’t remember it, let us take you through a complete experts’ guide.  In this post, we will discuss different ways to save water, we will look at different parts of your plumbing system and we will share some handy tips.

All of these tips are compiled by the expert team of plumbers in Fort Worth, TX. So without further ado, let’s just find out.

Clothes Washers

Your cloth washers contribute to around 28% of the overall water consumption in your home. So you should use them with great care, and heed the following advice. Cloth washers exist in different models, so functioning and operational instructions may vary.

Refer to the accompanying manual for particular details, but we’ll provide a quick and general maintenance guide here. According to the professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX, any valve or hose that is cracked or leaking should be replaced immediately. This prevents potential water damage that might occur if you ignore the situation.

Common Problems

  • Leakage when filling the washing unit: This can occur if the inlet valve or hose is cracked or lose. A representative from your chosen plumbing company in Fort Worth, TX will replace or tighten them.
  • Dripping water on the outside of the unit: Your washing machine can leak in the winter season if your house is too cold or the water flowing in the plumbing system has a temperature greater than 170 degrees. Try adjusting the water temperature, and call the assistance of plumbers in Fort Worth, TX to fix the issue.
  • Pump leakage: Pump can leak upon malfunctioning. Tightening the clamps or replacing the camps or the pump itself is possible fixes.

How to Save Water When Using a Clothes Washer?

Ensure that your clothes washer runs at the maximum efficiency levels. If not, you should get in touch with a plumbing company in Fort Worth, TX and seek their help for replacement. A highly efficient clothes washer can help you save about 33% of thewaterevery year, which roughly amounts to 5,100 gallons.

By the way, when purchasing a new clothes washer, you can avail some rebates. Talk to a plumber in Fort Worth, TX and they’ll provide the details.

Try to run the unit at full load. If you aren’t doing this, then reduce the water level as well such that it corresponds to the smaller load. This is automatically done for the newand efficient clothes washer.

Faucets and Showerheads

The faucets and showerheads can often drip, leading to huge bills. Initially, the drip would be small, but if you ignore, it can turn out to be a huge problem. Check your faucets regularly, and if water is constantly dripping, get them inspected by a plumber in Fort, Worth, TX

What about the pressure? How much water flows out of your showerheads and faucets? Check the water pressure and if required, get a regulator installed.

Leaking Toilets

If the seal around the toilet seat is faulty, it may cause a leak.  The tank stopper and handle may also malfunction. Both these repairs are inexpensive and can be quickly handled by a plumber in Fort Worth, TX


Every faucet is equipped with an aerator right at the tip. The purpose of this component is to mix water and air, which results in smoother water flow. Aerators should be cleaned periodically, at least once a year, so that the accumulated buildup can be removed.  Your chosen plumbing company in Fort Worth, TX can guide you more about a suitable frequency.

Aerators can be cleaned by unscrewing them from their position. A plumber will then thoroughly wash all parts, cleaning the screen holes with appropriate tools. If too much scale has accumulated, the plumber may dissolve all the parts in suitable chemicals before assembling and fixing them again.

In case the parts have worn out, then the plumbers in Fort Worth, TX may suggest you to replace them or simply buy another aerator.


Like clothes washers, the functioning of dishwasher also varies from model to model, so we’ll stick to general things in this preventative maintenance guide. Once again, do refer to the operating manual that came with your unit.

Check your dishwasher hose regularly, and if you suspect a leak, call a plumbing company in Fort Worth, TX instantly.  If the hose has aged or appears worn out, replace it whenever your professional plumber in Fort Worth, TX tells you in order to prevent potential leaks and flooding. Inspect the strainer and sprayer as well. If you notice any buildup, you should get it cleaned.

Common Problems:

  • Leaking water: If water is leaking from the door of the unit, the rubber gasket on your dishwasher may have cracked or hardened. Water may also leak from the bottom when the unit is being operated. This is usually because of a flattened or worn out gasket at the bottom. In both cases, your plumbing company in Fort Worth, TX will probably adviseyou to change the gaskets.
  • Overfilled unit: The unit may overfull with water if the float switch malfunctions. Contact a plumber in Fort Worth, TX to get the issue fixed.
  • Stuck water in the unit: Sometimes, water may not be able to drain out. This happens when the food particles clog the pump.
  • Water not flowing into the unit: If water doesn’t enter the tub of your dishwasher, it is probably because of a switch issue. A plumber in Fort Worth, TX can inspect and fix the issue.

How to Save Water When Using a Dish Washer

Always do a full load when using the dishwasher to maximize the efficiency.  Some units also allow you to select an appropriate load size, which is a required feature if you don’t always run a full load.

Conclusively, if you are facing any issue regarding any of the appliances discussed above, feel free to contact Benjamin Franklin right away.