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Reasons To Have Professional Plumbing Inspections Before Purchasing A House: Tales From Your Plumber | Dalworthington, TX

Reasons To Have Professional Plumbing Inspections Before Purchasing A House: Tales From Your Plumber | Dalworthington, TX

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A home’s plumbing system collects and distributes water and, at the same time, removes human and liquid waste. A safe water supply system is essential in every household, but it comes with its disadvantages.

The risks can include scalding, cross-connections, water contamination, and even thermal shock. And that’s why every homeowner should seek plumbing inspection services from professional plumbers who will ensure every fixture is in optimum working condition. It’s no wonder the World Health Organization declared plumbers as the most critical frontline health workers globally.

For prospecting homeowners in Dalworthington, TX, it’s vital to get an expert plumber to check the plumbing fixtures of the home you’re planning to buy. This way, you can rest with the assurance that you’re moving into a safe and secure house with a high level of sanitation.

You may be adamant about spending some dollars in paying a plumber for sight inspections only, so you can read on to find out why plumbing inspections are worthwhile.

Water heater checks

Hot water is a necessity for some homeowners in Dalworthington, TX. You may fancy the hot showers every morning and evening, or love using hot water for cleaning purposes. However, you suffer the risk of losing this convenience if you don’t call a plumber to conduct inspections before buying and moving into the house.

Water heaters, like most appliances, are prone to wear and tear. So if you don’t perform due diligence, you may acquire an old and inefficient water heater. You may end up spending a lot on repairs and maintenance, sometimes new purchases.

A professional plumber can inspect and find out the age of the water heater. The life expectancy of a water heater is approximately 8 to 12 years, and it may stop being efficient. Additionally, plumbers usually check for signs of corrosion during inspections. Corrosion is a serious issue that requires immediate attention to avert irreversible damage on an otherwise properly functioning water heater.

Therefore, if the water heater isn’t in good shape, you can make arrangements to upgrade it, schedule repair services, and maybe even cut down your home’s purchasing price while at it. This will go a long way in saving you from inefficient early mornings due to hot water problems.

Sewer/septic tank inspections

The sewerage system is among the critical components of a home’s piping system. It is responsible for getting rid of waste hence contributing significantly to your family’s health. While the municipal sewer system may have fewer problems due to the state’s standards and services, you cannot say the same for septic tanks. It’s wise to check the functionality of the entire septic tank system to ensure that your potential property doesn’t experience waste leaks in the future.

In case you notice any standing water or lingering odors, this could indicate a faulty sewerage system resulting from seepage or clogged drains. It could cause additional complications and pose a safety hazard if you do not immediately take care of the problem. That’s where plumbers come in. As much as fixing plumbing issues before the sale of a house is a seller’s job, some may overlook the process while others may work on it. Even so, it wouldn’t hurt to double-check plumbing fixtures since your health is at risk.

An experienced plumber will have the specialized tools and knowledge to conduct a sewer line inspection. And since some sewer systems are underground, the professional way is the only way to go if you don’t want to interfere with your property’s landscape or the home’s interior. Before moving into your new home in Dalworthington, TX, ensure to have sewer line inspections to hinder future backups that can be quite expensive to repair.

Toilet examinations

Owning a home is a considerable investment, especially with the rental industry prices rising by the day. However, if you’re not keen on plumbing fixtures such as toilets, you may spend a lot of money on future repairs. A leak or drip at the base of toilets can appear insignificant, but an expert plumber can tell you the irreversible damage you may face. From rots in the subfloors to damages on the finished floors, leaking toilets can cause serious problems.

During home inspections, a plumber will check the toilet water flow to ensure its draining correctly. Otherwise, you may end up buying a house with toilet clogging issues. Imagine having to deal with blocked toilets each day, especially after moving into a new home? This beats the purpose of comfort and convenience, which some homeowners look for when purchasing new houses.

For a full detail inspection, strive to have professional plumbing checks to ensure that your toilets are in good condition. Always have an expert plumber’s contacts handy to seek their services whenever you need, and you will not have to worry about whether the toilets are working or not.

Evaluate sinks and faucets

Kitchens and bathrooms can never be complete without sinks and faucets. For bathroom sinks, you’ll need them when brushing your teeth or shaving your beard. On the other hand, kitchen sinks are essential for washing fruits, hands, or dishes. Every sink has faucets that supply cold or hot water, depending on preference. Some valves feature a spray mechanism to enhance faster rinsing. It’s clear that kitchen sinks and faucets are essential appliances, but they can be a source of headache if the sink’s foundation isn’t stable.

Get a plumber to check the condition of sinks before moving into or purchasing a new house. If a tub is old, it can rot, drop, and eventually collapse. But if your plumber notices the problems early enough, he/she can fix them before the damage becomes irremediable. However, if you wait for long before handling the situation, you may have to purchase and install new sinks altogether.

