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Professional Drain Cleaning Process and Why You Should Only Hire the Professionals | Drain Cleaning in Burleson, TX

Professional Drain Cleaning Process and Why You Should Only Hire the Professionals | Drain Cleaning in Burleson, TX

Clogged drains in your home don’t only result in inconvenience, but they’re also hazardous to your health and cause property damage if neglected for awhile. Using a clog plunger to first clean a clogged drain is a good idea. But if this fails, you should right away call the professionals for drain cleaning in Burleson, TX without further experimentation.

The professionals you hire accurately know what should be used to unclog your drain and clean it. They have good experience to instantly identify the cause of any obstruction in your drain and introduce repairs to prevent damage to the property and eliminate the inconvenience. They will also ensure cleanliness, and they will leave you with healthier drains that will stay the same way for long.

What to Expect from Drain Unclogging and Cleaning

Clog Assessment

The major reason behind your clogged drains is the organic content going inside them for example, dirt, debris, food scraps, hair, soap scum, naturally produced minerals in the water, and other particles. These are a few things that create clogs in your drain and push you to call the professionals for drain cleaning in Burleson, TX.

 If you notice hard water in your home, it’s a sign that naturally-produced water minerals are present in water. These minerals gather and form build-ups on the drain walls and pipes and result in clogging.

Although you can plunge the clogs to get the drain working, it is good to hire a professional dealing in drain cleaning in Burleson, TX to completely resolve the problem. The experts that come to your service will first assess the drain and check the condition to analyze the complexity of the problem.

Sometimes inspection also includes a clear video inspection in which a small camera is sent inside the drain using a flexible cable. The camera shows where exactly the clog lies and what it is made of. Once the location and cause of the clog are known, necessary steps are taken to start the drain cleaning in Burleson, TX.

Clog Removal

The nature of clogs differs. There will be some that will go away just with plunging, and then there are some that will temporarily allow you to use the drain, but they remain and keep causing problems. But the worst type of clog is one that doesn’t respond to plunging at all. These are then removed using a process called ‘snaking’. In this process, a fine cable is sent into the drain to break apart the clog.

On the other hand, if it is hard water that is causing the clogs, the expert dealing in drain cleaning in Burleson, TX may use a stronger solution such as hydro-jetting to scrub away the buildup from your pipe’s interiors. The drain cleaner might advice you to use an enzyme cleaner on a routine basis to avoid clog recurrence.


Why You Should Only Trust the Professionals When it Comes to Unclogging and Drain Cleaning in Burleson, TX

The only way you can DIY drain cleaning in Burleson, TX is through plunging, but if that doesn’t work, you should opt to hire a professional to do it. Remember, if you choose price over quality and hire a local drain cleaner, you will most probably end up with an even worse problem in the near future.

Here we’ll discuss four important reasons you should only trust a professional when it is about drain cleaning in Burleson, TX.


#1. The Professionals Have/Use the Right Tools

The professionals use a host of tools to cater to different types of drain and plumbing problem. These tools are specifically designed to wipe out clogs and remove any sort of obstructions from the drain. Some of these include rotary tools, snake tools, water pressure tools, etc. But having the right tools is not enough. They also know how and when a tool should be used to safely eliminate an issue from your drain.


#2. Store-Bought Chemicals Don’t Always Work

There is no guarantee that the chemicals you buy from the market will actually be effective and play a positive a role in drain cleaning in Burleson, TX. The stores unquestionably have a wide range of such chemicals that are specifically meant to clean clogs, but not everything works for all types of clogs. Majority of the homeowners consider these chemicals as their first choice when such a problem occurs. But here is something you should know:

In actual, these chemicals should be the very last choice when it comes to drain cleaning in Burleson, TX. Most of them are too strong for your pipes and equally bad for the environment. The smell and strength of the chemicals can also harm anyone sitting in the home.

In fact, the experts often even come across cases in which chemicals cause the clogs to worsen. In fact, some chemicals can even go bad, react, and result in explosions or fuming. So beware!


#3. Only a Professional Can Find Out What’s Down There

Another reason you should leave your drain clogs to the experts dealing in drain cleaning in Burleson, TX, is you don’t and can’t accurately know what is inside the drain. Another important reason you should not attempt to use chemicals in the start is that it is not always dirt or organic content that’s stuck inside. It can be your valuable too.

The professionals will be able to thoroughly inspect the drain and clogs and tell you if there is an important thing that has gone down there by mistake. These could range from precious rings, necklaces, and other jewelry pieces to toys or anything else.



#4. Clogged Drains Bring Extensive Problems

If you observe that all the drains in your house are clogging up or causing a problem, the actual problem could probably be with your sewer line.

If sewer line problems are left untreated for a long time, they can result in serious and large-scale drainage and water problems in your house. It is a major problem and your home is at risk. So, if this is the case, turn off the water and call a professional for drain cleaning in Burleson, TXimmediately.

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