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Protect Your Plumbing With a Freeze Proof Faucet | Arlington

Protect Your Plumbing With a Freeze Proof Faucet | Arlington

Freeze Proof Faucet | Plumbing Arlington

If you have ever experienced frozen outdoor faucets, you will be able to appreciate a freeze proof faucet. Having an outdoor faucet is a necessity for watering plants, washing the car and numerous other tasks outdoors. As necessary as it is, during the winter months outdoor faucets are a potential source of problems if they freeze. With the installation of the freeze proof faucet, you are more likely to avoid being on a plumber’s call list for frozen outdoor plumbing in Arlington.

Plumbing Arlington freeze proof faucet

How it Works

This faucet functions like any other, yet its design prevents you from having to cut off its water supply or secure it from winter’s cold inside an insulated cover or extensive wrapping every fall. It is one item you can remove from the pre-winter checklist. However, you will still have to disconnect, drain and store garden hoses.

The freeze proof faucet design includes a long pipe that extends 4 or more inches into the home where it is warmer during the winter. It is in this interior space that the faucet connects to the water supply.Turning the water off at the handle located outdoors results in the water within the pipe automatically draining from the spout, leaving no water inside the pipe to freeze. Freeze Proof faucets come in a variety of configurations and can provide different levels of protection. The majority of these faucets have an anti-siphon feature built in.


It is recommended you use a licensed plumber for installation. When a freeze proof faucet is installed using the inside of the home’s walls to protect it, a water tight connection is required to avoid leaks, which can be devastating to your home and its foundation. Installation requires the cutting of existing water lines in your plumbing in Arlington. If you lack the experience, or are uncomfortable with the installation, give Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, Texas a call. We will provide a professional installation for you. Furthermore, a freeze proof faucet requires a slope to enable gravity to drain the water from the inside of the faucet when the water is shut off to prevent the potential freezing of water that would otherwise be left inside. If you are replacing outdoor faucets with this product, ensure you will receive the correct installation to your plumbing in Arlington by using a licensed plumber.


A freeze proof faucet is not 100% effective. Extreme cold will allow them to freeze in some cases. In addition, the faucets can freeze in the following conditions:

  1. The faucet pipe going into the house is too short, placing the valve and the water behind it too close to the outside wall, where it is prone to freezing.
  2. The wall is not adequately insulated.
  3. An unsealed hole surrounding the faucet’s pipe as it enters through the wall allows cold air to enter and potentially freeze. Seal the hole with spray foam sealant or caulk, insulate the rim joist or wall area near the faucet. Use a faucet with a longer pipe that reaches further into the house.

A plumber will have the knowledge and expertise to assess the correct length pipe required, and/or provide further insulation requirements, if needed for your plumbing in Arlington.

For the installation of freeze proof faucets to your home’s outdoor plumbing in Arlington, give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s experienced plumbers a call to schedule service. Our reliable licensed plumbers provide professional plumbing services with expertise. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on plumbing repairs as well as prompt service. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a member of the BBB with a consistent A+ rating.