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If you need a plumber in Fort Worth call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Whether you need water heater repair in Fort Worth, faucet repair or any other plumbing repair our highly trained and experienced plumbers will provide prompt service, and have your plumbing up and running in almost no time.

Plumbing repair

While preventative maintenance can prevent drain clogs, septic tank issues and associated problems with field lines, there are some situations where it simply isn’t a job for the do-it-yourself homeowner. These type problems call for a plumber’s expertise and knowledge of the regulations and codes.

Always check with your municipality before attempting any DIY repair or installation, as it may be allowed only by a licensed professional. It may even require a permit or have special rules, as is often the case with historical homes and districts. Plumbers have years of training and experience behind them. You simply can’t replace experience when it comes to plumbing repair or installation.

Plumbing, like anything else wears out in time, and often experiences failures requiring plumbing repair. The most common plumbing problem is clogged drains. Clogged drains occur due to foreign materials being flushed down the drain. Dental floss, soap scum, hair, food, bone, detergent, oil and grease are the most common offenders that clog drains.

Detergents cause the breakdown of oil and grease into a liquid, and in the septic tank are flushed over the baffle and into field lines where it can congeal. Over time this leads to the failure of the drain field. Look for a laundry soap that is safe for septic tanks to help prevent this problem.

Dental floss and hair create a solid matrix which builds up until a drain is clogged. Drain cleaners can damage drain pipes and septic tanks. The best solution is to keep foreign material out with the use of drain screens. These screens are widely available where they can cost as little as $1 in packages of multiples. Place them in tubs, showers and sinks to prevent solid materials from entering drains. They will have to be emptied o ften, but are well worth the extra time and can prevent the need for a plumber due to a solid matrix clog. Slow draining pipes are a sign of a developing clog. If you already have stopped up or slow draining pipes requiring plumbing repair call the experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in the Fort Worth area for a fast, efficient resolution of your drain troubles. It is best to address drain woes before further problems occur, as a clog can cause drain lines to burst resulting in additional repairs.

In time, especially in areas with hard water, faucets and shower heads may clog with lime, and require the occasional cleaning with vinegar, lemon juice or commercial products to remove the mineral deposits that build up on them.

To clean a faucet screen, unscrew the mesh filter on the end of the tap, rinse and clean as required then replace. The shower head may unscrew for cleaning, otherwise use rubber bands to hold a leak proof bag containing the cleaner of your choice to it. This should soften and loosen any buildup. When using vinegar or lemon juice, soak for 2 hours to overnight as required to remove deposits, then rinse and dry. If you are going to use a commercial product for lime buildup, read the label to ensure it is safe for your shower heads finish, and test in an inconspicuous area to assure it will not damage the finish. Some finishes may even be damaged by the acid within vinegar or lemon juice, it is best to test in an inconspicuous area with these natural products as well.

Unless you are an experienced do-it-yourself homeowner, faucet repair or replacement is most likely going to be beyond your ability. Leaky faucets cause water and sewer bills to increase, as well as to use the valuable resource of water unnecessarily. In addition, if the faucet is outside, leaks are likely to cause it to freeze and burst in the winter. Contact our expert plumbers in Fort Worth for professional plumbing repair or replacement of your leaking faucet.

Hot water tanks typically have an average service life of 10-13 years. If your hot water tank is experiencing the necessity for frequent repair, and is over 10 years old it may be time for a new one. Due to ongoing governmental regulations affecting energy usage, newer models are consistently more energy effective. Installing a new hot water heater will most likely save you money on your energy bill. Water heater repair is generally recommended for those not approaching the 10 year old mark. Providing an annual flushing to remove damaging sediment will help to provide optimal operation and reduce the damaging effects of sediment buildup.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers peace of mind with maintenance agreements for all of your home or business plumbing needs. Give our professionals a call when you need dependable plumbers in Fort Worth or plumbing installation. We will be happy to take care of all of your plumbing needs.