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Reasons to Hire Professional Plumber for Water Heater Repair in Fort Worth, TX

Reasons to Hire Professional Plumber for Water Heater Repair in Fort Worth, TX

A water heater is a fundamental appliance in your home. Have you ever tried the “old fashioned” techniques for heating your water, for example, warming pots of water on the stove?

Unlike in the Stone Age, the need of water heater in our homes is more than just a necessity now, better be called a luxury! And this is one of the many reasons for you to not take it for granted.

For example, most of our hot water usage involves, taking baths or doing laundry. Is it convenient for you to compromise on either of both, due to a nonfunctional water heater?

Similarly, we all have experienced the problems like a sudden rise in utility bills, leaking or rusted tank, discolored or poor quality water and odd cracks/noises, indicating scale build up on the heating element of the unit. Well, the majority of the time, running out of hot water is the only instance that reminds us of water heater repair in Fort Worth, TX.

In order to make an informed decision about water heater repair in Fort Worth, TX, you must be aware of the basic mistakes we make in doing the job by applying the ‘DIY’ old techniques. It is always wise to hire the expertise of professional plumbers for water heater repair in Fort Worth, TX. This is important, not just to avoid mistakes in repairing but also to keep you safe from personal injury that might be due to lack of knowledge in dealing with electrical appliances.

Reasons to Hire Professional Services for Water Heater Repair in Fort Worth, TX

Read about the major reasons to hire professionals for water heater repair in Fort Worth, TX to make your life easier.


Directly Applying Heat on Top of the Appliance

One of the major and injurious mistakes made by homeowners is to apply heat (during solder connections) directly on top of the appliance. People usually do it very close to the tank and by this way; you face the consequences of causing serious damage to the heater, as the delicate plastic parts like the dip tube may be melted in the heat. This should be done on fire resistant leveled floor and that can only be done rightly by hiring professional service providers for water heater repair in Fort Worth, TX. A little bit of mistake in doing the job will leave you with no option than the complete replacement of your water heater.


Attaching Discharge Tube with T&P Relief Valve

We all know that water heaters are equipped with a T&P relief valve that kicks open when the temperature or pressure exceeds its threshold value. But do you know the values specifically? It occurs when the temperature rises to 210 degrees Fahrenheit or pressure 150 pounds/square inch. Plus, the discharge tube must extend to within 6 inches of the floor to avoid spraying scalding water in case the valve is open unexpectedly. Use of this technical knowledge in performing a job distinguishes a professional water heater repair in Fort Worth TX, from a homeowner. Therefore, never hesitate in taking up professional services for your water heater repair and assure your safety.


Turning ON an Empty Electrical Water Heater

If you are up to a repair of electrical heater water by yourself then you must know the consequences of turning the circuit breakers on without completely filling tank with water! In case you lack this basic knowledge its better you opt for a professional service than doing it by yourself. Turning on the water heater when the tank is empty will lead to dry firing. If the power is turned on prematurely, the element will be permanently damaged. Similarly, in case of gas water heater, this will crack and ultimately damage the tank. Therefore, it’s better to hire the expertise of a professional than to dry fire your water heater and end up with a complete replacement.

Smoke Test for the Fluid Pipe

Did you run the smoke test at the time of your water heater installation to ensure that the fluid pipe is not blocked? In case you missed out hiring a professional plumber at the time of installation, it’s better to consult one for repair, now. It’s important that the standard gas water heaters are properly functional with a fluid pipe. This is necessary to vent out toxic gasses outside and not into the house. Therefore, hiring a professional plumbing service is never a bad option and should be a top priority.


Expansion Tank Installation to Release Pressure

In case you don’t have it installed, the professional plumbers in Fort Worth, ensure the installation of expansion tank during water heater repair in Fort Worth, TX. The expansion tank is advised to be installed on the cold water line and above the water heater to avoid extensive pressure in the plumbing system when the water is being heated. In case it is not repaired or functional, the T&P valve releases excessive water and causes permanent tank failure. In certain situations, this excessive drainage results in dry firing which ultimately leads to complete replacement of water heater.


The provided information must have helped you out in deciding that hiring a professional service is the only right thing to do for water heater repair in Fort Worth, TX. Taking up plumbing as a DIY project always sound appealing in terms of plumbing cost saving but if anything goes wrong this might end up costing you a complete replacement.

So if you are located in Fort Worth, TX then you are lucky to avail the offered expertise of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth as your best option. Their experienced professional technicians are skilled in resolving all of your commercial and residential plumbing challenges of water heater repair in Fort Worth, TX. They believe in taking your project as a challenge and using the tools of expertise and knowledge to serve you the best of all. Moreover, with the expertise of their plumbers, not only you can ensure professional services towards your repair project but you should be satisfied that such a problem will not arise again. Their specialized team believes in providing permanent solutions to your problems.