Depending on the sinks’ location, it may be costly to replace them with new ones; hence, maintenance is a welcome solution. Also, kitchen sinks replacement may require a change in the countertops as well. Instead of dealing with leaky sinks later on and incurring colossal maintenance and repair costs, why not contact a seasoned plumber to evaluate sink problems before they turn into emergencies?

Diagnose drainage problems

The drainage system is responsible for transporting wastewater from your home down through the pipes to the sewer lines. If it clogs, you may be looking at a huge plumbing problem. Sometimes homeowners assume that the people selling the homes are responsible for cleaning the drains before showcasing the house to you. As such, you may feel like the situation is under control, but that’s not usually the case.

Without proper care, your drainage system may need fixes that can involve ripping holes through the walls to access pipes. However, you can prevent drainage problems from occurring through drain inspections and carrying out repairs whenever necessary. It may be wise to seek a reputable plumbing company because they may have tools such as CCTV essential to examine the drain’s interior.

Additionally, you could request your plumber to power clean the drainage system after conducting inspections. The cleaning process involves using high-pressure water hence allowing the technician to see any underlying defects via the video cameras. If the drain pipes have damages and require relining or inserting inner sleeves, you can request the seller to pay for the repair services. Otherwise, you may have to pay the bills yourself if you purchase your home without conducting plumbing inspections.

Assess the water

One thing you should have in mind before purchasing a new house is whether the water is safe for drinking or not. However, if you plan on running the water through a filter or drink bottled water only, it’s still wise to check the condition of the water anyway to avoid bathing in or washing with discolored water.

Discolored water can be due to reasons such as someone pumping water in the surrounding area so that the color change may be temporary and of no huge concern. Other times, water discoloration may result from old corroded pipes that require replacement hence warranting the need for immediate attention.

Additionally, the water meter and valves require scrutiny. The keen eye of a qualified plumber can tell whether the water meter is turning correctly, if there’s a leak anywhere, or if there’s a faulty shut-off valve. Also, water pressure assessment is vital. You do not want to have to deal with low water pressure when trying to take a quick shower or wash dishes.

The sure way of ensuring your water system is in check is via plumbing inspection services. Therefore, it’s best to leave the job to professional technicians.

Water stains analysis

You’ve just purchased your new home, and upon settling in, you notice huge stains on the walls, ceiling, or floors. These are watermarks that could be as a result of plumbing leaks. Where there’s water, mold and mildew may thrive. A combination of the two can be quite problematic, causing a loss in your home’s aesthetic value and posing a safety risk for you and your family members.

Water stains can escalate in time and affect your home’s structural integrity if you do not deal with the water leaks on time. If you schedule plumbing inspection services, an expert can check for any water stain present in the home, locate the hole’s source, and fix it. Fixing leaky pipes is quite cheap in comparison to repairing the damages they make.

Crawl space and basement observation

Crawlspaces are the spaces between walls whose purpose is not only to increase air circulation in your home but also to allow easy access to plumbing installations or repair needs.

On the other hand, a basement is a floor in a building that’s wholly or partly below the ground. For old houses, crawlspaces and basements may be subject to leaky pipes, water damage, or small repairs. And while water damage in itself can be problematic, imagine having to also deal with mold.

So before embarking on your homeownership journey, let your local qualified plumber conduct plumbing inspections to ensure basement and crawl spaces are in good condition. Homeowners may often forget to check these parts of the property, but a plumbing inspection can include the service in the package.

Check for winterized pipes

Depending on the location of your home, it may be in an area that experiences winter. Freezing weather is harmful to pipes since the winter air can cause water in the pipes to freeze, eventually bursting the pipes if the condition continues. So for your pipes to thrive in such situations, you need to ensure they are either insulated or wrapped.

Insulation involves placing materials such as electrical heat tape and pipe sleeves around the pipes, so they inhibit freezing. Similarly, wrapping pipes with an electric heating pad to enable warming during winter can take care of the frozen pipes.

Additionally, some properties use wells as the primary water source. Is the well in a condition to stand the cold weather? Handling such inspections can be difficult for untrained people. That’s why you should seek plumbers who are well-versed with winterized pipes so that when you purchase your home, you’re more than ready to beat any weather.

Your plumbing solution in Dalworthington, TX

Plumbing inspections are a good idea before buying any house. This will enable you to find out whether the residence has underlying issues so that you can negotiate the price of purchasing the house before signing the dotted lines on the contract, depending on the repairs necessary.

You can rely on Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth for plumbing inspections and more, from fixture installations to repairs and maintenance. We are your local plumbing company serving the Dalworthington, TX, region, and beyond. Our licensed technicians will work with you to provide detailed inspections and build a long term working relationship. Call us today for any of your plumbing needs, and we’ll provide leading-edge solutions.