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Water expands when it is heated, in a process called thermal expansion. As water will not compress, the extra volume of water must go somewhere. The process of the heating of water can create excessive pressure within the closed system of a water heater. The installation of a expansion tank in your home’s hot water system will prevent the buildup of excessive pressure within a conventional water heater by acting as an overflow receptacle. The installation of an expansion tank is best left to qualified Benjamin Franklin plumbers in Arlington, Texas to ensure proper installation.

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Expansion tanks utilize a special diaphragm that retracts due to elevated pressure. When the diaphragm retracts it allows hot water to flow into the expansion tank, reducing the pressure in the water heater. Eventually, the hot water is drawn from the system when a tap is opened and the expansion tank releases the extra water into the piping system.

In a hot water system lacking an expansion tank, during the time when no hot water is used, the pressure can continue to build and increases the risk of water heater rupture, a burst hot water line or fitting. An expansion tank reduces these risks, and consequently reduces the risk of damage to your home and its foundation.

Recent federal regulation requiring backflow preventers to be installed in municipal water systems further reduce the avenues of escape for the extra volume of hot water in homes lacking an expansion tank. Consequently, expansion tanks are being recommended and in some areas required, of homeowners. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides plumbers in Arlington, Texas specializing in the installation, service and repair of expansion tanks.

Expansion tanks must be individually sized for your home’s requirements. The size required will depend upon the capacity of your home’s water heater, and the amount of water pressure entering your home.

As water utility suppliers nationwide upgrade their systems to conform to the new law requiring the installation of backflow preventers, local codes are likely to change.

In homes without an expansion tank, elevated pressure within the water heater could force water out of the tank and into the water supply lines. Backflow preventers will prevent the expelled water from entering into the public water main, leaving this path for expelled water closed, and pressure within the home’s water heater and water lines rising. Currently, the recommendations governing the installation of an expansion tank are as follows:

  • The replacement of a water meter with a dual backflow valve.
  • After water heater replacement.
  • In new home construction.
  • When a backflow prevention device is installed on an existing water meter.
  • With a pressure regulating valve is installed.

To protect your hot water system and your home from the damaging effects of thermal expansion, the safest choice for a homeowner is the installation of an expansion tank by Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s experienced plumbers in Arlington, Texas.

Expansion tanks require periodic inspection to ensure they are functioning properly. When your plumber provides the annual drain cleaning for your home, would provide a convenient time for the plumber to inspect it ensuring its proper operation.

Benjamin Franklin plumbers in Arlington, Texas can accurately configure the various factors that determine the correct size expansion tank needed for your home. You can depend upon Benjamin Franklin plumbers in Arlington, Texas to install or repair an expansion tank. We provide plumbing services in Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing backs all of its plumbing repairs with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are a member of the BBB. Thanks for visiting Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.