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Pure Water | Water Filtration Systems in Fort Worth

Pure Water | Water Filtration Systems in Fort Worth

Water Filtration System Fort Worth

While municipal water systems treat water to kill microorganisms with chemicals such as chlorine and chloramine, there remain other hazards that these chemical treatments have no effect on. Furthermore, these chemicals are themselves a hazard to human health. Few water treatment facilities provide filtered water for harmful substances, such as heavy metals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other toxic substances. Ensuring clean, clear, odor free, and great tasting water is entirely up to the homeowner to provide with a water filtration system in Fort Worth.Water Filtration System Fort Worth

Selecting a Water Filter

There are different types of water filters available to meet the varying needs in filtration for residential and commercial properties. Water filtration systems are available in a variety of types and prices, from faucet-mounted water filters to whole-house water filtration systems. A close look at the options can assist you to select the best filter for your water filtration system in Fort Worth needs.

Water filter pitchers provide an economical water filter. They contain activated carbon that can remove a large number of common contaminants. They remove foul odors, chlorine, and other contaminants. However, they supply a limited amount of water and can only meet limited needs. In addition, they require refrigerator space. Price replacement filters before purchase, as they can be quite costly.

Countertop water filters are more efficient than pitcher filters, though they carry a higher cost. They take up space on the counter and require hoses to be attached to the faucet.

Under-counter water filter systems fit under the sink and out of sight, with the exception of the dispenser mounted behind the sink. They provide large amounts of water with little waiting.

Faucet-mounted water filters are simple to install. They supply water at a decent rate, though the filters can be costly to replace.

Whole-house water filtration systems filter all incoming water to the home, providing clean, filtered water for showers and baths, cooking and drinking, laundry and hot water. This system installs on the water line entering the home. When coupled with a water softener, the home’s plumbing is protected from hard water extending the lifespan of water using appliances. While faucet filters and refrigerator filtration provides a common type selected for water filtration system in Fort Worth, whole-house filtration is the preferred option, as it ensures safe water at all taps.

Flow Rate in a Whole House Water Filter

Flow rate is measured in gallons per minute (GPM), and determines the amount of water produced for household consumption. You will require a minimum flow rate of 10 GPM for uninterrupted water pressure.

Filter size should be large to provide extended service, and allow extra water flow and a higher water pressure.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers professional installation of a water filtration system in Fort Worth, and will provide a water filtration specialist to assist in your selection. Our experienced and licensed plumbers are dedicated to providing quality plumbing, and your satisfaction, guaranteed. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.