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Pros and Cons of Getting Tankless Water Heaters in Lake Worth, TX

Pros and Cons of Getting Tankless Water Heaters in Lake Worth, TX

The bitter cold of the winter season necessitates the daily use of hot water so that homeowners can easily perform basic chores. such as cooking, washing, bathing, etc. These chores such as cooking, washing, bathing, etc,  can only be carried out with ease if the hot water supply is conveniently available to the users. Today, the most common appliance that gives homeowners access to  hot water instantly is a water heater.

While there are several different types of water heaters, most modern homeowners prefer to invest in tankless water heaters in Lake Worth, TX. The question is why is that so? There is a fundamental reason why homeowners have switched to or are switching to tankless water heaters from traditional ones. One of the basic reasons is the fact that tankless water heaters are considered to be “instantaneous” which means that you can easily get hot water at any time of the day without any problem.

Like any other appliance, tankless water heaters come with some advantages as well as disadvantages. Here we have discussed both aspects to help you make a better decision whether to install tankless water heaters in Lake Worth, TX or not.

Advantages of Installing Tankless Water Heaters in Lake Worth, TX

1.   Takes Up Less Space

It is widely known that traditional water heaters are quite large in size; typically 2 feet wide and 5 feet tall. While a water heater of this size is able to hold up to 40 to 60 gallons of water, it still consumes a lot of space. Therefore, homeowners living in a small apartment may complain about their standard water heater taking up unnecessary room. Hence, it is better to invest in a tankless water heater than any other type in your house.

The latest tankless water heaters allow the users to easily hang them from their walls. This will create enough space to be utilized for other important purposes. Generally, tankless water heaters are about 28 inches tall and 20 inches wide.  Their installation will allow you to have 90% of free space and hence it won’t be a hassle to fit it wherever you prefer.

2.   Efficient Energy Use

Since traditional water heaters are turned on at all times, they consume way more energy than any other kind of water heater. This, in turn, results in a high utility bill every month. In this aspect, tankless water heaters in Lake Worth, TX are immensely better.

The equipment doesn’t need to work 24/7 in order to produce hot water. It heats up the water instantly and allows the water to stay heated for a long period of time.  Research also shows that tankless water heaters result in 10% to 50% lower energy cost than traditional ones.

In this way, the tankless water heater will prove to be cost-effective as the overall energy cost will be minimal.

3.   Durable and Long-Lasting

The tankless water heaters in Lake Worth, TX are manufactured with the highest quality material which is why they have a lifespan of over 10-15 years. They are highly unlike typical water heaters that only guarantee lasting for a maximum of 5-10 years. This is not the only drawback of traditional water heaters; many homeowners complain about its frequent rusting as well as wear and tear issues. Due to the unreliability of normal water heaters, owners may have to pay extra money on their repair and replacement. To be on the safe side and avoid wasting hard-earned money on repairing and replacement, it is better to invest in tankless water heaters in Lake Worth, TX.

Unlike typical water heaters, tankless water heaters are quite reliable. If you buy them from a renowned company, you may also get the benefit of a warranty which is a form of guarantee that the appliance would work in an optimum condition whatsoever and if in case anything goes wrong you wouldn’t have to pay from your own pocket.

4.   Provides Fresh, Hot Water

When water is stored in a traditional water heater, it loses its vitality as chances are it may contain germs and bacteria. The aging water heater may accumulate reddish-brown rust which might make the water dirty and harmful. The contaminated water becomes dangerous to use as it becomes an easy source of numerous health problems and infections.

On the other hand, in tankless water heaters in Lake Worth, TX, the water is not confined in the tank at all times. Users get a fresh and clean supply of hot water on a daily basis, which prevents any life-threatening results like getting sick or infected.

Disadvantages of Tankless Water Heaters in Lake Worth, TX

1.   Limited Supply of Hot Water

One of the drawbacks of tankless water heaters that homeowners may find as a hindrance is their limited supply of hot water. A traditional water heater tank has the ability to store up to 40 to 60 gallons of water, allowing you to utilize the consistent supply of water all day long.

On the contrary, tankless water heaters have a limited water storage capacity that can be a huge nuisance for large families. A standard water heater will allow you to have hot water for all your needs from doing dishes to watering your plants. On the other hand, you may not be able to use hot water at the same time for multiple tasks.

2.   Needs Constant Maintenance

Tankless water heaters in Lake Worth, TX require daily maintenance, which will ensure you get a smooth flow of hot water every day. Their daily maintenance will also result in fewer problems, without causing you to pay additional money.

However, if you did not look after your water heater regularly, repair and maintenance charges will add up, which even your warranty won’t be able to cover. With time, you may also need to install extra equipment like a water softener for its proper functioning.

3.   Overly-Expensive

As compared to a standard water heater, tankless water heaters in Lake Worth, TX are quite costly which is why it is beyond the budget of middle-class people and hence an unaffordable choice. While it may be an expensive investment, it is worth the price as it is durable and reliable.

Get the cost and energy effective tankless water heater installed by hiring the professional Benjamin Franklin team today. And make the most of the convenient supply of hot water every day!