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Reasons You Need to Install a Sump Pump in Your House in Fort Worth, TX

Reasons You Need to Install a Sump Pump in Your House in Fort Worth, TX

March showers bring more than April flowers. In other words, rainy days can bring the worst of plumbing disasters, especially when your home has a spacious basement or a crawl space. The rain water, flood water or natural ground water may easily enter your house through a drain. Hence, if the water finds no direction to go, it will ultimately end up in the basement and that’s the beginning of an in-house flood.

So what you need to do to avoid this disaster? Well, to work around this common and annoying situation, you need to get a sump pump installed in your home, just as plumbers in Fort Worth, TX suggest. Whether it’s the unsighted moisture or a basement flooding with rainwater, both of them are obvious reasons to install a sump pump and get additional protection. This is necessary to prevent your home and most importantly, your possessions from swamping.

However, a rain or storm is not a situation that would occur regularly. Hence, another common source of water entering into your house is hydrostatic pressure. This is the more persistent and insidious source. Hydrostatic pressure is a term that refers to the water that rises up from the ground level instead of falling down in the form of rain.

Hence, if your house is already facing the hydrostatic pressure issue, then you are prone to a 24/7 source of water leaking into your basement, through each available entry point, and damaging the house gradually. To overcome this issue, the sump pump is the best appliance to install. It’s an appliance that gives good value for money.

Therefore, to help you in making a wise decision of buying a sump pump based on your need of plumbing in Fort Worth, TX; let us share some great benefits of this commonly available appliance as recommended by plumbers in Fort Worth, TX.


It protects your house from the damp and prevents peeling of paint

The biggest advantage of installing a sump pump in your house is that it allows the water to go below the basement immediately. This allows the water to collect in one corner and usually at the lowest point of the basement. The water collected is then removed, hence, preventing it from causing damp areas inside the basement. Such removal is done with the switch-activation method of advanced sump pumps and is a direct and automatic process which reduces the need for plumbing in Fort Worth, TX.

Therefore, whenever water level increases inside the basement, the sump pump immediately and automatically clears the accumulated water from the basement. Otherwise, if the water remains stagnant, it will not only seep into the basement walls but will also peel the paint off.

In addition, it can also peel off the mortar or cement, leading to exposed bricks. This type of damage becomes hard to repair by plumbers in Fort Worth, TX as the damp spots remain and then return again in the monsoon season.

It is helpful in preventing the growth of Algae in the basement

The buildup of stagnant water on the basement’s surface immediately leads to the growth of algae. Just like in ponds, these algae quickly proliferate and create lots of hazards. As per the opinion of plumbers in Fort Worth, TX, the most observed risk of growing algae is that it makes the floor slippery and can cause injury to the people living in the residence.

Moreover, this spread of algae also results in the growth of various insects that mostly thrive in wet environments. While, in some cases, it leads to hygiene issues, in severe cases, it may make the basement become unusable completely.

In addition, if you try to avoid hiring services for plumbing in Fort Worth, TX by using pesticides, then this will only aggravate the situation. The ground water readily absorbs pesticides and its use will only contaminate the ground water further, causing long-term problems.

It is essential to protect the foundations of your house

The stagnant water below the surface is always damaging to the foundation of a house. Water that is present below the structure may not necessarily be static. In most situations, this water is pushed up due to the pressure exerted by rocks or due to the increase in the water table which is a result of water inflow from various areas.

This consistent rise in the water table, sometimes leads to water pushing all the way through the concrete that eventually breaks through and floods the basement. In the worst situation, this may weaken the pillars of the house foundation as it makes the water push through the iron rods that hold the material (concrete) together.

Hence, while you try to save the cost of a plumber in Fort Worth, TX or the hassle of undergoing repair for plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, it may cost you the whole house and endanger the lives of those living inside it.

Low Maintenance with easy handling

While there are various alternatives to a sump pump, its importance cannot be denied for many reasons. Out of the many advantages, the primary benefit of a sump pump is that it is highly safe to operate, even by children. Also, its maintenance is very easy. All it requires is to take a flashlight and examine the machine for any possible clogging or the jamming of any of the components over time.

Since it’s a covered place that holds the sump pump, it makes a little noise as compared to other machines. However, it does not require consistent attention as it comes with an automatic turning on and off option, and does not need anyone to start it either.

Do you want to install one too?

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