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Protect Your Arlington Home & Prevent Plumbing Disasters

Protect Your Arlington Home & Prevent Plumbing Disasters

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The sump pump is the first line of defense against a flooded basement. A basement that repeatedly fills with water is a nuisance, and even worse, it poses the potential of electrocution for any who enter there. Even an inch of water can be deadly. You certainly don’t want your feet in the water to turn off the power in the electrical service panel. The hazard increases profoundly once the water reaches electrical outlets. A sump pump professionally installed by a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington provides the solution for keeping the basement dry and protected against basement flooding.plumber arlington

If the home has gas service and gas appliances are flooded in the basement, turn off the gas at the gas meter outside, or call your gas provider for prompt shutoff.

If you can shut off the power without entering the water, doing so can prevent a house fire. The safest option when the basement is flooded is to call a remediation service to clear the water and dry the basement. These specialists have the equipment and personal gear to protect them against electricity as well as to remove the water.

Getting the water out and the basement dried quickly will prevent mold, mildew and further structural damage to your home and its foundation. A professionally installed sump pump by a plumber in Arlington will prevent flooding.

Sump Pump Installation

A professionally installed sump pump will keep your basement dry. There are a number of factors the plumber must consider in selecting a sump pump. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington has the expertise to accurately assess the factors involved providing the sump pump your basement requires.

Battery Backup Sump Pump

A backup sump pump provides an additional layer of protection for the basement and your home. The battery backup will operate when the water level reaches a particular level, such as when a power outage occurs shutting off the power to the primary sump pump. Furthermore, it will start and run if the primary pump fails. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington can install a backup sump pump for you.

If your primary pump seems to struggle during extremely heavy rainfall, and you’re considering upgrading, a back-up may provide for your needs. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington can determine if you need to upgrade the primary pump or simply add a back-up.

Additional Recommendations

Sump Pump Alarm

Get a warning system. Even if you have backup for the primary pump, you should be warned when the basement floods. Home security companies can provide an alert to your cell phone when your power goes out or the basement floods. You can also purchase a stand-alone flood alarm that doesn’t require a full security system.

Prevent Sewer Backup in Your Home

Install a check valve for sewer backup. Flooding can cause street sewer lines to back up right your home. A check valve will prevent this. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington can provide the check valve installation you need to prevent the backup of sewage into your home.

Sump Pump Repair and Maintenance

The sump pump requires periodical maintenance every three months. The recommended maintenance includes:

Clean the pump inlet screen to prevent overworking the pump and the potential damage and reduced life expectancy.

Routinely ensure the primary pump is plugged in. Accidental unplugging can result in a flooded basement. Check the electrical cord for fraying or other damage. If cord damage occurs call a plumber in Arlington for repair.

Ensure the pump will operate by pouring a bucket of water into the pit, enough to raise the float and trigger the pump to run. Clean the pit annually or as required to eliminate debris that can clog or damage the pump. Refer to the owner’s manual for any instructions on other recommended maintenance tasks.

When maintenance reveals a problem requiring sump pump repair, give a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington a call to schedule service.

Causes of Basement Flooding

Some causes of flooding can be prevented as in the following:


With the basement below ground, it’s important for earth to slope away from the foundation to allow drainage. The correct grading of the soil around the home’s foundation ensures water doesn’t collect, or drain into the foundation or basement. The soil should be higher where the soil and foundation meet, and decrease in height as it moves away from the home to allow water to drain away from the foundation. Heavy rain or a faulty gutter can allow soil erosion to occur, allowing grading to be eroded and water to seep into the basement.

Homes located at the bottom of a hill are likely to require assistance with drainage such as a French drain. A French drain directs water away from the foundation utilizing a perforated pipe surrounded by gravel within a small trench.


Gutters collect rain from the roof and direct it away from the foundation via downspouts. Downspouts shouldn’t drain near the foundation. To avoid soil erosion and water entering the foundation or basement, water from gutters should flow onto a hard surface such as a splash guard that slopes away from the home. A downspout diverter will direct water from the downspout safely away from the foundation. Keep gutters free of debris, a clogged or damaged gutter can result in basement flooding and even direct water under roofing shingles resulting in leaks in the home.

Other Factors

Sidewalks, patio, or decks should have a slight slope down and away from the home to prevent water from being directed onto the foundation.

Once severe flooding has occurred, affected appliances, wiring and electrical outlets should be replaced to ensure your safety.

To prevent basement flooding a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington can provide the professionalsump pump installation that you require. A sump pump will keep your home dry and protect its structural integrity, providing a healthier home. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s professional plumbers serve Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.